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JUGHEADS Journal December, 2006

Assistants: Jr. Employees
Key youth help with coaching, chore
As JUGHEADS (JH) began to expand its age range in the late 1990s, our older members naturally developed mentorship for the younger ones. Today, formal student assistants for nearly every club are in place. While earning tuition for club membership, assistants are treated like employees and are distinct from tuition-paying members of any given club. Although these outstanding veteran Jugheads are clearly a big help for Paul, performing tasks ranging from passing instruction and trick workshops to floor sweeping and garbage duty (tasks shared by the Officers), they're also receiving on-the-job training and discovering good work ethic by immersing in a new role in a familiar environment. As you see fit, please encourage these assistants with specific examples of how they've developed your Jughead and helped the overall quality of the JH Co.

Winter Tuition Due
Register now for Jan. 8-March 29

The JH club tuition payment plan correlates to seasons: Sept.-Dec.; Jan.-March; April-June. The cost of each club varies due to Edina' school release days. (See our Web site for winter camps.) If you register by check by Friday, Dec. 22, you may reduce your tuition by $20 per Jughead, per club. Also note that Jugheads may not attend their respective winter club(s) until they re-register and parents sign the new waiver. Below is a quick reference to each club code and cost. You may sign up via the enclosed form (mail it to our home office or drop it off in our gym office), online, or by giving a check to Paul made out to JUGHEADS, LLC.

Monday Rec. 07WNTR-MON $150*
Boys' Elite 07WNTR-BOYS $180
High School Club 07WNTR-HS $180
Wednesday Rec. 07WNTR-WED $180
Thursday Rec. 07WNTR-THURS $180
Ultimate Club 07WNTR-ULTI $180
Girls' Elite 07WNTR-GIRLS $150**
*There IS Monday Rec. on 1/29, an Edina release day for gr. 6-12. However, there is NOT Monday Rec. on either 1/15 or 2/19.
**There IS Girls' Elite on 3/2, an Edina release day for grades K-5.
However, there is NOT Girls' Elite on either 2/16 or 3/30.

Officer Voice: Sarah Zuhlsdorf
This is the 3rd in our student leader commentary series. Organization Officer Sarah Zuhlsdorf is an EHS sophomore, 7th year Jughead, two-time Juggle Jam specialty act performer, and IJA Teams Finalist with her trio, Les Filles.

As I sit here at my computer debating with myself on what to write about for the December newsletter, I realize how great it is to be a part of JH. Where would I be without JH? My friends and I often try to picture our lives without it. What lessons might we not have learned? JH isn't just some sports club that one attends every week to juggle. Not only do kids learn how to juggle, but they learn very important life skills.
Juggling is a very unique sport and draws in select people. I feel very safe saying that the environment created by peers at JH is a positive one. I also feel very safe saying that no Jughead feels and will feel pressured to do anything immoral by a fellow Jughead. This has been a personal experience, and knowing that I have this large of a group to back me up is one of the most reassuring things when the peer pressure outside of JH is put on. Resistance (and great friendship in numbers) is, personally, one of the greatest aspects of JH.
I am very proud to be a part of this youth company. It has helped me become the person I am today. I have made many friends along the way. The more involved with JH I become, the more I learn. Hopefully you share the same viewpoint and experience as I have had, and am still having, with JH.
-Sarah Zuhlsdorf

Humble club with heart stays alive

Created at the same time as Monday Rec. Club in Fall 2001, this club never "took off" but remains a loved part of the company. Each teenager cherishes the simplicity of 2-3 hours of having the whole gym and snack room to themselves, dividing their time among serious workouts, silly contests, games of basketball "lightning," and lots of conversations about our many collective years of knowing one another. Despite the small size, this club packs a punch, boasting IJA Teams Bronze Medalists among four of its members (Riley, Asher, Anna, Selby); an IJA Teams Silver (Asher); and two "original" Jugheads who have competed in an unprecedented five consecutive IJA Teams Finals (Anna & Selby). The future of this club is uncertain, but as long as it lasts, Tuesday nights are close to the hearts of those who attend. Hight School Club members are: 8th grader Brendan; Freshman Mike; Sophomore Riley; Juniors Ryan, Asher; Seniors Anna, Selby; and Alumni Volunteers Jill and Julian.

JH Community News

  • Two of our most veteran JH families have seen loved ones die in the past week. Both families have been stalwart servants of our company since they joined eight and six years ago (respectively), and our sincerest condolences go out to them:
  • The Ying Family lost their mother/grandmother, Chung Ying Hon of Hong Kong, at age 83 on 12/1/06. Danny was able to fly out in time to be with his mom when she died.
  • The Wiklund Family lost two loved ones on the same day: Wed., Dec. 6. Both Mitch's father and life-long step-mother died within five hours of each other. Father/grandfather Robert Wiklund was 84; step-mother/step-grandmother Barbara Burney Wiklund was 68. The couple resided in Las Vegas and were married for more than 50 years.
  • THE JUGHEADS WINTER SHOWCASE will take place Tue., 3/6 at the Edinborough Park Amphitheater in Edina.
  • WINTER ALL-DAY CAMPS will take place Jan. 15, 29, Feb. 16 and 19, all 9-5 p.m., incl. lunch. Register online or at JH.
  • THE 2007 IJA FESTIVAL will take place July 16-22 in Winston-Salem, NC. Ultimate Club-level Jugheads are eligible to attend with our group; special exceptions can be made for active JH Officers, JH Assistants, or other 7th-12th grade Jugheads who exhibit exemplary behavior and work ethic. A choice of two mandatory info. meetings will be held 1/25 and 2/6 at 6 p.m. in our club snack area for any Jughead considering traveling with us. It's our 12th annual trip to the IJA Festival---a peak experience for many seriously committed Jugheads.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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