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JUGHEADS Journal December, 2003

Introducing 1st Year Members!

I’ve run out of room in recent months to feature our new members, but it’s not too late to honor their rookie status as Jugheads! This is the sixth school year of the JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company operating every day after school, and each year has seen significant development. For instance, the very difficult technical standards for the Ultimate Club and the I.J.A. Clubs cause kids to rise to the occasion of meeting them, and we now have a company of kids with much more overall depth of skill. The program has grown numerically as well, and it’s a continual challenge to cap each club’s capacity in order to preserve the intimacy and quality that has been a founding factor of our success. Here are the many new 3rd-7th graders who have become weekly Jugheads for the first time this year:

Register in December for Jan.-March

The weekly club tuition payment plan for JH correlates to seasons: Sept-Dec.; Jan.-March; April-June. Because fall is the longest season, payments for winter and spring are smaller! Please note that Jugheads may not attend their respective club(s) in January until registered. This is the policy of Edina Community Ed., and it prevents many reminder phone calls in January. Below is a guide to the code and amount for the club(s) in which your child(ren) are members ($12/day). You may sign up via the attached form, over the phone (952-848-3970 as of Dec. 12), or by giving a check to Paul made out to Edina Public Schools.

Ultimate W1201 $ 96
Monday Night W1202 $ 96*
(Both clubs above are reduced $12 for no clubs on Oct. 20, 2003.)
Boys I.J.A. W1207 $144
Wednesday W1203 $144
Thursday W1204 $144
Girls I.J.A. W1206 $120**
H.S. Punchcard W1205-01, -02, -03 $15 (1), $70 (5), $130 (10)
(NOTE: The last High School Club this year is March 25.)
*Due to a middle school-only Ultimate Camp, there will be no Monday Night Club on Monday, Jan. 26, 2004.
**Due to an Ultimate Club juggling trip to Madison, there will be no Girls I.J.A. Club on Friday, Jan. 16, 2004.

Identical info. meetings: Jan. 13 and 22

Next summer marks our 9th consecutive trip to the I.J.A. Festival, held July 12-18, 2004 in Buffalo, NY. The trip is something that many kids talk about and work toward all year, and it represents the Ultimate Field Trip for those who love the art and sport of juggling. There will be identical info. meetings on Tuesday, Jan. 13 and Thursday, January 22 at 6 p.m. in the ECC Auditorium. Every potential Buffalo Jughead, experienced in the I.J.A. Festival or not, is required to attend one of the meetings. Logistics, estimated costs, and details on the festival itself will be covered. Ultimate Club members are encouraged to attend the festival; JH with all of our own I.J.A. Standards and an above-and-beyond commitment to juggling (e.g., training for Ultimate Club and/or attending multiple clubs and camps) will be included space permitting. Nominally involved JH I.J.A.ers and Rec. Club Jugheads may attend with our group if accompanied by a parent. (NOTE: An e-mail was sent to the JH parent list on Dec. 2 detailing stricter eligibility standards for Jugheads to attend the I.J.A. Festival with us. If you’d like a hard copy of that e-mail, please call Paul.)

Well-rounded skills, deep friendships

One of the crowning achievements in the career of a Jughead is achieving the standards for “I.J.A.” status within our program. Named after the International Jugglers’ Association of which JH is an affiliate, our Boys I.J.A. Club boasts many highly skilled young jugglers who have proven and well-rounded skills in balls, rings, clubs and passing. The historical and current favorite pastime of the boys is Club Combat, a competitive game (often played in teams of two) that sharpens the skills of even the best club juggler.
Waiting list members combined with core club and Ultimate Club boys for an annual sleepover party on Dec. 5. All 35 boys had a great time! These boys are already looking to Juggle Jam VI when they’ll continue their tribute to The Lord of the Rings film trilogy with a juggling version of The Return of the King.

–CONGRATULATIONS to the following Jugheads who recently achieved the standards for our JH I.J.A. Clubs: Mike Pedersen (Monday Night Rec. 6th grader), Sean Rutledge (H.S. Club 9th grader) and Tim Wolff (Thursday Rec. 9th grader). At our Thanksgiving camps, 9th grader Sean Hoag kicked in his drive to pass the Ultimate Club standards, and he did it! Sean brings the Team to 20, all of whom have now begun special training with guest instructor Dextre Tripp toward their Juggle Jam VI/Buffalo routine.

–JUGGLE JAM VI: April 30-May 1, 2004.
Specialty Act Auditions: April 6-8.

First Youth Officer Team Meeting: Saturday, Dec. 13, 10-Noon, Arnebergs’ house.

Parent Committee: Contact Wendy at 952-926-0896 or Warneberg@aol.com to help in ways big or small.

–E-MAIL LIST: E-mail Warneberg@aol.com to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.