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JUGHEADS Journal May, 2005

for more information on our new location.

Juggle Jam 7: History
Standards raised as era passes

One year ago, this director wrote, "If we're meant to do one more JJ in the auditorium before it's demolished, we have our work cut out for us in matching this year's quality!" Based on feedback from kids, parents and random audience members, I believe it is no exaggeration to say, "Mission accomplished!" Highlights (according to unscientific polls) included the opening video montage, "A Look Back in Time"; the polish of our youth emcees; the consistent quality of our seven specialty acts; and the creativity, variety, and enthusiasm exhibited by our six club routines.

Also a year ago, I had my doubts if we could find a stage as big as our long-time auditorium in which to perform future Juggle Jams. Well, one is already booked for May 19-20, 2006, and it's even bigger! The Hopkins High School Auditorium will be our new location, at least for Juggle Jam 8. It will be a challenge to only have two rehearsals in that space before Opening Night, but we believe that the Jugheads will be treated to a stage that matches the quality of their performances. While we look back with fondness and gratitude for our nine shows in the ECC auditorium (and our 1995 show in South View's Little Theatre), it is exciting to now look ahead to the possibilities of the future. New home base, new Juggle Jam venue; same values and mission we've had since we started in 1994. BRAVO, JUGHEADS! KEEP REACHING!

On a more personal note, THANK YOU for the gift presented to us on Closing Night of Juggle Jam 7 on May 7. Wendy and I were both raised to be financially independent, so we do not expect any gifts. However, we are humbled by being blessed by you families, our big family, in this way. We will use your gift as a means to bless our frequent guests in our home: we'd like to create a 10-person booth in our basement for eating, games, and general fellowship. Just as we believe that relationships are designed for eternity, we will honor our relationship with you by nurturing relationships through our own home.

Summer Camps
June 13-July 15 promises progress

Yellow registration forms are still available in person or as a download from our Web site for our five weeks of morning, afternoon and all-day juggling camps June 13-July 15. Campers of all levels see leaps and bounds in juggling ability; current Jugheads are encouraged to come out for a week or more. NOTES: 1) Kids choosing to juggle in the morning and the afternoon any day may bring a lunch and stay over the Noon hour with Paul. 2) Many Jugheads take advantage of the summer "punchcard" option, allowing them to come to camp any time (except the Ultimate All-Day Camps: June 13-15). 3) Any current Jughead (regardless of camp attendance) may juggle with us in Edina's Independence Day parade on July 4! Sign up with Paul; meet at 9 am on 7/4/05.

2005-'06 Registration
First-Come, First-Served as of June 1

In recent years, there was a $35 charge to reserve a spot in the fall club(s) of your choice. This fee was designated for the year's juggling equipment purchases. Once a particular club filled to capacity, a waiting list was started. Families then paid the balance of their fall registration in the month of August. This year, JUGHEADS is offering an incentive for full early registration. If a fall club is paid for in full between June 1 and July 1, the $35 pre-registration fee will be waived. Families registering between July 2 and September 9 will pay our normal rates (incl. the $35 pre-reg./equipment fee). With the exception of kids on the waiting list, families registering after Sept. 9 will pay a $20 late fee on top of the $35 pre-reg. fee. Please look for your fall registration form (including club capacities and standards) beginning June 1, our first Wednesday Rec. Club at Colony Park.

Wendy's Role Perfect timing, complementary talents

With perfect timing, Wendy left her corporate career in graphic design last summer in order to help Paul with JH. It is Wendy that has spearheaded all of our efforts to become an LLC; work with Doug Watson in setting up the EYJA; research and book our new site for Juggle Jam 8; renew our tradition of performing in gigs; and take over organization of our IJA Festival group, not to mention all of her long-term efforts at coodinating parent volunteers, producing our annual Juggle Jam, and serving as our resident Webmaster and graphic designer. Whereas Paul is on the frontline of direct work with the Jugheads at least five days a week, Wendy is the essential anchor in everything behind-the-scenes. Just as Wendy gets exhausted in subbing for Paul for even a single afternoon, Paul had formerly been bogged down in "office" details. The efforts of each frees the other to excel at their strengths.

The Physical Move
Saturday, May 28, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

On May 28, the JH Officers and parent volunteers will gather at ECC to haul out all of our inventory. After our half-mile journey to CP, we'll organize our stuff into two main areas: the basement snack area (and service counter) and the JH Office in the gym. In addition to moving and organizing, some will create signs articulating the policies for our new space, and others will brainstorm for how to most efficiently use our spaces on a daily basis. Any are welcome to help with our move and set-up; please RSVP to Paul so he can assign you to a main job. Lunch will be provided at Noon for our work crew. The morning is our main work time, but we'll keep setting up and organizing throughout the afternoon, including shopping trips and bonus juggling time for our workers.

See JUGHEADS JOURNAL MAY EXTRA for more information on our new location.

Bulletin Board

  • JUGHEADS JOURNAL "EXTRA" ATTACHED: Please read and save the attached tan supplement to this May newsletter. It contains vital information for our upcoming move to Colony Park Church, including a map; preliminary logistics and policies of our daily Jughead life there; our two-week "preview" period May 31-June 10; and long-term transportation options. A more thorough brochure will be distributed in August.
  • EDINA YOUTH JUGGLING ASSOCIATION (EYJA): Most of you saw the ad in the Juggle Jam 7 program regarding the EYJA. The efforts at forming a board of directors and beginning fundraising are just getting started. If any parents are interested in participating EYJA, please contact Doug Watson at 952.829.5349.
  • QUAD CITIES TEAM NOTES: 1) Our May 17 meeting covered our Code of Conduct, room and van assignments, and the festival schedule. One last send-off meeting will take place at the Cain residence in Edina on Monday, July 11 at 7 pm. 2) Your Jughead's trip balance (totaling $700 payable to JUGHEADS, LLC) is due by June 17. 3) Jugheads desiring to perform in the Youth Showcase should contact Paul. He will make recommendations to the director, David Groth.
  • OFFICERS' PARTY: Saturday, June 11 from 5-11 p.m.
  • ULTIMATE CLUB: Look for a memo on our June 3 Drive-In, summer gigs, and standards for next year's Team.
  • SUMMER CAMPS: 9-5 pm on June 13-15; 9-Noon and 1-4 from June 16-July 15 (except July 4). Several punchcard options. See summer registration.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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