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JUGHEADS Journal December, 2004

Awards Banquet
1st annual event honors top Jugheads

On Friday, November 12, Wendy Arneberg planned and hosted our first annual awards banquet for the JH Ultimate Club. Since its inception in 1998, the Ultimate Club (aka Performance Team) has been the "varsity"-level club among its peers, and this year, that became true to the "letter." In fact, nine letters! As a result of research and efforts beginning in July 2003 by Wendy and longtime JH mom Diane Harr, our first-ever juggling letter-winners were honored with an official varsity letter through Edina High School. The honorees were: 10th graders Benjamin de Hoog, Robert Kulstad, Anna Kutkiewicz, Selby Shlosberg, Kerry Smith, Billy Watson and Kelvin Ying; and 11th graders Jill Koralewski and Lauren Rice. As the letters applied to the 2003-2004 school year, these kids may be eligible to letter up to two or three more times!

The banquet also featured a DVD created by Jeff Shosberg highlighting our trip last July to the IJA Festival in Buffalo, NY, including a big-screen viewing of the 16-member team winning the bronze medal in international competition. Each bronze medalist was honored at the banquet by receiving a trophy-an actual red club that we used in competition-and the remaining bronze medals were handed out as well. (They only had seven medals on hand for us in Buffalo!) The team was listed in September's JOURNAL. Finally, our newest Ultimate Club members who joined since last spring were recognized: 10th grader Sofia Meyer; 8th graders Steve Hahneman and David Uhr; 7th grader Stefan Brancel; and 6th grader Spencer Cain. Colony Park Church, our new juggling home for at least the ECC construction interim of May 2005-August 2006, was gracious to lend us use of their large kitchen and Fireside Parlor for the banquet, which featured Wendy's lasagna, salad, punch, appetizers, and Cheesecake Factory desserts.

Winter Tuition Due
Register now for January 3-April 1

The weekly club tuition payment plan for JH correlates to seasons: Sept.-Dec.; Jan.-March; April-June. Because fall is the longest season, payments for winter and spring are smaller! Please note that Jugheads may not attend their respective club(s) in January until registered. This is the policy of Edina Community Ed., and it prevents many reminder phone calls January 3-7. Below is a guide to the code and amount for the club(s) in which your child(ren) are members ($13/day). You may sign up via the attached form, over the phone (952-848-3970 as of Dec. 13), online (www.jugheads.com or www.edina.k12.mn.us) or by simply giving a check to Paul made out to Edina Public Schools.


Monday Rec.
(W1202-01 $130)
Boys Elite (W1207-01 $169)
H.S. Punchcard
(W1205-0x -01 (1)=$15, -02 (5)=$70, -03 (10)=$130, -04 (20)=$240)
Wednesday Rec. (W1203-01 $169)
Thursday Rec.(W1204-01 $169)
Ultimate Club (W1201-01 $169)
Girls Elite (W1206-01 $130)*
*Due to an Ultimate Club juggling trip to MadFest (see below), there will be no Girls Elite Club on Friday, January 14, 2005.

2005 Juggling Fests
MadFest, MONDO & IJA are coming up!

Although more will be written in January regarding St. Paul's MONDO Fest and July's IJA Fest in Davenport, IA, here are some quick takes regarding the three big JH trips in 2005:
MADFEST will take place January 14-16 in Madison and Oregon, WI. Only members of the Ultimate Club and select Jugheads training for Ultimate Club are eligible to attend. See Paul for a registration form; you must sign up by Dec. 17.
MONDO is a tradition for many Jugheads, giving about 50 of them an all-day experience of a full-fledged juggling festival. This year, MONDO is over Presidents' Day weekend. The Ultimate Club will attend together on the evening of Friday, Feb. 18, and the larger group of Jugheads will attend on Saturday, Feb. 19 from about 8:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. See sign-up in Jan.
THE IJA FESTIVAL will take place July 18-24 in Davenport (aka Quad Cities), IA. Jugheads with at least half of the Ultimate Club technical standards are eligible to attend with our group. A choice of two mandatory info. meetings will be held in early February for any Jughead considering going on the trip with us. It's our 10th annual excursion to the IJA Festival, and it represents the crowning achievement (along with our own Juggle Jam, of course) for many kids who count JH as a serious commitment in their lives.

Honed Identity: High-level focus

In the full swing of its 4th year, the High School Club has undergone a metamorphosis since it began. The change started two years ago when Anthony Peterson commuted from Apple Valley for his only peer outlet to train for two consecutive bids for the IJA Juniors Championships. Last year, the Swing Sisters, Benji de Hoog and Robert Kulstad requested that H.S. Club count as their required 2nd weekly club day as required by their Ultimate Club membership standards. The result has been that the punchcard-based club is no longer only an occasionally-attended club to reunite older Jugheads who are phasing out their juggling careers, but also a productive evening meeting place for teenagers with ever-advancing goals, such as training for team and juniors national championships. Now, the H.S. Club is essentially a self-directed version of the Ultimate Club, offering both a high level of focus and the freedom to enjoy non-structured time with old friends.

Bulletin Board

  • WELCOME to five (5) new Monday Rec. Jugheads! 4th graders: Ellie McNairy, Joe McNairy and Claire Samuelson; 3rd graders: Ellen Samuelson and Vera White.
  • CONDOLENCES to the Olson Family at the loss of father/grandfather, Joseph Stoughtenburgh. A long-time Edina resident, patriot, father of six, granfather of 11 and husband of one, Mr. Stoughtenburgh was honored by his fourth-born, Kit, in a wonderful eulogy at his recent funeral celebrating his life and faith.
    o THE JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY is 5-9 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 11 at the York Plaza Party Room (7230 York Ave. S.). Please sign up by December 9.
  • JUGGLE JAM 7: May 6-7, 2005. Mark the dates!
  • WINTER ALL-DAY CAMPS will take place Jan. 17, 31, Feb. 18 and 21, all 9-5 p.m., incl. lunch. Spring Break Camps, April 4-8, will be 9-Noon and 1-4 p.m. See attached form to register.
  • CORRECTIONS from November: 1) Sean was inadvertenly omitted as a new member of Boys Elite Club; 2) Andy is an 8th grader, not a 7th grader.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.