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JUGHEADS Journal October, 2006

2006-2007 JH Officers
Student Leaders Serve Our Company

Founded in January 2001 as a formal way to help Paul direct the annual Juggle Jam, the JUGHEADS (JH) Officer Team has now expanded to year-round meetings, nurturing student leadership and input into every aspect of JH. Last month, this 11-member team experienced its first-ever overnight leadership retreat held at Camp Lebanon. Team challenges, small- and large-scale brainstorming, and extended recreational bonding time allowed the leaders to immerse in thinking about the next year. In addition to participating in lively and productive discussions at our monthly meetings on Saturday mornings, Officers are expected to actively serve and represent their peers and act as model Jugheads on a daily basis. All Jugheads are encouraged to look to this team of their peers for guidance and to offer suggestions for everything ranging from Juggle Jam routines to snack time policies. Here are our 2006-2007 Officers (with "office" of responsibility): Seniors Sofia (Girls' Elite), Scott (Assistants), Selby (Ultimate Club) and Kelvin (Specialty Acts); Junior Ryan (Boys' Elite); Sophomores Ricky (Contests & Games), Hanna (Monday Rec.) and Sarah (Organization); 9th grader Amanda (Wed. Rec.); and 8th graders Colin (Thursday Rec.) and Jonny (Camps & Special Events).

Officer Voice: Kelvin
Editor's Note: Through next May, each issue of the JUGHEADS Journal will feature an officer voicing a vision or commentary on our company. Here is our Specialty Act Officer: 9th year Jughead and EHS Senior, Kelvin.

I remember a distant five years ago, when I first became a JH Officer. Back then, I was an "insignificant" little 7th grader among the 15 or so oldest Jugheads gathered there, the greatest youth jugglers I had ever known. Meetings were loud, with the rowdy 9th and 10th grade boys fighting for control of the floor while the girls sat by themselves and chatted. If you were quiet, you didn't get to say anything. These Saturday mornings were social times, with much babble and gossip accompanied by relatively little productive discussion, all of which would concern Juggle Jam only.

Things are different now.

These days, the Officer Team is a much tighter and overall more dedicated group of kids. Today's Officers hold anywhere from zero to five full years of experience on the team, and yet every member is treated equally. Fresh new ideas for every possible aspect of the company fill our Saturday mornings, bouncing between Officers in a lively discussion. Meetings are more orderly-each Officer gets a chance to speak, and debate is calm.

These Officers are deeply invested in the company. For us, JH is a defining aspect of our lives, something that has shaped the way we live. We have chosen to take our involvement to a higher level, striving to earn the respect of the Director as well as every other Jughead. This higher level is leadership, the decision to pave a new path and then persuade others to follow. And that is exactly what sets us Officers apart-We aren't just kids with a voice; we are leaders.

I am often asked about what goes on in the Officer Team. On one hand, it's a friendly and generous group of people; on the other hand, we're each responsible for our own office. On one hand, it's an amazingly fun experience; on the other hand, it's dang hard work. We Officers of the present day have fun, crack jokes, and laugh together. However, besides being friends, we also help each other to carry through with everyone's ideas. The team is a collaborative effort, and as a team, we ensure that our efforts make a difference.

Over the past couple years, the Officer Team has expanded to become a vital life force of the Jugheads. No longer are we a team only concerned with Juggle Jam; nowadays, we help to sustain and advance the entire company through our ideas and our assistance to Paul. We are the student leaders of the program, and a team that is dedicated to the development of the JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Co.

CLUB SPOTLIGHT: Monday Rec. Club
Extreme Makeover: New Wave of Jugheads!

Monday Rec. was created in October 2001 out of popular demand, causing JH to grow from about 100 to 120 youth involved on a weekly basis. Now in its 6th year, Monday Rec. has matured much despite the fact that it's the only club dominated by elementary school students. Social skills such as learning everyone's name and cleaning up snack and equipment are emphasized side-by-side witih progression of juggling skills, and the kids are held to high standards of effort in both areas. From a sheer crowd-control perspective, the high school assistants are absolutely essential, and they double as role models along with being Ultimate Club-level Jugheads who continually challenge the Monday Rec. kids to higher and more difficult goals. Of the 31 members of this club, fully NINETEEN (19!) are rookies, making for an exciting new wave of Jugheads who have the opportunity to potentially grow together as jugglers and friends for several years to come. Watch for rising stars from Monday Rec.!

Release Day Juggling Camps
No-school juggling=Quick progress

Attached to your September newsletter was the green registration form for all JH juggling camps through February. This fall, camps are offered October 19-20 and November 20-22 from 9-Noon and 1-4 p.m. An all-day juggling camp will be held on Monday, October 23 from 9-5 for all currently registered Jugheads (non-Jugheads if space permits) with lunch included. You may register online or via the form in the JH entryway.NOTE: Jugheads signing up for half-day camps (9-Noon or 1-4) may opt to attend all day one day instead of two half days.

Bulletin Board

  • WELCOME TO NEW JUGHEAD Elizabeth (Mon. Rec. 4th grader)! A very special welcome back to Jameson, Thursday Rec. 10th grader. Jameson and fellow sophomores Ricky and Brett were the first ever 3rd grade Jugheads in '99-'00. He's back after a 4-year hiatus, having originally been a Jughead for 3rd-5th grade.
  • CORRECTION: One important JH act was inadvertently omitted from September's Journal which chronicled our trip to Portland, OR in July. Wild & Rice (college freshmen Kelsey & Lauren) ended their JH career by performing their all-rings duet (as seen in our own Juggle Jam 8 in May) in the 9th annual IJA Youth Showcase in Portland on July 19.