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JUGHEADS Journal September, 2006

Reaching Up & Reaching Out
Unique Youth Haven enters 13th year

Welcome to another school year! JUGHEADS (JH) is in full swing after our half-summer's rest. Our motto, "Developing Youth Through Juggling Since 1994," comes with two basic goals: helping kids to reach up with high goals and long-term efforts to achieve those goals (both technical standards and personal character/relationonal development) and to reach out with their gifts for the sake of others, both as elementary/middle/secondary students and as adults for the rest of their lives.

JH is a special place. That isn't a statement of conceit, but rather a collective observation made over the years by many of the youth who have been and continue to be involved here. If you are a new family representing one or more of our 22 "rookie" Jugheads, I especially welcome you with the hope that you are pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth with which your child(ren) will be affected by their membership here. If you are a returning family, thank you for your continued involvement, allowing the Arnebergs to team with you for the development of your children.

This is only our 2nd year of having active Jugheads in their senior year of high school. For this and other fun facts, please enjoy the statistical sampling below in order to glimpse the well-rounded demographics of our company roster as it continues to mature.

Numbers Juggling '06-'07

Total number of active Jugheads: 131

  • 3rd Graders: 6
  • 4th Graders: 5
  • 5th Graders: 25
  • 6th Graders: 15
  • 7th Graders: 11
  • 8th Graders: 30
  • Freshmen: 11
  • Sophomores: 17
  • Juniors: 5
  • Seniors: 6
  • Average Jughead Grade: 7.37th grade
  • Boys: 91 (69.5%); Girls: 40 (30.5%)Sets of Siblings: 24 (totaling 50 Jugheads)
  • Average Years of Past JH Experience (0-8): 2.75
  • Edina Public School students: 110 (84%)
  • Non-E.P.S. Students: 21 (16%)
  • # of Cities of Residence: 10 (Bloomington, Edina, Hopkins, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, New Hope, Plymouth, Richfield, St. Anthony Park, and Shorewood).

Portland Report

Jugheads in the City of Roses '06

Among our many JH traditions, large and small, the one that comes close to matching the scale and planning of our spring Juggle Jam is our summer excursion to the International Jugglers' Association (I.J.A.) Festival. This was our 11th annual trip, this year in Portland, OR from July 17-23. Wendy Arneberg, who organized our entire trip, also wrote a nifty press release for the Edina Sun-Current (still available to read online,, so details here will be a bit more succinct. As you may have read in that article, the Jugheads had a very strong showing in the Joggling, Extreme Juggling, Games, and Numbers Championships; here are a few more details on the public performances by our contingent of Jugheads in Portland.

  1. YOUTH SHOWCASE ACTS: Ben, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (Jill & Laura), Genetic Fallout (Scott & Amanda), Salt & Pepper (aka The Spice Boys, Sean & Brenden), Ryan T., and Wild & Rice (Kelsey & Lauren). Poor lighting early in the festival affected all of the acts in the show, but these polished youth maintained composure and still entertained despite the adverse setting.
  2. JUNIORS: Scott (Ultimate Club senior) made it into the finals of the Juniors Championships for the 2nd straight year, juggling as Willy Wonka from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Billy, completing an intensive, grueling 2.5 year effort of cross training, nutrition, and juggling 3-7 hours a day, earned the bronze medal--the only Jughead to ever medal in Juniors!
  3. TEAMS: Coming into Portland, a Jughead team had been in the Teams Finals five of the last six years. This year, three Jughead teams made the finals: Guava (Anna & Selby, making an historic 5th consecutive appearance in the Teams Finals), Les Filles (Sofia, Hanna& Sarah), and Swatch (aka The Billybots: Brett, Nate & Asher). Swatch had two drops and was awarded the Silver Medal (the first in JH Teams history) and had a standing ovation begin even before their routine was finished! Congratulations to all of the Portland Jugheads who put themselves on the line in a truly international setting, and contended with some of the best jugglers (adult & youth alike) in the world!
  4. CHAPERONES: Just as Juggle Jam is a team effort dependent on parent involvement, our IJA trip was once again buoyed by our parent chaperones. Katherine Carney, Diane Harr, Geri Martin and Darcy Wiklund volunteered a week of their time and a lot of their love to make our trip a success. From airport organization to our Willamette River Boat excursion to holding down the "prop camp" to many meals, auditions, shows, contests and conversations, these four ladies made the trip more personal and enjoyable for the 22 Jugheads in our group. THANK YOU!!!

More Summer News
Billy achieved runner-up in the semi-finals of the MN State Fair Amateur Talent Contest semi-finals on August 28! Other than the anomaly year in 2002 when both JH duets made it to the Grandstand finals (Billy & Kelvin and Andrew & Riley), our JH acts have been passed over for teens with "traditional" talents. Billy modified his bronze-medal Juniors performance for the Fair; he continues to juggle daily and he coaches two 10th grade Ultimates..

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