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JUGHEADS Journal October, 2004

2005 Space Change
Wisdom sought: January or June?

Since the Capital Bond Referendum was approved by Edina voters on November 4, 2003, we’ve been aware that the Edina Community Center (ECC) auditorium will undergo not only a facelift, but a complete structural renovation starting sometime in mid-2005. In order to maintain the quality of juggling space for our program’s needs, the Arnebergs have spent several months considering the best alternative home base for JUGHEADS (JH). Colony Park Church was chosen, due to its proximity to ECC, its available space, and the willingness of the church to accommodate our company. On Sunday, October 17, Paul submitted his final 10-page proposal to the leadership of Colony Park Church regarding our space needs for 2005.

The proposal started with a three-page background on the history, characteristics, traditions, awards and values of JH, and the remaining seven pages were devoted to the specific needs of our company of clubs and camps to properly function (and thrive) at the church. The church has been very receptive so far about our very likely upcoming move, and the biggest question at this point is not “if,” but “when.” Boiling down all of the pros and cons of timing, here is the pressing issue: Is it wiser to move our operation to Colony Park Church in January (giving us half of the school year to settle in “mid-stream” before summer camps and next year’s school year at our new home) or wait until June, taking full advantage of the auditorium as long as possible? The question of Juggle Jam is frequently raised by Jugheads and their parents; we are currently on the schedule for Juggle Jam 7 on May 6-7 in the ECC auditorium regardless of where we will be holding our weekly club rehearsals. Feedback is welcome; Paul will decide by November 12 which timing option is best for the JH program.

Release Day Camps No-school juggling
=Quick progress

Teachers’ conferences, workshops, clerical days, and national holidays mean that students get breaks from regular school days throughout the year. For some, they sleep in, get together with friends, travel, or catch up on homework. For many Jugheads, they juggle! Whether it’s the lack of stress (which accompanies the school day routine) or the additional time (three full hours as opposed to time lost due to bus routes or evening sports practices), juggling camps traditionally give a LARGE boost in juggling ability to Jugheads of all levels. Most kids needing those last few (or first few) standards for Elite or Ultimate Club achieve them at a morning or afternoon juggling camp, and often times, routines are created and polished and new friends are made and strengthened. Fall juggling camps will be held October 21-22 and November 22-24 in the ECC Auditorium from 9-Noon (focused on beginners/intermediates) and 1-4 (focused on advanced/experts). A special all-day juggling camp will be held on Friday, November 5 from 9-5 for advanced/expert Jugheads (and beginners/ intermediates with a high degree of focus on set goals).

More all- day juggling camps will be offered on Jan. 17 & 31 and Feb. 18 & 21; half-day camps will be offered over Edina Public Schools’ spring break: April 4-8, 2005.

NOTE: As a scheduling courtesy, kids signing up for the half-day camps (9-Noon or 1-4) may transfer their attendance to another half-day camp. E.g., a Jughead signing up for the Advanced/Expert Camp Oct. 21-22 may opt to attend all day one day instead of attending both afternoons.

CLUB SPOTLIGHT: Monday Rec. Club
Youngest club earns peer respect

Celebrating its 3rd anniversary this month, the Monday Rec. Club is the youngest arm of the JH Youth Juggling Co. With 23 members, it’s also the smallest Rec. Club and happens to have the youngest average age of membership. However, this club has earned the respect of their fellow Jugheads because of their enthusiasm, noted progress, and the attraction of total beginners and Ultimate-level Jugheads alike. Monday Rec. Jugheads are: 3rd graders Brett Huntley, Connor McCabe and Graham Rowe; 4th graders Rory Bade, Sam Cain, Nathan Kuhlman and Timmy Spicola; 5th graders Philip DeBerg, David Fogg, Nathaniel Glewwe, Alex Klein, Mikey Lenselink, Jack McGinn, Andrew Merriam, Peter Wikman and Morgan Williamson; 6th graders Sean Carney, Joey Spicola, Gabe Towne and Brenden Ying; 7th grader Will Hoene; 8th graders Andy Aarons and Riley Wiklund; and Assistant Natalie Davila (8th grade).

Bulletin Board

  • WELCOME TO NEW JUGHEADS: Andy (Mon. Rec. 8th grader, commuting from Wayzata!); Ian (Thurs. Rec. 6th grader); Blake (Wed. Rec. 3rd grader); Sam (Thurs. Rec. 6th grader); Connor (Mon. Rec. 3rd grader); Graham (Mon. Rec. 3rd grader).
  • CONGRATULATIONS to the following Jugheads who have achieved higher-level club standards since last spring! Elite Clubs: Sean C., Ben, Amanda, Ellie, Hanna, Brenden, and Sarah Z.. Ultimate Club: Spencer, Natalie, Steve, Sofia, and David U.. While an individual Jughead’s experience and identity here is by no means the sum of his or her achievements, conquering objective standards is certainly a worthy milestone-- not only in their juggling, but in their character. Way to go!
  • ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY: Look for an info. sheet next month about our annual party from 5-9 pm on 12/11!
  • OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS: Sean Carney, 12 on Oct. 2; Johnny Bodeau, 11 on Oct. 6; Chico Pagitt, 11 on Oct. 7; Sarah Zuhlsdorf, 14 on Oct. 8; Spencer Cain, 12 on Oct. 10; Sofia Meyer, 15 on Oct. 12; Zach Wagner, 14 on Oct. 23; Alex Spence, 14 on Oct. 29; Ellie Starkman-Gleason, 13 on Oct. 29.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.