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JUGHEADS Journal November, 2003

Part 2: The Social Realm

Last month, three “physical” policies of being a Jughead were highlighted: Equipment Use, Clean Up, and Snack. This month focuses on four social policies of membership:

CALLING PEOPLE BY NAME--Last year, I devoted a full article to the value of using a person’s name (or title) in addressing them. In the way of reminder, it is expected that every Jughead, when greeted by name, returns the greeting by name. (This eliminates the trend to simply say “Hey” with an apathetic tone as if the greeter is an impersonal telemarketer or TV character.) Obviously, this applies to adults (and I encourage using “Mr.”, “Mrs.,” “Dr.,” etc.), but I also encourage Jugheads to learn and use their peers’ names as often as possible. Names are very personal, and they build friendships, trust and community.

INTERRUPTION ETIQUETTE--Unless someone is in immediate danger, no Jughead is allowed to interrupt the coach or a fellow juggler while he or she is passing, solo juggling, or talking. Despite our fast-paced/loud/crowded setting, each person must wait until a pause in juggling or conversation before asking a question or sharing a record.

MUSIC--Carrying over a policy from my days leading the WISE GUYS program, no music is allowed at JH that contains explicit lyrics or even lyrics with overt innuendo. Along those lines, we rarely (if ever) listen to music radio stations, since the content isn’t controlled.

SELF-DIRECTED JUGGLERS--One of the reasons why we can average 25 kids in each JH club is that each Jughead is expected to work in a self-directed manner (for the most part). We have a weekly club meeting to share records, review policies, highlight juggling technique, etc., and my assistants and I are dedicated to helping individual Jugheads, but that still leaves a majority of time that any given Jughead will work alone or with a partner, without direction from the coach or an assistant. This allows for every Jughead to progress at his or her own pace. The result? Even with varying rates of learning, a Jughead gets out of a weekly club workout what he or she puts into it.

Attached invitation is ticket to fun

A tradition started in 1996 at the Arnebergs’ house, our annual Holiday Party is a great time for our entire company of kids to enjoy each other in the middle of the festive and familial holiday season. Heartfelt thanks is due to Adys Davila, mother of Girls I.J.A.er Natalie, for once again opening up the party room in her York Plaza apartment complex as she did for our past two Juggle Jam cast parties and last year’s Holiday Party. See the attached invitation for more details; sign up by December 10!

Parent, Jughead Committees starting

--Wendy Arneberg is once again forming a parent committee to plan and oversee the workings of Juggle Jam VI (April 30-May 1, 2004). We need 5-10 parents on the committee with a commitment to meet monthly from January-May and recruit other parents for applicable tasks (both pre-production and during the show itself). Please contact Wendy at 952-926-0896 or Warneberg@aol.com to get involved, either on the committee or to make yourself available for delegated duties.
--The JUGHEADS Officers will begin meeting again in December, both to plan for J-Jam VI and to address overall visionary and leadership needs of our company. On Saturday, Dec. 13 from 10-Noon, the Officer Team will meet at the Arnebergs’ home followed by the option of setting up for (and thus getting an early start on) the all-JH party that same afternoon. (Officers are hand-picked by Paul Arneberg, but any eager kids may inquire about involvement in this leadership team of Jugheads.)

Enthusiasm, progress marks new roster

Normally reserved for a spotlight closer to our annual juggling show, I decided to hold up Girls I.J.A. early in the year as a role model for all of our other clubs. This club’s membership roster took a hit when more than half of last year’s girls decided to either switch to High School Club or to discontinue altogether due to busy high school schedules. As a special opportunity (which may or may not become permanent), I relaxed the technical standards required to join this club, and the result is that we now have more girls than we had a year ago! The enthusiasm and rapid progress of this club has been a joy to behold, and the wide age range has been a benefit, not a detriment, to our club’s harmony and cohesiveness. Look for great things from these girls by Juggle Jam VI! Girls I.J.A.

Jugheads perform on the road

--The 18-member Ultimate Club team is preparing to make our 5th annual appearance at “Celebrating Youth! Show-casing Positive Youth Development” (the statewide exhibition put on by the Wisconsin Youth Co. for programs related to youth) on Nov. 16 in Madison. All-new routines will be debuted by The Blues Boys, The Swing Sisters, Brett Kissell, Ryan Towey and Billy Watson. Experienced soloists Anthony Peterson, Scott Richter and Riley Wiklund will also perform, along with our I.J.A. bronze medal routine and three signature group routines.
--On Nov. 8, Scott Richter, Billy Watson, Riley Wiklund and Kelvin Ying performed a formal show for a group of young children at the Children’s Museum in St. Paul.
--If you or your business would like to hire any part of the Ultimate Club to perform at your event, please contact Mary Watson at 952-829-5349 or at mwats@mn.rr.com.

--CONGRATULATIONS to the following Jugheads who have achieved the standards for our JH I.J.A. clubs since last June: Andy A., Natalie, Bernard, Will H., Johnny L., Caitie, Bryan R., and Silas. Three young men also achieved the Ultimate Club standards over the summer: Anthony P., Scott R. and Ryan T.. Most recently, Ryan M. passed the Ultimate Club standards and will join their ranks next month!

April 30-May 1, 2004 marks our 8th annual juggling show (dress reh. April 22 & 29). All weekly Jugheads may perform; specialty act auditions in April.

–E-MAIL LIST: E-mail Warneberg@aol.com to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.