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JUGHEADS Journal December, 2005

Officer Team
Student Leaders Serve Peers, Program

Founded in January 2001 as a formal way to help Paul direct the annual Juggle Jam, the JH Officer Team has now expanded year-round meetings, nurturing student leadership and input into every aspect of the JH Youth Juggling Co. Kicked off by an 8-hour mini-retreat in September, this 10-member team of 7th-11th grade youth meets from 9-Noon one Saturday per month (except July and August). Despite the odd hours for a group of adolescents, meetings have exceptional attendance and participation, allowing these kids to develop as leaders and each aspect of JH to be represented in formal decision-making and visionary processes. Whereas officers were formerly elected by their peers, we moved to an application system in 2004-2005, requiring each officer candidate to articulate in writing their qualifications, experience, and vision for helping to lead our company. All Jugheads are encouraged to look to this team of their peers for guidance and to offer suggestions for everything ranging from Juggle Jam routines to snack time policies. 2005-2006 Officers are: 11th graders Sofia, Scott, Selby, Billy, Kelvin; 9th graders Nate and Hanna; 8th graders Caitie and Amanda; and 7th grader Colin.

First Annual JH Recital
March 10 marks "opportunity show"

Mark your calendar for Friday, March 10 and our first annual JUGHEADS recital at the Hopkins High School Auditorium! The director for this inaugural event is 11th grade Officer, Assistant and Ultimate Club member Kelvin (see his article in our inaugural youth "Forum"). The vision is to have a late winter event where any solo or ensemble act may perform for an appreciative audience in order to gain performance experience and confidence. Compared to our Juggle Jam tradition, this new recital concept will be a "bare bones" production (e.g., no club routines and no fancy lighting), but it will be a legitimate performance experience nonetheless. We're excited to expand our in-house performance opportunities, especially since Juggle Jam auditions are highly competitive. The only requirement to participate in this recital is to sign up, complete a routine, and preview it for Paul or Kelvin by March 3, 2006.

Winter Tuition Due
Register now for January 9-March 31

The weekly club tuition payment plan for JH correlates to seasons: Sept.-Dec.; Jan.-March; April-June. The cost of each club may vary due to school release days. (See attached registration form for winter juggling camps!) If you register by check on or before Friday, Dec. 16, please remember to reduce each club's tuition by $20 for your earlybird discount. Also note that Jugheads may not attend their respective winter club(s) until registered. Below is a guide to the code and amount for the club(s) in which your child(ren) are members. You may sign up via the attached form (mail it to the JH Home Office or drop it off at the JH Gym Office) or online (www.jugheads.com) or by simply giving a check to Paul made out to JUGHEADS, LLC.

Monday Rec. | 06WNTR-MON $150*
Boys' Elite | 05WNTR-BOYS $180
H.S. Club | 06WNTR-HS1X $18 (1 time) | 06WNTR-HSPASS $180 (12 weeks)
Wednesday Rec. | 05WNTR-WED $180
Thursday Rec. | 05WNTR-THURS $180
Ultimate Club | 05WNTR-ULTI $180
Girls' Elite | 05WNTR-GIRLS $150**
*There is M.R. Club on 1/30, an Edina release day for gr. 6-12.
**Due to an Ultimate Club juggling trip to MadFest (see below), there will be no Girls' Elite Club on Friday, January 13, 2006.

2006 Juggling Fests
MadFest, MONDO & IJA are coming up!

Although more will be written in January regarding St. Paul's MONDO Fest and July's IJA Fest in Portland, OR, here are some quick takes regarding the three big JH trips in 2006:

  • MADFEST will take place January 13-15 in Madison, WI. Only members of the Ultimate Club and select Jugheads training for Ultimate Club are eligible to attend. See Paul for a registration form; you must sign up by Dec. 15.
  • MONDO is a tradition for many Jugheads, giving about 50 of them an all-day experience of a full-blown juggling festival. This year, MONDO is the last weekend of February. The Ultimate Club will attend together on the evening of Friday, Feb. 24, and the larger group of Jugheads will attend on Saturday, Feb. 25 from about 8:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. See sign-up in January.
  • THE IJA FESTIVAL will take place July 17-23 in Portland, OR. Jugheads with at least half (but preferably 75%) of the Ultimate Club technical standards are eligible to attend with our group. A choice of two mandatory info. meetings will be held in January (tentatively 1/19 and 1/24 at 6 p.m. in Colony Park's sancutary) for any Jughead considering going on the trip with us. It's our 11th annual excursion to the IJA Festival, and it represents the crowning experience (along with our own Juggle Jam, of course) for many kids who count JH as a serious commitment.

Honed Identity: High-level focus

Created in the fall of 2001 as a means to give high school Jugheads an alternative to after school clubs, High School Club has gone from lack of vision and hit-and-miss attendance (based on punchcards) to a relied-upon club attended by eight members of Ultimate Club. Simply put, this is now a club like any other, except for its informality and size. The average ability level among this students is extraordinarily high, yet conversations, laughter and reviews of old juggling videos are just as likely to take place as are records and new routine choreography.

JH Community News

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Broderick (Thur. Rec. 7th grader & 5th year Jughead) and Ann (Girls' Elite 10th grader & 7th year Jughead)! They each recently achieved the last of their equally difficult standards for their respective Elite Clubs (Boys' and Girls').
  • WELCOME TO NEW JUGHEAD Alexandre (2nd grader) to Monday Rec. Club!
  • THE JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY was once again a smashing success--though thankfully, not literally! Despite the fact that 100 Jugheads converged on the newly renovated Party Room at York Plaza Apartments in Edina, things were under control while our kids of all ages had a blast. Movies, DDR, board games, video games, juggling, and lots of food made the evening well-rounded and once again cherished by the youth who have come to love the age range of their JUGHEADS community who so enjoy wholesome fun and friendships.
  • CONDOLENCES to the Lovdal Family (Rich & Jori; Christopher, Natalie) at the loss of father/grandfather, Verne "Skip" Goodmanson. A long-time Edina resident, church business administrator, father of three, grandfather of seven, and husband of one, Mr. Goodmanson was honored by pastors from three different churches along with his grandson, Chris (who read Scripture) in a wonderful funeral on Dec. 6 celebrating his life and faith.
  • WINTER ALL-DAY CAMPS will take place Jan. 16, 30, Feb. 17 and 20, all 9-5 p.m., incl. lunch. See attached form to register.
  • SPRING BREAK CAMPS may be cancelled due to low projected attendance. E-mail Wendy if you want/need camps over Edina's Spring Break, April 3-7.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

Paul's Platform: "Happy Old Year! Hopeful New Year!"