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5905 Concord Avenue
Edina, MN 55424

Developing youth through juggling since 1994.



Ultimate Club members and their parents
are invited to dinner and a time of recognition at the

2017 Ultimate Club Awards Banquet

Saturday, October 14, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

(with option for U.C. members to stay for complimentary video games afterwards)
Dave & Busters
500 Southdale Center • Edina MN, 55424 (West Side, Level 3)

Thoughts from 2017 Ultimate Club Graduates
Comments from Director Paul Arneberg, Coach Tom Gaasedelen, and Captain Laura Schroeder
Introduction of this year’s Ultimate Club Team
Awarding of 2016 –2017 JUGHEADS Letters in Juggling

Please RSVP by Tuesday, Oct. 11
Mail your RSVP (checks to: JUGHEADS): JUGHEADS • 5905 Concord Avenue • Edina 55424
Return in person: to Coach Paul at JUGHEADS
Register online: Use payment options below
Regrets may be emailed: jugheads@comcast.net

Lettering Standards Form
Due Tuesday, Oct. 10 (an extended deadline)

Order Cost

2017 U.C. Banquet (U.C. Members/Tailgate Buffet)
See RSVP Invitation to see description of buffet. U.C. Memberg may choose Greek Buffet, if preferred, and the numbers work out.


2017 U.C. Banquet (Adult/Greek Buffet)
See RSVP to see description of buffet.
Adults may choose Tailgate Buffet, if preferred, and the numbers work out.

Lettering: 1st Year JH Patch


Lettering: 2nd Year JH 3 Clubs Patch

Lettering: 3rd–4th Year Bar Patch (order three if 3rd year, and a fourth bar if 4th year)

More information: Contact Paul or Wendy Arneberg (jugheads@comcast.net or 612.229.3348).