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JUGHEADS Journal September, 2003


This kicks off the TENTH (10th) year of juggling through Edina Community Ed.! 1994-1998 were our foundational years through Edina KIDS Club/WISE GUYS, and we've operated through Edina Youth Development since then. In this past school year, Director Paul Arneberg had to learn the fine art of keeping a reign on enrollment, as veterans have expanded the age ceiling and new kids have been clamoring to get in! Far from causing gloating, the popularity of JUGHEADS is humbling. The continual hope is to give every family their tuition's worth and live up to (and exceed?) our past years' successes. And this isn't merely a one-man show; Wendy Arneberg has helped to lead this company since Day One, and our devoted and energetic parent volunteers (led by Jeff Shlosberg, Mary Watson and Darcy Wiklund) do much behind-the-scenes to keep this program running. This newsletter is designed to inform and inspire, and it is hoped that at least one parent per family will read it every month. As for this one, we have a big Reno trip to re-cap, as well as "news bites" that will get you up-to-speed on the new year. Thanks for making JUGHEADS a part of your family!

8th annual trip shows many colors

On the 6th and final night of our stay in "The Biggest Little City in the World" in July, our group of 32 kids (with 20 parents looking on) took a great group photo under the famous neon sign on the main street. The neon colors reflected off beaming faces after a week of adventure and awards!

CHAPERONE TEAM : For the third straight year, Jeff Shlosberg headed up organizing our adult chaperones. A resounding THANK YOU is due to Jeff and his team of selfless, fun-loving chaperones who made this trip possible: Wendy Arneberg, Alan Bank, Bill Doege, Diane Harr, Mary Horsch, Donna Konigsburg, Geri Martin, Cindy Morris, John Orbison, Birdie Rand, Judy Schnoebelen, Sally Shlosberg, Doug & Mary Watson, Mitch & Darcy Wiklund and Julie Zimmerman. From Rapid City ('96) to Reno, parent chaperones have made these trips possible.

YOUTH SHOWCASE: The 6th annual Youth Showcase once again had the Jugheads as prominent performers, accounting for seven of the 13 acts in the show! Andrew, half of The Sally Jessy Boys, earned for himself an equipment scholarship award of $100 for "the Youth Showcase performer with the most stage presence." Other Jugheads performing were The Blues Boys, The Little Darlings, Nate, Julian, The Swing Sisters, Billy, and Riley, all of whom have performed their acts in either Juggle Jam IV or V.

JUNIORS FINALIST: Anthony P. has only been juggling for about 2.5 years, but he made it as a Juniors finalist! The field was incredible tough, with truly professional-level competitors, but Anthony wowed the audience and won many admirers for his technical juggling talents.

BRONZE TEAM!: Building on the success of the 2002 Teams finals in Reading, PA, 13 members of our Ultimate Club revised "Jumpin' Jack" (as seen in Juggle Jam V and choreographed by Dextre Tripp) and won 3rd place in '03! We were the largest team to medal in the 35-year history of the I.JA. Teams Championships. Special credit is due to Student Director Billy, Student Choreographer Kelvin, and Assistant Student Director Kerry for helping to lead the team to this international honor.

GAMES AWARD WINNERS: Nate repeated his '02 victory in the Juniors 3-ball Open, with his Ultimate Club teammate Asher taking 2nd. Many Jugheads competed in the World Joggling Champion-ships. Most notable was the accomplishment of Andrew's six gold medals, including establishing a world record for the 800m joggle, a feat shared by Lauren who won that newly-established event in her age category.

Riley, "Sisters" honored by judges

On consecutive nights in mid-August, two of our star acts competed in the Teen Division of the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest. Riley danced like he's never danced before while juggling to his signature solo, "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. The Swing Sisters (Jill, Anna, Lauren, Selby and Kerry) performed FLAWLESSLY to "Shout and Feel It" from Swing Kids. Despite their outstanding showings, both acts were passed over for advancement to the finals in the Grandstand but were honored nonetheless with runner-up (2nd place) placements. Congratulations to both acts for doing their best!


--NO MONDAY CLUBS ON OCTOBER 20: There was a last-minute school release day added to the Edina Public Schools' calendar. Therefore, there will neither be Ultimate Club nor Monday Night Club on October 20. (Members of each club will be credited $12 toward winter session tuition.) Instead, an Ultimate All-Day Juggling Camp will be offered. If interested, request a sign-up form from Paul. (This Ultimate Camp was absent from the Community Ed. catalog and your fall registration mailing.)

--CLUB BREAKDOWNS: The newly implemented pre-registration process was a success, aiding a balanced distribution of Jugheads through our seven weekly clubs. Here are the numbers after the first week: Ultimate Club--18; Monday Night--24; Boys I.J.A.--27; Wednesday Rec.--28; Thursday Rec.--31; High School--8; Girls I.J.A.--18. The pre-registration process projected these numbers and aided against any one club ballooning too large. Please direct any potential Jugheads to Paul, as a cap on the numbers must be kept in order to maintain each club's quality. (Only H.S. Club was publicly advertised this year.)

--JUGGLE JAM VI: April 30-May 1, 2004 marks our 9th Annual JUGHEADS juggling show (dress rehearsals on April 22 and 29). All weekly Jugheads may perform.

--HIGH SCHOOL CLUB CALENDAR: 9th-12th grade Jugheads, take note: H.S. Club only goes through March of this school year, making a total of 26 club meetings. The shorter season allows for Juggle Jam VI preparations in April as well as misc. events on Thursday evenings in May (concerts, studying for finals, etc.). Please be aware of this slightly abridged schedule when purchasing punchcards.

--LOST & FOUND: As we will soon enter the season of light jackets and sweatshirts followed by the season of heavy jackets and multiple layers, please check that each Jughead has I.D. on every clothing item, esp. those that are typically discarded after school when arriving at juggling club. Our own Lost & Found is located on top of our small refrigerator (inside the Stage Door); Normandale Elem. has a mammoth L&F near the main auditorium doors.

--ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY: On Saturday, December 13 up to 100+ Jugheads will converge on the York Plaza Party Room (7230 York Ave. S.) between 4 and 10 p.m. Look for an info. sheet in November.

--E-MAIL: If you'd like to be added to the e-mail distribution list for JUGHEADS parents (occasional news supplements & reminders), e-mail Wendy (Warneberg@aol.com).