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JUGHEADS Journal March, 2006

Juggle Jam 8 Update
Essential info. for 10-week countdown

  • SHOWS: Our shows are Friday and Saturday, May 12-13 in the Richfield HS Auditorium. Kids need to be there by 6 pm; doors for the audience open at 6:30; the show runs from 7-9:30.
  • CLUB REHEARSALS: Every club day until Juggle Jam is a full rehearsal (except May 3-4 for Wed. & Thurs. Rec.; see below). We'll complete club choreography in March; April will focus on our all-cast routines and running our club routines many times. Please stay at club rehearsals until at least 5:30 p.m.
  • ALL-CAST EVENING DRESS REHEARSALS are May 3-4 from 6:15-9:00 p.m. Wear club T-shirts on May 4 for our only large group photo. Let Paul know of tardies and absences. If needed, favor the second dress rehearsal on May 4. NOTE: In order to pace two straight evening rehearsals, there will be NO CLUB on Wed. or Thurs., May 3-4. Please use this "day off" to rest, do homework, and be on time/early to our crucial rehearsal nights in our new space at the Richfield H.S. Auditorium.
  • AUDITIONS: Any Jughead desiring to perform a solo or team routine for JJ8 needs to audition immediately after Spring Break on Monday or Tuesday, April 10 or 11 in Colony Park's gym. Every prospective act must fill out an application and turn it in by Friday, March 31. Talk to Paul or call Officer Kelvin Ying (952-929-1567) for more info. on audition standards/procedures.
  • TICKETS PACKETS will be distributed at clubs March 13-17. Jugheads who sell 10 or more tickets will receive incentive prizes ranging from a tin of mints to a private party. Family members, teachers, friends and fans come from all over the Twin Cities and even from out of state to see our annual Juggle Jam!
  • SLIDE SHOW PHOTO WEEK: All group and individual photos will take place March 13-17; make-ups March 20-24.
    COSTUMES: Club routines are embellished by character costumes: Monday Rec. summer campers; Boys' Elite Winter Olympians; Wed. Rec. Halloween costumes; Thurs. Rec. 90's theme; Girls' Elite raincoats and/or denim skirts. Distinction and effort trumps complexity and expense. Everyone also needs KHAKI shorts and JJ8 T-Shirts for the all-cast routines.
  • T-SHIRTS: Juggle Jam 8 T-shirts are included with spring tuition. Jugheads will receive a T-shirt for each Club in which they are a member. Kids should indicate their preferred size (youth or adult sizes are available) during clubs in March.

Spring Tuition Due
Earlybird deadline: March 24

The spring JH payment covers April 10-June 9 and includes a Juggle Jam 8 T-shirt. Please write the club code on checks payable to JUGHEADS, LLC (see also attached form).

Tradition vs. Nutrition
Efforts to promote better health at JH

Ever wonder how our JH snack room gets away with offering so much junk? To borrow a line from Tevye, "That I can tell you in one word: tradition." In 1995-'97, Paul volunteered his Saturdays to lead an extra juggling club while still employed at Wise Guys. The kids each contributed $10 and requested snacks & beverages (generally candy bars & pop) from Sam's Club to last a month. This snack-time tradition continued when we became independent in '98, but at least Paul encouraged discernment by requiring two items each day to be relatively "healthy" (e.g., nuts, water, string cheese, etc.). Fast forward to 2003: In order to combat the onset of a middle age physique, Paul began modifying his nutritional and exercise choices, inspired by: family physician and Wed. Rec. volunteer Dr. Mark Brancel; pro jugglers Dextre Tripp and Benji Hill; and nutrition expert Karen Hurd. Whole grains, high fiber, lean protein, and legumes were added to his fledgling nutritional habits. Pop, refined grains/sugars, and red meat were reduced.

Based on February's no-pop experiment at JH, pop will eventually be minimized and/or phased out, being offered only on special occasions. Whole grain items such as Clif Bars and Sun Chips will be promoted over candy bars and potato chips. Some "junk" will still be offered, but hopefully offset by apples, carrots, yogurt, nuts and cheese. (NOTE: Previous attempts to promote whole foods have failed. New ideas will be phased in and evaluated, and our habits will hopefully be improved.)
These changes are from Paul's own convictions, not parent complaints. Stewardship of nutritional health should be promoted here. Yes, JH is like a party, but juggling is also a sport. Nutrition has a lot to do with a person's health, mood and performance, and it's time that JH promotes better choices.

CLUB SPOTLIGHT: Girls' Elite Club
Remarkable improvement this year

This club is making a comeback! After several years of relatively low attendance, this year's club roster boasts 24 girls in grades 4-12. Living up to their club name, there has been a marked improvement in the overall technical juggling ability of Girls' Elite this year, ranging from 9th grade rookie Lizzy Meller mastering club tricks/passing to veterans achieving Ultimate Club standards nearly every week. Always reliable for a cohesive, artistic group routine for Juggle Jam, this year's two-part act features the songs "It's Raining Men" and "We Got the Beat" with choreography by Officers Sofia and Hanna and JJ8 Producer Wendy Arneberg.

Bulletin Board

  • WELCOME to new Thursday Rec. 7th grader Drew Iverson!
  • CONDOLENCES to the McNairy Family (Scott, Nancy Herbst; Joe, Ellie) at the loss of mother/grandmother Doris McNairy. Mrs. McNairy passed away in February at age 86.
  • THE JUGHEADS WINTER SHOWCASE is Friday, March 10, Hopkins H.S. @ 7 p.m. for FREE! Support our Jugheads!
  • ELIGIBLE 2005-'06 LETTER-WINNERS: Applications are due by Friday, April 21. An application doesn't guarantee lettering, but it starts the formal process and reveals gaps in standards.
  • PORTLAND IJA FEST UPDATE: The team is set! We're looking into booking flights in the next week.
  • MARCH/APRIL OFFICERS & PARENT PLANNING COMMITTEE: Saturday, March 11 and Saturday, April 15. These are important meetings to tie together any and all loose ends as we approach Juggle Jam 8!
  • SUMMER CAMPS: 9-5 pm on June 12-13; 9-Noon and 1-4 from June 14-July 14 (except July 3-4). Several punchcard options. Download Registration form.
  • BIRTHDAYS: Brian Olson, 10 on 3/6; Nate Martin, 15 on 3/7; Brett Huntley, 10 on 3/9; Jenna Klein, 15 on 3/10; Kelsey Harr, 18 on 3/12; Rory Bade, 11 on 3/17; Juliana Severson, 9 on 3/17; Maggie Armstrong, 12 on 3/18; Hannah Samuelson, 13 on 3/24.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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