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February, 2007

Juggle Jam 9 dates set!
May 18-19 @ RHS + dress rehearsals

Juggle Jam 9 dates are set for Friday & Saturday, May 18 & 19, 7 pm, with rehearsals from approx. 6-9 pm on Thursday evening, May 10, and Wednesday evening, May 16. For the second year, Juggle Jam will be held at Richfield HS auditorium.

For families new to JUGHEADS, Juggle Jam is the once-a-year pull-out-the-stops public juggling show featuring routines from every club, the entire JH company, small group specialty acts, youth emcees, and our beloved annual slide show featuring all 130+ Jugheads. Please mark your calendars! Juggle Jam 9 Auditions (solos, etc.) are tentatively scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, April 16 & 17.

Whereas our Winter Showcase is about opportunity, Juggle Jam only allows the top 6-8 acts. You must apply and meet the pre-audition performance requirement by March 29. See Paul for an application. JJ9 Ticket packets will be handed out soon. Selling is not required, but prizes offer an incentive to recruit big audiences.

Winter Showcase Update
March 6 show at Edinborough Park nears
About 15 acts ranging from Monday Rec. rookie performers to seasoned Ultimate Club members are slated to perform at 7 pm at the Edinborough Park Amphitheater, 7700 York Ave. S., Edina, 55435. The show is free and will only last about an hour; please consider coming out to support the eager and hard-working Jugheads who are excited to perform in this public setting. The event is sponsored by the EYJA.

Officer Voice: The Richters
This is the 5th in a series of student leader commentaries. Scott & Amanda Richter started as Jugheads relatively late (8th and 6th grades, respectively) but they quickly established themselves as creative performers and the first brother-sister act to make it into Juggle Jam, which they’ve done three times.

Being able to work together for the purpose of attaining something higher, in our opinion, is what unity is all about. We offer a different perspective on this subject. First and foremost, as siblings; secondly, as partners in Genetic Fallout; and lastly, as team officers serving JH while members of Ultimate Club. We have our share of conflict and trials being brother and sister (and partners in a duet), and we sometimes find it hard to function without some sort of dispute.

However, we keep in mind that we both have the same goal: to create an entertaining act that is not only a ton of fun for us, but equally fun for the audience we hope to entertain. That is our goal as we prepare for teams competition at this year’s IJA convention in Winston-Salem, N.C. Sometimes our plan of action to achieve our goal differs from each other, and that is when we must have unity of purpose. As we listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas, we can decide what course of action to take.

Now, let’s take this example and apply it to every single member of the JH company. Juggle Jam 9 season is upon us, and each of you has a contribution to make. From specialty acts to the large group routines, you need to have your mind set on one purpose: making Juggle Jam 9 superior in entertainment and more fun for our audience than any show we have put on before. We need every member in every club to work together in order for this to happen. So as Juggle Jam 9 approaches, let us share the same goal, even though our ideas for getting there will differ from one another. “Unity...that is the key word in UNIT, without the y!” —Major Payne (1995)

—Scott Richter: Officer for the Assistants, 5th year Jughead, MHS Senior; Amanda Richter: Wed. Rec. Officer, 4th
year Jughead, MHS Freshman.

2007 Festival Updates
May and July offer favorite traditions

  • IJA WINSTON-SALEM: Our roster is being formed following our two info. meetings Jan. 25 and Feb. 6; if your Jughead is among the possible 16-18 boys considering traveling with us as a group, please remember that the deadline for your initial payment of $175 is Tuesday, February 13.
  • MONDO has been moved to May 4-6, 2007 at Concordia University in St. Paul. Despite the proximity to Juggle Jam (within two weeks), the Arnebergs may still lead a group to MONDO on Sat., May 5 from about 9am–11 pm. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

New focus, solid abilities, unique group

Thursday Rec. has matured and developed along with our other line-up of weekly clubs, but the changes therein have been perhaps the most dramatic. The all-boy roster has a great deal of camaraderie among the six-year age range, and perhaps spurred on by this year’s new Wednesday Rec. Standards, this club’s technical quality has risen alongside (and in some ways surpassed) their Wednesday counterparts. Keep an eye on this club’s talent (most notably the 8th graders) which has set all-time records and will be well-represented in our Winter Showcase as well as in their all-Elvis routine for Juggle Jam 9.

JH Community News

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Colin and Brett, both 8th graders, for recently achieving their final Boys’ Elite standards! Colin’s last standard was qualifying 5 rings; Brett’s was balancing a club on his face for 10 seconds.
  • CLUB REMINDERS: 1) There is NO Girls’ Elite on 2/16 due to Edina’s K-9 release day; 2) There IS Girls’ Elite on 3/2 despite Edina’s K-5 release day; 3) There is NO HS Club on 3/6 due to our Winter Showcase at Edinborough Park.
  • NO-POP SEASON RETURNS: One year ago, we experimented with an entire month of no soda pop during our snack times at JH. For this winter, the Officers approved a plan to withhold pop from our JH refrigerator for the entirety of January-March! The exception is that pop is a snack option on the last club day of each month. The goal is to either eliminate pop altogether or at least limit it to an occasional “treat” rather than an expected staple of our JH snack selections.
  • ULTIMATE ALL-DAY CAMPS: Feb. 16 & 19, 9-5 pm, incl. lunch. Register online or @ JH. Note: Any current Jughead (Rec., Elite, Ultimate) is eligible to register for these camps.
  • HIGH SCHOOL CLUB will be led by Tom Richter (Ultimate Club dad/chaperone) at least through March 27 (no club on March 6). Boys’ Elite parents, please be aware that Tom will arrive by 5:45 p.m. most Tuesdays for the overlap of the clubs, so please arrive by 5:30 or make other arrangements if you need to speak to Paul near the end of Boys’ Elite.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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