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JUGHEADS Journal April, 2006

Juggle Jam 8 Checklist
Final Logistics/Etiquette Info. Attached

There is too much information to review/outline and fit into this column, so the extensive 2-sided Juggle Jam 8 Final Memo on logistics and etiquette for all Jugheads is attached to this Journal. All Jugheads should have rehearsal/performance dates firmly in mind, but also please remember the often-neglected areas of acquiring or making special costumes and props that will enhance all of our club routines. If every Jughead knows the contents of the yellow Final Memo, we will have shorter meetings and more time to rehearse on club days and dress rehearsal nights. Note: A last-minute Saturday rehearsal has been scheduled for the Ultimate Club (for "Summon the Heroes"): April 22 from 9-Noon in Colony Park's gym.

The Brave & Polished

8 Specialty Acts Passed April Auditions

A significant portion of Juggle Jam 8 will involve just a few brave Jugheads bearing the weight of the spotlight between our massive group routines. Jugheads submitted written applications in March in order to audition on April 10-11 for "specialty acts" (solo, duet, or ensemble). As each act auditioned, seven auditors assigned point values (60% for Entertainment Value and 40% for Technical Ability). Each act was also videotaped for later review and offered immediate feedback by the panel. After the last audition, each auditor ranked all of the acts and compiled the rankings into a master ranking, by which acts were chosen for the show. Each act has musical, artistic, technical and stylistic distinctions, providing a delightful contrast to the large group routines spread throughout the show. Special thanks are due to Audition Panel Jackie Peterson, Scott Purser, Penny Tesarek, Dave Walbridge, and Tuey Wilson who volunteered two nights to assist Paul & Wendy in deciding on the final acts. (Check out jugheads.com for results and panel bios.)

Summer Camps

Five weeks at Colony Park Church

Summer is a prime time for veteran Jugheads to achieve long-standing goals and beginners to "catch the juggling bug." (Our registration form is available in our JH entry way or on www.jugheads.com.) NOTES: 1) Kids choosing to juggle in the morning and the afternoon any day may bring a lunch and stay over the Noon hour with Paul. 2) Many Jugheads take advantage of the summer "punchcard" option, allowing them to come to camp any time (except the Ultimate All-Day Camps June 12-13). 3) Any current Jughead (regardless of camp attendance) may juggle with us in Edina's Independence Day parade on July 4! Sign up with Paul.

EYJA Enters 2nd Year
Chairman Doug Watson gives update

"Parents: Consider a Tax Deductible Donation to the EYJA to Support Youth Juggling in the Community. The mission of the Edina Youth Juggling Association (EYJA) is to support and promote the positive development of youth through the art and sport of juggling. Through the EYJA, you can help support the dynamic impact juggling is making in our youth. Donations help fund auditorium space rental, equipment for competitive performance teams, special workshop instructors, costumes for groups, and much more. To date the EYJA has raised over $2000 and provided sponsorship fees of over $1000 for the Winter Showcase and Juggle Jam 8.

Contribution options:

  1. By check, payable to Edina Community Center / for EYJA (mail to Edina Community Foundation, 5280 Grandview Square, Edina, MN, 55436), or
  2. Through your company's United Way Campaign (designate: Edina Community Foundation / for EYJA).

For more info. or other ways to support the EYJA, contact board member Doug Watson (mwats@mn.rr.com or 952-829-5349) or board members Cindy Morris, Ruth Regnier, Tom Richter, Jeff Shlosberg, or Danny Ying. The EYJA is not affiliated with JUGHEADS, LLC.
Youth Jugglers: Consider Requesting an EYJA Grant to Cover Qualified Juggling Costs. The EYJA has limited funds available to provide grants for youth juggling. For more info. on grant requests or to obtain a grant application, please contact one of the EYJA board members."


Varsity-level club expands focus, identity

From 2001-2004, the Ultimate Club took a focused, one-size-fits-all approach to weekly rehearsals and annual goals. Under the professional guidance of Dextre Tripp and the student leadership of Billy and Kelvin, this team made it to the finals of three consecutive IJA Teams Championships, earning bronze medals in 2003 (Reno) and 2004 (Buffalo). Last year, Ultimate Club was re-evaluated, and now this club has a much broader focus. Rather than rehearsing all together every week, each member has more autonomy and more responsibility to work on his or her own specialty acts and long-term goals. The result is that we have at least three teams preparing for the 2006 IJA Teams Championships in Portland, with another 2-3 acts vying for the Juniors Championships. 17 of this club's 21 members are in high school, all of whom are eligible to letter through Edina H.S. and/or JH. You'll see this team in action together in their new Juggle Jam routine, "Summon the Heroes."

Bulletin Board

  • ULTIMATE CLUB MEMBERS: Eligible letter-winners need to turn in an application by Friday, April 21. Consult with Paul about achieving any remaining standards by July 31.
  • CONGRATS to Jack, 7th grader of Thurs. Rec. Club, for recently achieving all of the standards for Boys' Elite Club!
  • SCHOOL TALENT SHOWS were graced by Jugheads last month! At Valley View M.S., two Thursday Rec. 7th grade Jugheads, Ian and Jack, braved the pressure of performing for peers, reprising their solos from our JH Winter Showcase. Two of their clubmates, 7th graders Drew and Jackson, debuted solos in their New Hope middle school. At Minnetonka M.S. West, Ultimate Club sibs Amanda (8th grader) and Scott (11th grader) debuted their new "Grease" duet. Scott also graced the Minnetonka HS talent contest with his "Pirates of the Caribbean" solo as Jack Sparrow, as seen in the 2005 IJA Juniors Finals. These Jugheads stretched comfort zones, improved performance skills, and inspired and entertained their audiences.
  • SUMMER CAMPS: 9-5 pm on June 12-13; 9-Noon and 1-4 from June 14-July 14 (except July 3-4). Several punchcard options. Download Registration form.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail wendyarneberg@comcast.net to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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