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JUGHEADS Journal February, 2005

Club Assistants
Ultimate-level Jughead Helpers

Although the JH program has always encouraged mentorship between generations of Jugheads, the past few years have formalized this benefit of our company's age range. Seven assistants now help five clubs, earning tuition/travel funds or fulfilling their Ultimate Club standard while providing a valuable service in assisting Paul with coaching and mentoring 20-30 kids at a time.

Natalie (Monday Rec.) is a SVMS 8th grader and 4th year Jughead. The most recent member added to the Ultimate Club, Natalie brings technical skills along with a strong social personality to our group of 27 Jugheads on Mondays--the club in which she began! Sofia (Thursday Rec.) is an EHS 10th grader and 5th year Jughead. Her commitment and skill level has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, and she is already an established Ultimate Club member despite this being her rookie year in that top club. Scott (Wed. Rec.), 3rd year Jughead, is a 10th grader at Minnetonka H.S. Known to audiences for his role-palying juggling and emceeing, Scott's keen performing ability supplements his top-notch technical skills. He banters with his younger counterparts about movies and video games as often as he juggles with them, making him an endearing "counselor" figure to our largest weekly club. Hanna (Monday Rec.) is our newest assistant. She is a SVMS 8th grader, 4th year Jughead, and member of Girls Elite. Like her friend Sofia, Hanna has improved much recently and is glad to "pass" along what she has learned to many of our youngest, most eager Jugheads! Andrew (Wed. Rec.) is a SVMS 8th grader and 5th year Jughead with skills far beyond his years. Although retired from 3+ years in the Ultimate Club, he still holds many all-time JH records, and he has a knack for helping kids to get records every time they pass with him! Billy (Ultimate Club), is an EHS 10th grader and 6th year Jughead. Billy's title is Ultimate Club Officer, but in practice, he plans every rehearsal and sets long-term goals for the team. Perhaps due to his self-imposed regimen of juggling 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, he frees himself up to be more of a coach than a participant for his 19 peers every Thursday night. Kelvin (Girls Elite), EHS 10th grader, is our most experienced Jughead assistant--in his 7th year of JH membership! He has national-class passing skills but puts relationships first, making him a fun and patient helper for our16 girls every Friday. Kelvin also serves as Billy's right-hand man in helping to student-lead his Ultimate Club peers. Dr. Mark (Wed. Rec.) is a family physician who drives from St. Anthony Park with his son, Stefan, to volunteer for our largest club every week. Passionate about nutrition, exercise, frugality, and service, Dr. Mark is a welcome regular influence in JH. Ultimate Club members are expected to volunteer 10 hours of service each year as a teacher or performer. Ryan (SVMS 9th grader) fulfills his obligation through Girls Elite; other Ultimates may teach oustide of JH or perform in charitable gigs for their service requirement. This growing tradition benefits others while giving the assistants a growing experience--fulfilling the JH mission of "developing youth through juggling."

Juggle Jam 7
Early notes for annual May show

Specialty Acts (solos, etc.)--Every year, up to 12 acts of Jugheads audition for eight spots in our annual show. This year, the number of acts may be reduced to six or fewer in order to allow more transitional time in the form of emceeing and skits between juggling acts. Pre-auditions for specialty acts will be offered on Monday, March 7 from 6:30-9 p.m.; other times may be scheduled as needed. Pre-auditions are simply a way for an act to be evaluated ahead of time so things can be changed before actual auditions April 11-15. See Paul for an application and to sign up for an optional pre-audition time slot.
Ticket packets will be handed out this month. Selling is not required, but prizes offer an incentive to recruit big audiences.
Rehearsals--Every weekly club (except High School) is now dedicating most of club time to rehearsing group routines. For this reason, please allow your Jughead(s) to stay at club until 5:30 each day (8:45 for Ultimate Club). Juggle Jam is a team effort. Absences and early departures affect the team, so please prioritize attendance for the next three months. Thanks!

Quad Cities IJA Fest
The IJA Festival is a 10-year tradition for us, starting with Paul leading 13 Wise Guys Jugglers to Rapid City in 1996. This year's festival is July 18-24 in Davenport (aka Quad Cities), IA. There will be identical info. meetings held in the ECC auditorium on Tuesday, Feb. 15 and Thursday, Feb. 24 from 6-6:45 p.m. Note: We're limiting our group this year to 20-24 Jugheads and 6-8 full-time chaperones. With rare exceptions, only Jugheads with at least half of the Ultimate Club technical standards are eligible to attend with our group.

Haven for friendships & opportunity

Thursday Rec. Club is made up of all boys and all middle schoolers. To a kid, it's the friendships that keep them coming, and the typical boy here errs on the side of conversation over ambition for advancement. However, this club is always good for an entertaining Juggle Jam routine; this year's theme is simply "The 80's." Rehearsal season and seeing what hard work has done for their peers has motivated this club in a new way since December. Whether or not these members advance to Elite or Ultimate Club, they enjoy a safe, wholesome, challenging and fun haven together once a week after school. Thursday Rec. Jugheads are: 6th graders Alex Behr, Ian Faris, Sam Jasper, Broderick King, Colin Kulstad, Martin Kulstad, Jonny Langholz, Danny Lenselink, Christopher Lovdal, Joey Spicola; 8th graders D.J. Adams, Mitchell Blackey, Mat Griep, Ricky Harr, Ben Hestness, Patrick Hughes, Colin Revere, Danny Rose, Alex Schoenfeld, Ben Suker; 9th grader Ryan Towey; and Assistant Sofia Meyer (Ultimate Club 10th grader).

Paul's Platform: Lessons from Ground Hog Day

Bulletin Board

  • WELCOME to new Jugheads: Cullen Patty (Mon. Rec. 4th grader) and Siena Patty (Monday Rec. 3rd grader)!
  • MONDO XVI takes place Feb. 18-20 at Concordia University's Gangelhoff Center in St. Paul. 48 Jugheads are signed up to attend as a group. A few spots remain; an all-day package for 2/19 is $40. See Paul to register.
  • WINTER CAMPS will take place Feb. 18 & 21 from 9-5 p.m., incl. lunch. Spring Break Camps, April 4-8, will be 9-Noon and 1-4 p.m. Register on-line, through Paul, or in ECC's office.
  • SUMMER CAMPS at COLONY PARK CHURCH: JH will hold five weeks of summer juggling camps from June 13-July 15 at our new home base of Colony Park Church, 5532 Wooddale Ave., Edina. Look for registration info. next month, along with our ad in your 2005 Summer Shades catalogue.
  • MAY 31-JUNE 10, our last two weeks of school year clubs, will be held at Colony Park in order to acclimate everyone to our new space before summer camps and fall clubs. More later.
  • JUGGLE JAM 7: May 6-7 with dress rehearsals on Thurs., 4/28, Saturday, 4/30 and Thurs. 5/5. Mark the dates!
    E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.