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JUGHEADS Journal January, 2005

Officer Team
Developing leaders through juggling

Founded in January 2001 as a formal way to help Paul direct the annual Juggle Jam, the JH Officer Team has now expanded year-round meetings, nurturing student leadership and input into every aspect of the JH Youth Juggling Co. After an 8-hour mini-retreat in September, this 13-member team of 6th-10th grade youth now meets from 9-Noon on the 2nd Saturday of every month (except July and August). Despite the odd hours for a group of adolescents, meetings have exceptional attendance and participation, allowing these kids to develop as leaders and each aspect of JH to be represented in formal decision-making and visionary processes. Whereas officers were formerly elected by their peers, we moved to an application system for 2004-2005, requiring each officer candidate to articulate in writing their qualifications, experience, and vision for helping to lead our company. All Jugheads are encouraged to look to this team of their peers for guidance and to offer suggestions for everything ranging from Juggle Jam routines to snack time policies (see below).

Snack Entertainment
"Game Cube Prism" rather than TV

In the December Officers' meeting, the student leaders offered a surprising 11-1 consensus: limit or eliminate snack-time TV watching. Because the ECC cafeteria TVs have general cable access, we had been in the habit of watching shows on The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and ESPN immediately after school. However, much to Paul's chagrin, clubs even as large as Wednesday Rec. were reduced to zombie-like states when entranced in a show for 30 minutes during snack. Therefore, we experimented with a "No TV" week just before winter break. So refreshing was that week that it has been continued, with a more social replacement: table games! Thanks to a gift from the Johnson Family (Girls Elite member Christine and parents Dale & Janet), JH purchased a variety of games for our snack cart: Boggle, Scrabble, Poker, Electronic Catch Phrase, MadLibs (with dice), Yahtzee and Uno. These games join our existing chess sets and are toted in a plastic container cleverly dubbed "The Game Prism." The result? Snack time is full of bubbling voices instead of blank stares.

2005 Juggling Fests
MONDO sign-up; IJA Fest meetings

MONDO is a tradition for many Jugheads, giving about 60 of them an all-day experience of a regional juggling festival. The Ultimate Club will attend together on Friday evening, Feb. 18, and the larger group of Jugheads will attend on Saturday, Feb. 19 from about 8:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. See attached registration.

THE IJA FESTIVAL is July 18-24 in Davenport (aka Quad Cities), IA. There will be identical info. meetings held in the ECC auditorium on Tuesday, Feb. 15 and Thursday, Feb. 24 from 6-6:45 p.m. Paul will be distributing surveys to families with IJA Festival experience regarding three choices this year: attend separately as a family; attend with JH as a family (w/a parent chaperone); or attend with JH alone (without a parent). Note: Only Jugheads with at least half of the Ultimate Club technical standards are eligible to attend with our group.

The original "club standard"

Most any Jughead can recite for you at least a few of the standards required for our higher-level clubs (Elite and Ultimate). However, no one club best represents the overall "standard" of JH itself than Wednesday Rec. This club has the largest age range (3rd-10th grade); the most people (33 members, 2 assistants and a parent volunteer); the widest ability range (total beginners to international competitors); and the most self-directed focus of any JH club.

Bulletin Board

  • WELCOME to new Jugheads: Grace (Wed. Red. 4th grader) and Evan (Monday Rec. 3rd grader)! Welcome back to Nathaniel, Monday Rec. 5th grader, who took a sabbatical in France with his family last fall.
  • WINTER TUITION is past-due; unpaid Jugheads should refrain from attending their club(s) until registered. (Wendy called all of the families who have neglected to register.) Thanks for attending to this and keeping this program running.
  • WHEN QUITTING JUGHEADS: As a courtesy to every person involved in JH, please encourage your child to inform Paul when (or before) terminating membership. Such an action brings closure to this commitment, especially for those kids who have been involved for several years. A graceful exit from any stage or setting of life is the honorable choice, including saying good-bye to peers and coaches.
  • THANK YOU to the many parents who helped chaperone and CLEAN UP (!) during/after our annual holiday party on Dec. 11! It was a good time of bonding and wholesome mayhem.
  • JUGGLE JAM 7: May 6-7 with dress rehearsals on Thurs., 4/28, Saturday, 4/30 and Thurs. 5/5. Mark the dates!
  • WINTER ALL-DAY CAMPS will take place Jan. 17 & 31, and Feb. 18 & 21, all 9-5 p.m., incl. lunch. Spring Break Camps, April 4-8, will be 9-Noon and 1-4 p.m. Register on-line, through Paul, or in the ECC office.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.