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JUGHEADS Journal October, 2003

Part 1: The Physical Realm

Many traditions, habits and policies have arisen over the past nine school years of this juggling program. Almost all of them have been modified over the years, and all of them are yet subject to change, but here's a primer on three "physical" policies that we currently practice daily at JH:

EQUIPMENT USE--Whereas most kids in the advanced clubs were formerly expected to use their personal juggling equipment at club, it wasn't until 2001 that tuition was raised to account for the fact that some 90%+ of Jugheads rely solely on our club cache of equipment each week. Despite our large annual equipment budget, I.J.A. and Ultimate Club kids are still encouraged to bring in (minimally) their own set of beanbags to each club. When in doubt, any serious propmaster (e.g., a diaboloist) is better off bringing in their own props, simply for reliability and availability. Here are three rules of caring for club equipment: 1) Don't throw beanbags across the room, at the wall, etc. 2) Wrap up diabolo strings around the sticks, and put them away in the cabinet, not in the yellow club bins. 3) Put away all equipment after each use, even if you think someone else will use it later.

CLEAN UP--Theoretically, if every Jughead puts away the props they were just using, there would be minimal need for clean-up at the end of each club. Realistically, each Jughead is expected to help put away 5-10 props (incl. pens, stopwatches, papers, wrappers, cans, etc.) before leaving for home each day. This common courtesy gives them more "ownership" over our supplies, preventing the inadvertent loss of props and the attitude that "someone else will do it."

SNACKS--Each elementary-age Jughead (3rd-5th grade) is entitled to three (3) snack or beverage items from our snack cart or refrigerator at each club. Of these, two must be deemed relatively "healthy" (with some nutritional content), while only one may be considered "unhealthy" (pop, chips, candy). 6th-12th graders may take one additional "unhealthy" item each day, accounting for their higher appetites, growth spurts, and caloric intake needs. The quality and quantity of each Jughead's snack selection is on the honor system. Paul's Disclaimer: At 34, I'm well aware of my own slowing metabolism and the need to curb my appetite for "junk." I daily eat fresh produce, whole grains, lean meats and legumes, rarely indulging in items off of my own snack cart, especially pop. I have concerns that I may be teaching poor eating habits by what the kids are allowed to eat here. However, my guilt is absolved by the knowledge that the average Jughead comes here only 1-2 times per week, and this is a "party" atmosphere where the social and physical benefits (e.g., calorie burning) outweigh (no pun intended) the possible formation of bad eating habits. The good news is that we may be acquiring a larger refrigerator, in which case I will be able to offer items such as apples, carrots, yogurt, etc.

3rd-8th grade evening haven turns 2.0

Just two years after this "overflow" club was founded to accommodate five kids unable to get into the Wednesday Rec. Club, Monday Night Club has burgeoned to 27 members and two assistants! The age range makes for some interesting dynamics, but like any other JH club, they're bonded by a common activity and an at-home feeling in our weekly gatherings. Despite the later hours, many Monday Night kids get more than a quality workout each week, starting at 6:30 sharp and going strong until their parents come between 8:30 and 9. The group has matured a lot even since last year, and it encompasses some real up-and-comers in the JH company of clubs.


--CONGRATULATIONS to two JUGHEADS families who have grown since last spring! Elise Kayla was born to Leny & Margaret on June 17, 2003; her big brothers, Asher (Ultimate & I.J.A. Clubs) and Silas (Boys I.J.A.), are each in their 4th year as Jugheads. Callie Elizabeth was adopted from Nanning, Guanxi Province, China by Steve & Rhonda just last month! Callie was born July 12, 2002, and officially became the little sister to 6th year Jughead Lauren (Ultimate & High School Clubs) on September 15, 2003.

--RUNNING FAMILY: 4th year Jughead Nate (Ultimate Club & Boys I.J.A.) has two athletic parents! Mike just ran the Twin Cities Marathon and Geri ran the 10-miler, both on Oct. 5. The couple didn't begin running until their late thirties, and have now completed 20+ marathons each! In JH alumni (running) news, 1996 W.G. Juggling Show soloist Aaron Olson is now a senior at Edina H.S. and a star of the 5th-ranked cross country team!

--CONDOLENCES to the Ken & Sally at the passing of Sally's father in early October. Both Spence boys, Alex (3rd year) and Evan (2nd year), are members of Wednesday Rec.

NOTE: I'd like to make "JH Family News" a regular feature in the JHJOURNAL Please contact me with ideas for future featured families whose news would be welcomed to be read by the extended JH family.


--NO MONDAY CLUBS ON OCTOBER 20: Due to no school in Edina, there will neither be Ultimate Club nor Monday Night Club on Oct. 20. Instead, an Ultimate All-Day Juggling Camp will be offered. Request a sign-up form from Paul. (There are also camps on Thur.-Fri., Oct. 16-17.)

--JUGGLE JAM VI: April 30-May 1, 2004 marks our 9th Annual JUGHEADS juggling show (dress rehearsals on April 22 and 29). All weekly Jugheads may perform.

--JH PARENT E-MAIL LIST: To receive occasional on-line updates on JH, e-mail Wendy (Warneberg@aol.com).
--ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY: Look for an info. sheet in next month on the big shin-dig on 12/13/03!

--IN NOVEMBER'S JH JOURNAL: Practical Policies 2: The Social Realm; New Jugheads; Girls I.J.A.; Holiday Party Info.; News; Paper on The Pledge; Paul's Platform.