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January, 2007

Arnebergs' Health Trial
Wendy is half-way to full recovery

Presumably everyone reading this newsletter is well-aware of the dramatic event that occured on December 16, 2006 regarding Wendy's emergency surgery. The good news is that not only was the left ovary's 10 cm dermoid cyst benign, but Wendy is more than half-way to her six-week recovery mark and she improves daily. A large credit for her recovery is directly due to our JH community: visits, phone calls, e-mails, cards, meals, gift cards, flowers, well-wishes, prayers, and subbing for Paul (for six clubs over four days, Dec. 19-22). How is "thank you," however public, sufficient to express our gratitude? It is not, but please know that the Arnebergs are very moved and blessed be supported by so many of you in so many specific ways. Within a week of her operation, Wendy told Paul, "I have experienced more blessing than trial through this surgery and recovery." So, we thank you.

JH Winter Showcase 2! "All-Comers" show Mar. 6 @ Edinborough
Mark your calendars: Tuesday, March 6 at 7 pm marks our 2nd annual JH Winter Showcase, this year held at Edinborough Park Amphitheater in Edina. The student director and visionary for this event is Specialty Act Officer Kelvin. Any solo or ensemble act from any JH club may perform, gaining valuable performance experience/confidence. This is a "bare bones" production (no club routines, slide show, or tickets), but it is a legitimate show nonetheless. (This is a needed expansion of Jughead performance opportunities since Juggle Jam auditions are so highly competitive.) The only requirement to perform in the Winter Showcase is to sign up with Kelvin or Paul, polish a routine, and preview it for one of them by Friday, March 2, 2007.

Officer Voice: Selby Shlosberg
This is the 4th in a series of student leader commentaries.

"Get the girl!" screams someone from behind me. I am at the World Juggling Federation (WJF) Convention in the center of a ring of jugglers who are batting their clubs together in a rhythmic war beat. I need to remain calm in this game of Combat if I want to stay in the game and be the last "man" standing. After a round of numerous fierce attacks, it is just me against Thomas Dietz, WJF three-time champion and considered by many to be the best juggler in the world.

Combat has always been my favorite part of juggling. If you don't know what it is, it is a game that can be played with any where from 2 to 100 or more jugglers at a time. Each person juggles three clubs and tries to survive the attacks of the others while maintaining a juggling cascade. A combatant is out when one of her clubs hits the ground. To eliminate the other jugglers, the most common method of attack is to throw one of your own clubs high in the air while using one of your other two clubs to knock away another's clubs, and then catch your third club to continue your steady three-club pattern.

I started playing Combat at JH in 4th grade. I joined JH when it was part of Wise Guys because it looked like fun. While juggling doesn't draw hordes of kids like soccer, baseball, basketball and other mainstream sports, it brings together a small niche of kids who can help each other by building hand-eye coordination and life-long friendships. JH has also exposed me to different international festivals and has allowed me to make friends with jugglers from all over the world. I currently communicate with jugglers from all over the United States and also with places like Germany, England, and Japan. When we meet at festivals, we do test our skills in Combat, but never toward complete annihilation of our opponents for we are friends first, combatants second.

I always get nervous when I'm one of the last ones in the game. I can feel everyone watching me. My heart beats wildly as I strive to win. I am up against Thomas. I throw up a club, swing for his, but I miss, and we keep going. Finally, just as I throw up a club, he simultaneously throws up one of his. I steal his club and keep going. He drops. Game over. We smile and laugh, then start the next game.

-Selby: Ultimate Club Officer, 9th year Jughead, Senior

2007 Juggling Fests
IJA & MONDO traditions continue

Although more will be written in February regarding July's IJA Fest in North Carolina and March's MONDO Fest in the Twin Cities, here are quick takes regarding JH's annual festival visits:
THE IJA FESTIVAL was founded in 1947; we've been attending as a group since 1996; and the week is a peak experience for many seriously committed Jugheads. This year, the IJA Fest is July 16-22 in Winston-Salem, NC. Ultimate-level Jugheads are eligible to attend with our group; exceptions can be made (space-permitting) for active Officers, Assistants, or other Jugheads who exhibit exemplary behavior and work ethic. A choice of two mandatory info. meetings will be held Jan. 25 and Feb. 6 at 6 pm in our JH snack area for any Jughead considering traveling with our group.
MONDO is a JH tradition, dating back to our first fest in 1995.MONDO is tentatively scheduled for March 23-25; pencil in the weekend and stay tuned. We may offer e-mail registration (to attend with JH) once the dates are announced.

New standards raise every quality

After a lapse in focus last year, Wednesday Rec. is now better than ever! The club may be re-named "Wed. Advanced" due to this year's implementation of nine new technical standards required for membership. Next year, these standards will increase even more, as each member in '07-'08 will be required to achieve at least 20% of each Elite Club standard (e.g., 10 with 5 balls and 20 with 6 club passing). In addition to this quantifiable increase in this club's quality, the cultural qualities keep improving, and the club is maturing as well: once known as "Elementary Rec.", the median age for a Wed. Rec. member is now 7th grade.

JH Community News

  • CLUB REMINDERS: 1) There IS Monday Rec. on Jan. 29 despite Edina Schools' 6th-12th grade release day; 2) There IS Girls' Elite on Mar. 2 despite Edina Schools' K-5th grade release day; 3) There is NOT H.S. Club on Mar. 6 (JH Showcase@7pm).
  • ULTIMATE ALL-DAY CAMPS: will Jan. 15, 29, Feb. 16 and 19, all 9-5 p.m., incl. lunch. Register online or @ JH.
  • THE JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY on Dec. 9 was a blast! Colony Park Church was gracious to house this annual event for the first time. Friendship Hall had an amazing spread of "pot luck" foods and video games; Lexington Hall had massive games of dodge ball; the gym had juggling (!) and basketball; and the Fireside Parlor featured two movies on the big screen. THANK YOU to the many parents who cooked, set up, cleaned, and/or directly supervised the 100+ Jugheads who participated.
  • THE FUTURE OF HIGH SCHOOL CLUB is in doubt-- the small club (avg.: 5 kids) may dwindle further next year. (The club hasn't topped 10 members since its 2001 inception.) As an experiment, Ultimate Club dad and longtime chaperone/volunteer Tom Richter will sub at HS Club for Paul for much of this winter. If the club survives, here are two ideas for '07-'08: 1) Sub-contract a new adult leader, and/or 2) Make it a "Rehearsal Club" for serious performers of all levels. Comments welcome.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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