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JUGHEADS Journal April, 2004

There is too much information to review/outline and fit into this column, so the expanded 2-sided “Final Memo” (normally distributed around our first all-cast dress rehearsal) has been bumped up and attached to this Journal. All Jugheads should have rehearsal/performance dates firmly in mind, but also please remember the often-neglected areas of acquiring or making special costumes and props that will enhance all of our club routines. If every Jughead becomes familiar with the attached final memo (incl. the new page on Etiquette), we will have shorter meetings and more time to rehearse on club days and dress rehearsal nights.

Eight acts, five emcees pass auditions
Nearly 33% of Juggle Jam 6 will involve just a few brave Jugheads stepping into the spotlight in an above-and-beyond way. Jugheads submitted written applications in March in order to audition on April 6 and 8 for eight “specialty act” spots (solo, duet, or ensemble) and an open number of emcee spots. While Paul ran the first couple of years of auditions alone (1997 and 1999), he has put increasing emphasis on the need for a “panel” decision in order to get the most objective view of who is most qualified to be featured any given year. This year, we had our largest audition committee to date, made of up active JH parents (Katie Griep, Kim Garrett, Jeff Shlosberg), an “original” JH parent (Jackie Peterson) a former JH assistant coach (Scott Purser), and Paul & Wendy Arneberg. All of the auditors have experience with the performing arts outside of JH. As each act or emcee auditioned, all seven auditors assigned point values (up to 50 for acts and 25 for emcees); 60% went for Entertainment Value, while 40% went for Technical Ability. The judges then ranked all acts and emcees according to points. In the event of a tie, each judge made Entertainment Value the deciding factor for the higher ranking. Paul then compiled all seven judges’ rankings and came up with a master ranking, by which acts and emcees were chosen for the show (after a discussion). Results were mailed to everyone who auditioned, complete with auditor comments for each act. The Juggle Jam 6 Emcees are Benji de Hoog with Robert Kulstad (Act I), Natalie Davila with Spencer Cain (Act II), and Scott Ricther as an cameo characters. Specialty Acts are soloists Stefan Brancel, Brett Kissell, Anthony Peterson, Scott Richter, and Billy Watson; solo/duet by Amanda Richter with Scott Richter; The Swing Sisters quintet; and The Blues Boys septet. Each act has musical, artistic, technical and stylistic distinctions, providing a delightful contrast to the large group routines spread throughout the show.

More than half of the Jugheads weren’t registered for spring as of April 5. Please check your records; if need be, make your spring tuition payment to Edina Public Schools today.

Five weeks of juggling options
Summer is just eight weeks away! Five weeks of morning and afternoon juggling camp options run Monday, June 7 through Friday, July 9. (No camp on July 2; 1-4 p.m. only on July 5.) Bonus: Any current Jughead may contact Paul to juggle with us in Edina’s parade on July 4! NOTE: Kids choosing to juggle in the morning and the afternoon any day may bring a bag lunch and stay over the Noon hour with Paul. With this in mind, many Jugheads take advantage of the summer “punchcard” option, allowing them to come to camp any time (except the Ultimate All-Day Camps June 7-9). See attached form to register.

Bronze Medalists improve greatly
The Ultimate Club season is neatly divided into three sections: Madison prep. from September-November (our annual performance for “Celebrating Youth!” for the annual Wisconsin Youth Co. convention); Juggle Jam prep. from December-April; and IJA Festival prep. from May-July. Last summer, all that hard work was rewarded with a Bronze Medal from the International Jugglers’ Association Team Championships in Reno, NV! Also 2002 Teams finalists in Reading, PA, the Ultimate Club hopes to three-peat that honor this summer in Buffalo, NY with a new routine they’ll debut in Juggle Jam 6. For the third straight year, guest artist Dextre Tripp has been the key creator behind what has become a trilogy of all-club passing routines, and Officers Billy Watson and Kelvin Ying have been the Jugheads who have implemented Dextre’s vision. Regardless of how they fare with the judges in Buffalo, we think the audiences of Juggle Jam 6 will be blown away by this year’s team juggling to a medley of movie soundtracks.


--CONGRATULATIONS to John & Mary Meyer on the birth of their son, Daniel Keoni Meyer on March 14, 2004. Daniel, whose middle name is Hawaiian for “John” (his parents met in Hawaii when John was in the service), weighed in at 7 lbs., 5 oz. Mother and son are doing fine, as are proud Papa and sister Sofia (Girls IJA 9th grader), who is Daniel’s elder by 14.5 years.

--CONGRATS to Christopher Olson, 5th grader of Wed. Rec. Club, for recently achieving all of the standards for Boys IJA Club! Although 11th on the waiting list to join the advanced Tuesday club, Chris happily remains in Wed. Rec. among his focused peers who love coming each week.

--MORE SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES have been graced by Jugheads! Mike (Monday Night Rec. 6th grader and Officer) performed for his school back in January and also taught several kids how to juggle; Stefan (Wed. Rec. 6th grader) performed his light-up glowball routine at St. Anthony Park School’s talent show in March; and Amanda (Monday Night Rec. 6th grader) with a special appearance by brother Scott (Ultimate Club 9th grader) performed four times for the Minnetonka Middle School West talent show in March. Interestingly, all four of these kids go to school outside of Edina, yet they travel every week to be involved here. You can see both Stefan and Amanda and Scout's routine as featured acts in Juggle Jam 6.


--The JUGGLE JAM PARENT COMMITTEE will meet at the Watson home (6620 Mohawk Trail, Edina) at 9 a.m. on Sat., 4/24. Contact Mary Watson at mwats@mn.rr.com or 952-829-5349 with questions or to help with Juggle Jam.

--BUFFALO TEAM: The April payment of $250 is due; Buffalo Jugheads must come to at least one full “Raiders” rehearsal (April 17 or 24) for the privilege of ending Act I.

–E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.