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JUGHEADS Journal October, 2005

Settling in Update
Notes on residing at Colony Park Church

It's hard to believe that only a year ago this month we began planning for our necessary move from the Edina Community Center due to the referendum-approved construction plan that displaced us from our original juggling home. Our first four months at Colony Park Church have exceeded our expectations! Here are a few highlights:

  • Use of multiple rooms throughout each club and camp day
  • Use of the beautiful and spacious lawn for yard games/juggling
  • Continual accessibility to our entire equipment stash due to the reliability of our spaces each week
  • A spacious office for organization and private conferences
  • Warm reception from the staff and members of Colony Park Church, including trust and autonomy given to us

The list could go on! Already, the question has come up about what we'll do next year. While returning to ECC could still be a possibility, our experience at CPC so far has been so positive that staying in our new home is the very likely decision. (More on that as we approach the spring.) For now, here are three bullet points which will serve you either as reminders or updates on how we can be the best tenants possible in our new juggling home:

  • Whenever parking to enter the church, please use the parking lot rather than 56th St. This reduces traffic congestion on the street and will be a large courtesy to our residential neighbors. The street should really only be used for briefly pulling up to the curb (preferably westbound along the church's property) so that your Jughead(s) can see you from our gym's windows. When using the parking lot, you may enter/exit through the church's main doors.
    o Jugheads have been doing a good job with maintaining cleanliness. Let's keep it up! Except for water, no food or beverages are allowed outside of the tiled area in Friendship Hall (the basement), and Jugheads are expected to clean up wrappers, excessive crumbs, spills, and of course, juggling equipment.
  • The standards for our Elite and Ultimate Clubs are posted on the outer door of the JH office. Since self-direction and "continuous progress" is key to being a Jughead, kids should refer to these standards for daily motivation to improve. Goal-oriented Jugheads are less likely to be idle.
  • Please e-mail Paul with any further comments or questions regarding our company's life in our new space.

Release Day Camps
No-school juggling=Quick progress

Juggling camps give a LARGE boost in juggling ability to Jugheads of all levels. Most kids needing those last few (or first few) standards for Elite or Ultimate Club achieve them at a morning or afternoon juggling camp, and often times, routines are created and polished and new friends are made and strengthened. Fall juggling camps will be held October 20-21 and November 21-23 from 9-Noon (focused on beginners/intermediates) and 1-4 (focused on advanced/experts). An all-day juggling camp will be held on Monday, October 24 from 9-5 for Elite/Ultimate Jugheads (and focused Rec.-level Jugheads) with Subway included. More all-day juggling camps will be offered in January and February as well as half-day camps over Edina's spring break. NOTE: Jugheads signing up for half-day camps (9-Noon or 1-4) may opt to attend all day one day instead of attending two mornings or afternoons.

Essential Assistance
Key youth help with coaching, chores

As JUGHEADS began to expand its age range one year at a time (our original 1994 roster had 4th-6th graders only), there naturally developed an in-house mentorship among the kids. Along with our expansion of age range and enrollment, the concept of student assistants for nearly every club has been formalized. With the incentive of earning tuition for club membership or trips, student assistants are treated like employees and are distinct from tuition-paying members of any given club. Whereas assistants were formerly only assigned to Rec. Clubs, both Elite Clubs now have committed assistants. Although these outstanding Jugheads are clearly a big help for Paul, performing tasks ranging from passing instruction and trick workshops to floor sweeping and garbage duty, they're also receiving on-the-job training and discovering good work ethic by immersing in a new role in a familiar environment. As you see fit, please encourage these assistants with specific examples of how they've helped your Jughead's development or even how you've observed the assistant being a "Number One Worker"--that is, an initiator of tasks rather than someone who needs continual direction.

CLUB SPOTLIGHT: Monday Rec. Club
These Jugheads like to "Mess Around"

Entering its 5th year this month, the Monday Rec. Club is the youngest arm of the JH Youth Juggling Co. With 23 members, MR has the youngest average age of membership. Just like their routine set to Ray Charles music for Juggle Jam 7, this club ranges from chaotic silliness to raw determination and focus. Enjoying their own little community of peers is as rewarding as their weekly records, and this club is a reminder that JUGHEADS is for the eager novice as much as for the emerging professional.

Bulletin Board

  • WELCOME TO NEW JUGHEADS: Joe Reichling (Mon. Rec. 4th grader); Mara Moettus (Girls' Elite 7th grader); Daria Brosius (Girls' Elite 7th grader).
  • CAMP CORRECTION: The summary section on your orange juggling camp sheet (attached to September's newsletter) mistakenly priced Thanksgiving week's three-day juggling camps at $35. The amount for Thanksgiving camps should be $50, as stated on the description of each camp on the front side. All camps are also listed on jugheads.com.
  • ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY: Mark the date for our annual party from 4-10 pm on December 3!
  • JUGGLE JAM JAMMED: Ever had a paper jam? Right now, unfortunately, we have a Juggle Jam "Jam"--the dates and location are both stuck. Due to being bumped from our space at Hopkins HS Auditorium, we are currently looking into other space and date options. If you have any connections to a great Juggle Jam auditorium space for one of the first three weekends in May, please contact Wendy. We will e-mail the new dates and location as soon as they are finalized.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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