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April/May, 2007

Juggle Jam 9 Checklist
Final Logistics/Etiquette Info. Attached

The annual double-sided JJ9 Final Memo for all JH families re: Juggle Jam 9 logistics and etiquette is enclosed with this Journal. All Jugheads should have the four key dates firmly in mind (May 10, 16, 18, 19), but also please remember the often-neglected areas of acquiring or making special costumes and props that will enhance all of our club routines. Every Jughead should know the contents of the neon green Final Memo. This will prevent long meetings at rehearsals. Note: There is an 11th hour extra rehearsal for Ultimate Club's "Catch These...If You Can" on Sat., May 12 from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. in Colony Park's gym.

Solos, Seniors & Leaders
Distinguished Jugheads in & behind JJ9

Auditions to perform a "specialty act" (solo, duet, or ensemble) in JJ9 were held April 16-17 in Colony Park's gym. Eight acts were chosen: four solos, three duets and a trio. (See our web site for results and panel bios.) Sophomore Brett Kissell will emcee, taking a creative approach to leading in to each group routine and specialty act. The rarest category of Jugheads featured in JJ9 will be those completing their senior year still in the company. In addition to their roles in specialty acts, leadership, and other aspects of the show, active senior Jugheads Anna Kutkiewicz, Sofia Meyer, Scott Richter, Selby Shlosberg, Kelvin Ying and honorary Jughead Billy Watson will be featured in a special presentation during Saturday night's performance. Finally, our faithful team of JH Officers and Club Assistants are a key driving force behind JJ9's success, and their year-long efforts culminate on these two special evenings.

Summer Juggling Camps
April 30 discount deadline for 6/11-7/13

Summer is a prime time for Jugheads to achieve long-standing goals and for newcomers to "catch the juggling bug." (Our reg. form is in our JH entry way and on our web site.) NOTES: 1) Kids choosing to juggle in the morning and the afternoon any day may bring a lunch and stay over the Noon hour. 2) Many Jugheads take advantage of the summer "punchcard" option, allowing them to come to camp any time (except June 11-12). 3) Summer parade opportunities: Edina, Richfield, and St. Louis Park. Keep posted!

Officer Voice: Hanna Stoehr
This is the 6th in a series of commentaries by JH Student Executives.

I have been a juggler for six years.In my supreme experience, I have learned that while most jugglers seem normal on the outside, on the inside they are complete weirdos. For example, in a recent dream, I was at a juggling festival in the middle of the juggling space, surrounded by club passers. While the clubs were flying around me, I was making toast in a hot frying pan on a range with a nameless gentleman-and then we proceeded to eat the toast while passing six clubs. In my estimation, this is actually something that a few people I know in the juggling world (as well as myself) would do, had they the opportunity.

I have been to two IJA festivals and basically what stands out the most is that jugglers are really strange and they're reckless and wild, but they are quality people. Friends in JH have come and gone, but I cherish the relationships I had with them and also the relationships I make with people from different states and countries. Even my juggling friends that I hang out with everyday still amaze me with their inspired antics.

We are so blessed to have this world of strange and talented people at our fingertips every time we pass with someone new at a festival or access a juggling forum online. So often we stick to our own neck of the woods and miss out on broader horizons, believing that the world is as small and insignificant as the dust that sits under our furniture. Spending time with these people has made me realize that there are so many places that I can go and so many things that I can do. Their personas and interests have influenced my life, my thoughts and very importantly, my juggling.

-Hanna Stoehr: Mon. Rec. Officer/Assistant, 6th year Jughead, EHS sophomore

Top team nurtures long-term goals

The most dramatic and proven club in the JH line-up, Ultimate Club has a rich history of team and individual progress. This year sees the graduation of an era, as Anna, Selby, Billy & Kelvin provided the backbone of the team's three consecutive appearances (and two bronze) in the IJA Teams Championships in 2002-2004. Another senior, Sofia, has devoted herself to student leadership of both Girls' Elite Club as well as the IJA finalist team, Les Filles. Relative latecomer Scott didn't join JH 'til 8th grade, yet his performing abilities (solo, duet, team, emcee, gigs) have been a huge boost to this club and to the company as a whole. For the 15 members listed below (and the seven on the waiting list), the lesson they can learn from the seniors' legacy is that this club is what the "Ultimates" make of it. Paul is looking to utilitize more regular pro help, but even at this club's team peak in 2004, it was driven mostly by the students. Whether this team returns to group workouts or continues in its current focus of small group and solo work, one thing is certain: Ultimate Club nurtures national class talent and promises big opportunities for kids who are only just beginning, rather than ending, the heart of their JH career.

Bulletin Board

  • ULTIMATES: Lettering applications and $20 to EPS is overdue; give to Paul. JH standards sheets aren't due 'til 7/31.
  • SENIOR JUGHEADS: Remember to give Paul your 50-100 word bio for the JJ9 program by Saturday, May 12. Parents, that's also the deadline to give Wendy any digital photos or digital scans representing your graduate's career as a Jughead.
  • FALL 2007 REGISTRATIONS and the final newsletter of the school year should arrive (via U.S. mail) at the homes of all current Jugheads on Friday, May 25. Earlybird discount expires June 30; all clubs (except Ultimate Club) will fill on a first-come, first-served basis assuming the enrolling Jugheads have all of the standards for that club.
  • SCHOOL TALENT SHOWS in Edina, Robbinsdale and 'Tonka were graced by Jugheads in February and March! Tom, Jack & Joey reprised their Winter Showcase solos; Drew & Jackson debuted new solos; and Amanda and Scott debuted a new duet. These Jugheads stretched comfort zones, improved skills, and inspired and entertained their audiences.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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