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JUGHEADS Journal March, 2004


SHOWS: Our actual show is Friday and Saturday, April 30 and May 1. Kids need to be in the auditorium by 6 p.m.; doors for the audience open at 6:30; the show begins at 7 and lasts ‘til about 9:20. We have hundreds of color postcards left; take a few to hand out as reminders / invitations.

REHEARSALS: Every club day until Juggle Jam is a full rehearsal, and the fun is increasing! Club choreography is moving along; April will focus on our all-club routines and running our club routines many times. Please allow your Jughead to stay at club ‘til 5:30 p.m. (8:30 p.m. Monday nights). Dress Rehearsals (with all clubs) are April 22 and 29 from 6:30-9:00 p.m. Wear club T-shirts on 4/29 for our only large group photo. Let Paul know of latecomers and absentees. If needed, favor the final dress reh. on 4/29.

AUDITIONS: Any Jughead desiring to perform a solo, duet, ensemble or emcee portion of JJ6 needs to audition immediately after Spring Break on Tuesday or Thursday, April 6 or 8. Every prospective act must fill out an application and turn it in by Monday, March 22; request a form from Paul. Call Officer Kelvin Ying (952-929-1567) for more info. on audition standards and procedures.

TICKETS: We are hundreds of tickets behind last year’s sales at this time, so there are many tickets available to distribute to Jugheads hoping to sell more than the first 10 given to them. Make checks out to Edina Public Schools.

COSTUMES: Nearly every club routine requires some type of character costume: black button-down long-sleeve dress shirts for Ultimate boys; “Return of the King” characters for Boys IJA + extras; generational props & attire for Wed. Rec.; movies for Thurs. Rec.; musicals for Girls IJA. Distinction and effort trumps complexity and expense.

T-SHIRTS: Parents may pre-order a T-shirt color and size of their choice through Wendy Arneberg by March 26. Colors: yellow, green, blue, red and black; $15 each. Jugheads may also pre-order tees in addition to their club T.

BANQUET IN LIEU OF CAST PARTY: The JJ6 Parent Committee decided that it is too much to plan a cast party this year. Another idea: hold a special JH 10-year anniversary banquet this fall. If you are intrigued by this and/or would like to assist in planning it, please contact Wendy.

Payment due April 2

This final school year juggling payment is the smallest, and it even includes a Juggle Jam T-shirt (except Ultimate Club). Here is a guide to the code and amount for each JUGHEADS club (see also attached form):

Ultimate S1201 $144
Monday Night S1202 $108
Boys IJA S1207 $120
Wednesday S1203 $120
Thursday S1204 $120
Girls IJA S1206 $108

This payment covers April 5-June 4 and is due before returning to club after Edina’s Spring Break. Write the club code on the memo line of checks payable to Edina Public Schools. NOTE: There is no H.S. Club after March, but H.S.ers may use remaining punches (or purchase new ones) to attend any club but Ultimate and BIJA during the spring.

Paul & Billy’s trip; Mary W. subbing

Benji Hill is a professional juggler who has coached more gold medal junior jugglers than any other coach in the 35-years of the IJA Stage Championships. Himself an IJA Individuals and Teams gold medalist, Benji performs full time on cruise ships and runs a real estate business based in Orlando. As he looks to retire from performing this year, he and 2001 Teams Champions Jake & Marty LaSalle are looking to pass along the coaching techniques that have been proven successful since 1989. For this reason, Paul will spend five days in Orlando March 23-28 receiving coaching tips and advice directly from Benji. As a way to observe Benji in action, Paul was asked to bring a Jughead who shows considerable promise, hard work and coachability. Billy Watson was chosen, due to his work ethic, existing solo, peer direction (Blues Boys and Ultimate Club), and assistance with Girls IJA. Further coaching may result from this week with Benji, such as more individual and group coaching as well as innovative ideas for the future. Mary Watson will sub for Paul from Tuesday-Friday, March 23-26 (Mary’s cell: 612-282-0474); Paul and Billy will return in time for Spring Break Camps. (Despite Paul’s absence, each club WILL rehearse March 23-26.)

Interviews reveal club priorities
Paul conducted one-on-one interviews with each member of this club last month, asking them to state goals, likes and dislikes of the club. While many admitted that the “focus level” of the club could be improved, an equal majority didn’t want to see changes to how the club is structured. Such a thorough polling of the kids reinforces that JH exists not merely for juggling skills but for the opportunity to socialize, be with their friends, and make new ones. Kids have diverse reasons for joining JH, and Thursday Rec. is an oasis from intensity and mandated progress. Coming off of their success from JJV’s Classic TV Show Tribute, this club’s JJ6 theme is “ Movies of the ‘70’s”.


--ULTIMATE CLUB MEMBERS: 1) Try to stay at club until 6 p.m. through April 26. 2) Call Paul if you’ll be later than 3:30 or leave earlier than 5:30 any day. 3) Eligible letter-winners need to turn in an application by April 19. 4) If you’d like a JJ6 T-shirt, pre-order one through Wendy.

--SPRING BREAK CAMPS: Consult Paul or your Community Ed. catelogue to sign up for March 29-April 2. 9-Noon is focused on total beginners/Rec.-level Jugheads, and 1-4 pm is focused on IJA/Ultimate-level Jugheads.

--SUMMER CAMPS: 9-5 pm on June 7-9; 9-Noon and 1-4 from June 10-July 9 (except July 2 and the a.m. of July 5). Several punchcard options. Registration begins March 26.

-- JH OFFICERS & PARENT COMMITTEE: March 20, 10-Noon, Watsons’. Option to linger for food & socializing.

--BUFFALO TEAM UPDATE: Extra packets are available from our March 4 meeting. Key dates: “Raiders” rehearsals April 17 and 24; final meeting July 6; departure July 12.

--ARNEBERG E-MAIL: The JH Home Office now has Road Runner cable! See our new e-mail addresses are: jugheads@comcast.net and wendyarneberg@comcast.net.

–E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.