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March, 2007

Juggle Jam 9 (JJ9) Update
Essential info. for 10-week countdown

  • SHOWS: Our shows are Friday and Saturday, May 18-19 in the Richfield HS Auditorium. Kids need to be there by 6 pm; doors for the audience open at 6:30; the show runs from 7-9:30.
  • CLUB REHEARSALS: Every (Edina) school day until Juggle Jam is a full rehearsal (except May 10 & 16; see below). We'll complete club choreography in March; April & May will focus on our all-cast routines and running our club routines many times. Please stay at club rehearsals until at least 5:45 p.m.
  • ALL-CAST EVENING DRESS REHEARSALS are May 10 and 16 from 6-9 pm. Wear club T-shirts on May 16 for our only all-company photo for '06-'07. Let Paul know of tardies and absences. NOTE: There will be NO REGULAR CLUBS on the days of our two all-cast dress rehearsals (May 10 & May 16).
  • AUDITIONS: Any Jughead desiring to perform a solo or team routine for JJ9 needs to audition on Monday or Tuesday, April 16 or 17 in Colony Park's gym. Every prospective act must fill out an application and turn it in by Sat., 3/31. Talk to Paul or call Officer Kelvin Ying (952-929-1567) for more info.
  • TICKETS PACKETS will be distributed at clubs March 12-16. Jugheads who sell 10 or more tickets will receive a choice of incentive prizes including Max Balls, sweatshirts, and Juggle Jammies. Relatives, friends, teachers, and fans come from all over the metro area and other states to see our annual production!
  • SLIDE SHOW PHOTO WEEK: All group and individual photos will take place March 16-22; make-ups March 23-29.
  • COSTUMES: Club routines are embellished by character costumes: Mon. Rec. Cops 'n' Robbers; Boys' Weird Al parodies; Wed. Rec. Holidays; Thurs. Rec. Elvises; Girls' Elite DDR. Distinction and effort trumps complexity and expense. Everyone also needs KHAKI shorts and JJ9 Tees for our all-cast routines.
  • T-SHIRTS: Jugheads will receive a JJ9 T-shirt for each club to which they belong (paid for through Spring Tuition); Parents should indicate size on the Spring Tuition Form. If we do not receive this form, we will guess at your child's size but you will run the risk of the size being incorrect.
  • PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Juggle Jam is a huge production that is only possible with the MANY parents who volunteer their time before and during the big event. To make JJ9 possible, our hope is that a parent from each JH family will volunteer for one of the show nights. As a volunteer you do not need to purchase a ticket, but you should also expect to view a limited amount of the show. See the attached Parent Volunteer Sheet for how to volunteer!

Showcase: Accomplished!
2nd annual show entertains and edifies

Edinborough Park proved to be a perfect venue for our now two-year-old tradition of the Winter Juggling Showcase. The intimate atmosphere, warm lighting, and polished performances made for a memorable night. From unique props (Tom's cigar boxes and Colin R.'s bounce balls) to international medalists (Asher, Nate, Anna & Selby) to debut acts (Tom, Jack, Danielle & Natalie, Ryan S., Scott S., and Joey) to up-and-coming Ultimate Club acts (Jonny, Ricky & Hanna, David & Danny), the show featured variety of skills & ages, eager performers, and a supportive community. In fact, the Showcase was a mircocosm of JH itself! Special thanks: Emcees Fia, Hanna & Kelvin; Student Director Kelvin; Videographer Jeff Shlosberg; and the EYJA for funding the programs and prizes. Extra programs (with the new JJ9 logo!) are available at JH.

Spring Tuition Due
Earlybird deadline: March 23

The spring JH payment covers April 9-June 8 and includes a JJ9 T-shirt (and an Elvis wig for Thursday Rec.). There is a $20 discount per Jughead, per club if registered by March 23. Please write the club code on checks payable to JUGHEADS, LLC:

Monday Rec./ 07SPR-MON / $150 / May 28
Boys' Elite / 07SPR-BOYS / $165 ---
High School / 07SPR-HS / $135 / April 17
Wednesday Rec. / 07SPR-WED / $150 / May 16*
Thursday Rec. / 07SPR-THURS / $170 / May 10*
Ultimate / 07SPR-ULTI / $150 / May 10*
Girls' Elite / 07SPR-GIRLS / $150 / May 18*
*No regular club those days, but mandatory evening events.

Officer Voice: Sofia
This is the 6th in a series of commentaries by JH Student Executives.

JH is a totally integral, important part of my life. I joined JH in 6th grade, and now as a senior in high school, I can look back on my seven years here with pride knowing that being in JH is one of the main reasons that I am the person I am today. I have made this program into one of the major focuses of my life, up there with church and school; it is the only extracurricular sport I am involved in, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the reasons for this is because it has developed me into a leader. I've always been outgoing, but now I know how to take my naturally outgoing self and lead a group of people. I owe this to JH and to Paul. Without JH, I wouldn't have had the chance to be the Officer for Girls' Elite; I wouldn't have had the experience assisting for the wonderful kids at Wednesday Rec.; and I wouldn't be half as comfortable in front of large crowds.

I have also developed strong friendships at JH. The friends that I have made here have helped develop me into the person that I am today. I have needed their support in much of what I do, and in much of what has happened, and it has been always been readily available.
I have been involved in this program for so long, and I'm sad that this year is the final year of what has been a fabulous middle and high school career. It has been the constant in my life as I went through five different schools, and I am so thankful for the opportunities the program has provided for me, and for helping develop me into the person that I am today.

-Sofia: Girls' Elite Officer, Wed. Rec. Assistant, 7th year Jughead

Fridays: Friends For Focused Fun

As it turns out, the above column by Girls' Elite Officer and HS senior Sofia just happens to precede the spotlight of her club. Fia has had much to do with the maturing of this club, having persevered as its student leader all the way through her upcoming graduation. Another senior, Assistant Kelvin Ying, has a passion to see these girls improve and get the most out of our Fridays together. A recent innovation by these leaders was "30 Minutes of Silent Juggling" (duct tape optional!), during which girls of all levels improved through intense focus. Friendships abound; standards are pursued and achieved; and higher goals are set. The girls' energy level will meet its match in their JJ9 tribute to DDR songs.

JH Community News

  • NO-POP SEASON CONTINUES with the goal to permanently eliminate it or at least limit it to an occasional treat.
  • JUGHEADS TO MONDO ON MAY 5: Paul will have reg. forms by the end of March; sign up through us by mid-April.
  • HIGH SCHOOL CLUB continues to be led by Tom Richter. No HS Club on 4/17 (JJ9 specialty act auditions).
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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