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JUGHEADS Journal November, 2005

Ultimate Club Banquet
2nd annual event honors top Jugheads

On Friday, October 14, Wendy Arneberg planned and hosted our second annual banquet for our JH Ultimate Club. Although the climax of the banquet was the awarding of varsity letters earned through Edina High School, the event was a celebration of the Ultimate Club as a whole. Toward that end, Wendy created a slide show with a progression of photos of each member from every Juggle Jam they've been in, and Paul Arneberg spoke of the character traits that make each youth unique on the 20-member team. The EHS letter winners honored for 2004-2005 were: 10th graders Ryan Towey and Asher Wallen-Friedman; 11th graders Anna Kutkiewicz, Sofia Meyer, Selby Shlosberg, Billy Watson and Kelvin Ying; and 12th graders Jill Koralewski and Lauren Rice. Eight of these kids returned to Ultimate Club this year, which makes them eligible to letter 1-3 more time(s)! As a special debut honor, Scott Richter joined these nine letter winners in being presented the first-ever JUGHEADS juggling letter. The standards are the same, but a JH letter can be earned by Ultimate Club members who are not students in 9th-12th grade in Edina Public Schools.

The banquet also featured DVD footage by Jeff Shosberg highlighting our summer trip to the IJA Festival in Davenport, IA. Included were some IJA Games (with several wins earned by Jugheads) and The Swing Sisters and Scott Richter in the Teams and Juniors Championships, respectively. Colony Park Church proved once again to be an ideal location for our banquet, offering use of their industrial kitchen and cozy Fireside Parlor. With help from Adys, Genevieve, Natalie, Mary M., Carol, Mary W., and Darcy, Wendy cooked three kinds of soup (chicken wild rice, tomato bisque, and chili) and served salad, cider, appetizers, and Patrick's French Bakery desserts.

Traffic Etiquette
Dos and Don'ts for driving to/from JH

In my original "Extra" newsletter last May regarding our move to Colony Park Church, I offered two equal choices for commuting to JH at the church: park on 56th St. or the parking lot when dropping off or picking up your kids. Last month (Oct. 2005), I revised that policy by requesting that parents only use 56th St. if briefly pulling up to the curb (preferably westbound, along the church's property); High school students or others parking for a juggling club should park in the lot rather than on 56th St. This policy now stands, but I want to specify a few guidelines for "Traffic Etiquette" (both car and foot) for the harmony of our relationship both to the neighborhood and to the church:

  1. Use of the parking lot is encourged at any time to reduce traffic congestion on 56th St. This is especially advised once snowbank season starts on 56th St. (Ever try to get out of the passenger side when pulled close to a snowbank?) As stated earlier, using the parking lot is required if the driver needs to enter the building.
  2. When using the parking lot, please walk around the building to the south entrance. This avoids excessive traffic through the main hallways of the church, especially since JH is based in the south end. This "sidewalk" habit is a year-round courtesy to the church since there is no fulltime custodian.
  3. If using 56th St. for drop-off or pick-up, please try to pull up along the westbound side of the street along the church's property. This avoids pulling up along residential lawns. Furthermore, as the sidewalk will certainly be shoveled, using the westbound side of 56th St. will solve the problem of passengers exiting into a snowbank. Exit onto the walk instead.
  4. DO NOT USE RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAYS TO TURN AROUND. Driveways are private property and should be avoided at all times. Drive around the block (using Lexington, Tower or 58th Sts.) if you need to turn around your vehicle.

The Last Word: The Elders of Colony Park Church are the overseers that have set these policies in place. Therefore, anyone taking issue with these policies should contact Rick Stempel, Elder Board Chair and Wed. Rec. parent, at Rick@Stempellaw.com, or Pastor Pat Phinney at pat@colonypark.org.

Quality increases; traditions continue

Boys' Elite is a benchmark and mainstay for many boys who pass through membership as Jugheads. The standards required for entry are getting tougher every year, but these boys have risen to the occasion. Recently, they participated in two 90-minute contests of 5-Ball Endurance, during which each boy was assigned an overall rank of 5-ball ability. Many records were achieved through those endurance contests, and the average 5-ball record for these 24 boys is now 475.375 catches! That represents a lot of hard work and excellence through objective goals and healthy competition. In addition to such collective feats, these boys love touch football and dodge ball as competitve diversions to juggling. Whether training for Ultimate Club or simply enjoying Tuesday afternoons as a highlight of their week, Boys' Elite Club is an important priority in the lives of these boys.

JH Community News

  • WELCOME TO NEW JUGHEAD Lauren H. to Wednesday Rec.!
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Slater & Lise Crosby, on the birth of Mia Estelle. Mia weighed 8 lbs., 4 oz. In addition to expanding their family, the Crosbys have a new youth-related business venture called The Little Gym, serving 4 month olds through 12 year olds. Go to www.tlgedinamn.com or e-mail Slater at scrosby@thelittlegym.com for more information.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Christopher (Wed. Rec. 7th grader) and Joey (Wed. & Thurs. Rec. 7th grader), for achieving all of the Boys' Elite standards!
  • THE ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY is on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 5-9 p.m. at the York Plaza Party Room (7230 York Ave. S.). Please sign up via the attached invitation by Dec. 1.
  • WINTER CLUB REGISTRATION has begun! See attached form to take advantage of earlybird discounts by 12/16/05.
  • MONDO JuggleFest is February 24-26 in St. Paul, MN. Look for registration info. with January's JOURNAL.
  • MARCH RECITAL: Friday, March 10, 2006 is our first annual JUGHEADS recital! The event was briefly described in an e-mail to JH parents on 11/8; more details to follow.
  • JUGGLE JAM 8: Locations and dates are still being researched. We'll announce them as soon as we decide...again.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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