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JUGHEADS Journal January, 2006

Settling In Update 2
Tweaking of Etiquette & Expectations

The last time this column reviewed and tweaked policies for our new space at Colony Park Church was October 2005. Issues outlined were parking (pick-up & drop-off of kids, with a follow-up column in November); cleanliness (cleaning up snack & props); and standards (self-motivated continuous progress based on posted objective goals). This month, we'll focus on three more general areas: checking in, update on cleanliness, and departure.

  • CHECKING IN: The Jugheads have a routine when arriving after school or in the evening: go downstairs, use the coat hooks and shelves in the hall for coats and backpacks, and then either eat snack or go upstairs to juggle. In the evenings, this procedure is a little less clear, as Paul is usually having dinner at 6 p.m. in his office in the middle of his double-club days. Regardless of what day or time, here is a simple policy for all kids to follow: upon arrival at club, find Paul (not an assistant) and check in. JUGHEADS is responsible for our youth from the moment they walk in the church building until the time they leave, and Paul needs to be aware of each youth as he or she arrives. No lingering in the bathroom or going directly to an empty room. The snack room or the gym/Paul's office should be the first or 2nd stop as each Jughead arrives. This ensures safety and accountability of all of us involved here on a daily basis.
  • SNACK CLEAN-UP: Things are getting better, but the Officers report that across the board, most club groups are sloppy about simple tasks such as throwing away wrappers, disposing of uneaten soup in the toilet bowl (not the sink), and pouring out excess beverages before recycling the container. Since Paul and our student leadership perform all vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, garbage and recycling for our areas, each Jughead's cooperation is crucial for the ongoing cleanliness and stewardship of the areas entrusted to us. [NOTE: Feedback is welcome about how Paul can or should mandate reduction of soda and other junk food and promote (mandate?) more whole foods.]
  • DEPARTURE: As we're now entering the four-month season of Juggle Jam planning, choreography, and rehearsals, it is important for after school Jugheads to stay until 5:30 p.m. whenever possible (8:45 p.m. for Ultimates). As each member leaves, he or she should inform Paul, an assistant, or an officer so that we know they're leaving. This is especially applicable to Jugheads who release themselves in order to walk, bike, carpool, or drive home.

Juggle Jam 8: Richfield!
Neighboring HS to host us May 12-13

It's official! The location for Juggle Jam 8 is (drumroll please)...Richfield High School! After a scheduling conflict at Hopkins High School forced us to explore other venues, Richfield was chosen due to ceiling height, seating, and affordable rent. The dates for Juggle Jam 8 are Friday and Saturday, May 12-13, with mandatory all-cast dress rehearsals on the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday, May 3-4. Thanks to parents who offered suggestions and officers who scouted our location options.

JH Recital: 8 weeks away!
New acts encouraged to perform

Attached to December's Journal was a Forum written by Officer Kelvin Ying (EHS Junior) describing the benefits of any Jughead choreographing a routine. Friday, March 10 at Hopkins High School is the perfect place for a polished but not necessarily prominent Jughead act to perform for an appreciative crowd. Juggle Jam has become extremely competitive--mainly acts from Ultimate Club make it--but this upcoming recital at least doubles the opportunity for some of our up-and-coming performers who haven't the polish or experience to earn a Juggle Jam spot. E-mail/call Kelvin (aussie_music_man@yahoo.com; 952-929-1567) for more info. or to request a "screening" of a potential act.

Changing of the Vans
JUGHEAD makes way for JUGBUS

Over Thanksgiving, the Arnebergs flew to visit Paul's sister's family, the Larreas, in Miami, FL. Other than spending an otherwise chilly holiday in the warm tropics, enjoying fellowship with Jean & Ernie, Anthony, Cristina, Marcus, Joshua, Nathan, and Elisabeth, the trip served a business purpose: driving home the donation of a 15-passenger Ford Club Wagon! The Larreas purchased it in 1997 when all nine of them (Andre went home to be with the Lord in 2002) made daily use of the large vehicle. Our JH officers were the first Jugheads to make use of our new "JUGBUS" (the license plate idea of 7th grade Jughead Mark) in prep. for last month's Holiday Party, and we drove it to MadFest this month as well. Gigs, Sam's Club runs, MONDO, and other needs will be met by this gift. The Larreas consider themselves an honorary JH family, despite their 1842.5 mile commute! We thank them and God for their love and generosity.

2006 Juggling Fests
MONDO sign-up; IJA Fest meetings

MONDO is coming up Feb. 24-26! Ultimate Club will attend on Friday evening, and the larger group of 50-60 Jugheads will attend all day/evening on Saturday. See attached registration.
THE IJA FESTIVAL will take place July 17-23 in Portland, OR. It's our 11th annual excursion to the IJA Festival; the trip is designed for Ultimate Club members and those with 50-75% of the standards. A choice of two mandatory info. meetings will be held in January (1/24 and 2/2 at 6 p.m. in Colony Park's Friendship Hall--our snack room) for any Jughead considering going on the trip with us.

Unique mix makes large club a favorite

There's just something about this club: its history, its age range, its ability range, its mix of boys and girls, its spirit. Whatever it is, Wed. Rec. consistently has a waiting list and is our largest JH club, topping out at 35 members, two assistants and two officers. Known for their unique Juggle Jam group routines, this year's possibilities include Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and a juggling tribute to the Modern Ages (the past decade or three).

JH Community News

  • WELCOME to new Jugheads: William Merriam (Mon. Rec. 3rd grader; Brian Olson (Mon. Rec. 4th grader); and Tim Youtz (Monday Rec. 8th grader who turned 14 on Dec. 27)!
  • GOODBYE to "retirees" to Mitchell (Boys' Elite 9th grader) and Chase (Wed. Rec. 8th grader).
  • JUGGLE JAM 8: May 12-13 with dress rehearsals on Wed., 5/3, Thurs. 5/4 from 6:30-9 p.m. at Richfield High School. Saturday rehearsals at Colony Park Church will also be scheduled for specialty acts and our Portland Team. Mark the dates!
  • WINTER ALL-DAY CAMPS: Jan. 30, Feb. 17, Feb. 20; 9-5 p.m.; with lunch. Register on-line, by mail, or in person at JH.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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