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JUGHEADS Journal November, 2006

Ultimate Club Banquet
3rd annual event honors top Jugheads

On Saturday, October 14, Wendy Arneberg planned and hosted our 3rd annual Ultimate Club Banquet held at Colony Park Church. Although the climax of the banquet was the awarding of varsity letters earned through Edina High School, the event was a celebration of the Ultimate Club as a whole. Paul spoke of the unique character traits of last year's members and this year's rookies, and letters from our graduate letterwinners were read. The JUGHEADS & EHS letter winners honored for 2005-2006 were: 10th graders Ricky, Ben, Brett, Nate, Danny, David, and Riley; 11th graders Ryan M., Ryan T. and Asher; 12th graders Anna, Sofia, Selby, Billy and Kelvin; and graduates Kelsey and Lauren. Scott, Minnetonka senior, earned his second "JUGHEADS" letter as a non-EHS student.

The banquet also featured a surprise DVD supplied by the 2006 IJA Festival videographer, Alan Plotkin. The DVD allowed us a corporate viewing of our competition acts for the first time since Portland: Juniors Scott and Billy (Bronze); and Teams Guava (Anna & Selby), Les Filles (Sofia, Hanna & Sarah), and Swatch (Brett, Nate & Asher). Swatch received special recognition due to their unprecedented Silver Medal in IJA Teams Competition. With set-up and clean-up help from Katie Griep, Philippe LeCorre, Tammi Moore, Mitch & Darcy Wiklund, and Danny & Lai Ying, Wendy cooked the spaghetti dinner and desserts were donated by Philippe.

Officer Voice: Ryan T.
This is the 2nd in our student leader commentary series. Boys' Elite Officer Ryan is an EHS junior, 6th year Jughead, Juggle Jam 8 soloist.

Dear JUGHEADS Community,
To be able to write for all of JH is such a great honor. There are so many ways that JH has influenced my life; pinpointing it down to one thing is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. However, there is one part of JH that seems to be not only my favorite aspect, but a lot of other people's as well, and that is friendship. JH has been called a "home away from home" for some people. When you stop and think about that, you realize exactly how significant JH is for so many people. I know that school has never been easy and JH has always seemed like that home away from home for me in particular. JH is so unique in every aspect; there is no other place like it in the world. With all of the relationships built through hours of after school (and evening) fun, it's amazing what goes on: all of the JH parties, the routines and preparations for Juggle Jam (not just Juggle Jam itself), and so much more. I've grown so much through JH alongside some of my best friends and I'm so infinitely glad that JH is a part of my life. That is why I addressd this to the JH Community, because when it comes right down to it, we are just like a family. At JH, relationships and friendships do come first; juggling comes second. That is why, here at JH, the priorities have always been to develop youth through juggling. Sincerely, Ryan T.

Max Balls!
Jughead mom creates top-notch prop

Costume expert Carol Richter has a new business, and JH recently purchased a custom order of 120 (!) of her white ultra-leather juggling beanbags in three sizes for daily club use. Nicknamed "Mac" in high school, Carol first called the beanbags "Mac's Balls" but changed that to "Max Balls" as a homophone for her nickname and an indication of the balls' maximum quality. Max Balls make a perfect gift for any Jughead working on five or more balls and/or wanting to perform on their own. Contact Carol at jugglemaxballs@juno.com or 952-451-0900 to order. Order by 12/15 for guaranteed completion by Christmas.

Deep Bench focus: Contests & Games

This club is better than ever! Yet another standard was added to this club this year: qualifying 5 rings (10 catches)! Taking full advantange of the "deep bench" and hard work required by these boys to even make it into the club, several contests and games have already occurred this year: 5-ring standard testing; 7-club passing contest; 6-club speed passing contest; 5 ball tricks day; and 4 club endurance. Slowly, this club has developed into a club dominated by veteran high school students: fully 14 of the 25 boys are in 9th-11th grade. A training ground for current and future Ultimate Club Jugheads, Boys' Elite is a beehive of juggling (and occassionally recreational) activity every Tuesday

Church Building Reminders
Notes on residing at Colony Park Church

Here are three points on how we can be the best tenants possible at Colony Park Church (and sharers in the neighborhood):

  • Whenever possible, please use the parking lot rather than 56th St. The street should only be used for brief stops, preferably using the westbound side of the street.
  • Please use the south entrance for all JH clubs/camps.
  • Except for water, no food or beverages are allowed outside of the tiled area in Friendship Hall. Jugheads need to clean up wrappers, crumbs, spills, and juggling equipment.

JH Community News

  • WELCOME TO NEW JUGHEAD Jack (Normandale 5th grader) to Wednesday Rec.!
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Scott (Boys' Elite/Wed. Rec. 8th grader) and Silas (Boys' Elite 9th grader) for achieving their last technical standards for Ultimate Club! They are now 4th and 5th on the waiting list, following Brenden, Sean, and Christopher. All five boys are guaranteed a spot in the top club in '07.
  • THE ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY is on Saturday, Dec. 9 from 5-9 p.m. right in Colony Park Church. See attached info. sheet; please RSVP by Friday, Dec. 8.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to honorary Jughead Ben, 17-year-old nephew of Paul & Wendy, for receiving the Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America on 10/29/06! He is both the first Arneberg and first member of his troop (Troop72.com) to ever earn the Eagle Scout rank.
  • Juggle Jam 8 DVDs are yet incomplete due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the delay.
  • MONDO '07: No dates yet, as the venue has to be changed
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

    Paul's Platform: "Eagles, Letters and Unsung Heroes"