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September, 2007

Juggling with a purpose
Unique development tool continues

Welcome to the 14th year of JUGHEADS (JH)! Director Paul Arneberg began with three 4th grade jugglers through a summer child care camp in 1994. He then started his own business in 1998 and became an LLC in 2005 as JH took residence in Colony Park Church. If you want to further explore the history of how our company has developed thus far (esp. if you're a rookie JH family), check out our JUGHEADS JOURNAL archives on our web site. This newsletter comes out around the first Monday of the month with hopes that you find it informative and inspiring. For starters, here's a statistical sampling of the relatively well-rounded demographics of our maturing youth juggling company:

2007-'08 JH Company Stats At-a-Glance
3rd Graders: 4
4th Graders: 7
5th Graders: 9
6th Graders: 31
7th Graders: 18
8th Graders: 9
Freshmen: 23
Sophomores: 5
Juniors: 14
Seniors: 3
Total Jugheads: 123

Average Jughead Grade: 7.45th grade
Average Current Jughead Year (1st-9th): 4th year
Boys: 90 (73.2%);
Girls: 33 (26.8%)
Sets of Siblings: 19 (totaling 39 Jugheads)
Edina Public School Students: 95 (77.2%)
Non-E.P.S. Students: 28 (22.8%)
Cities of Residence: 15 (Bloomington, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Edina, Excelsior, Hopkins, Minneapolis, New Hope, Richfield, Roseville, St. Anthony Park, St. Louis Park, Sunfish Lake, Shorewood, and Wayzata)

Coach Corner: Scott Richter
JH grad begins varied pro career

Hello JH families! My name is Scott Michael Richter, and it will be my pleasure this year to get to know you all (and some of you even MORE)! I was a Jughead from 8th grade to graduation this past spring (2002-2007). It is with great joy to announce to you that I will be coaching with Paul this year at Boys' Elite, Wed. Advanced, and Thursday Rec. I am very excited to be able to continue helping the JH family grow and develop. I am so blessed to be able to work with all of you and your children as I begin my new chapter of life! Parents, please feel free to ask me any questions and introduce yourself to me even if I have already met you, for my sake. Just as Paul always reinforces, I believe it is important for me to know all of your names as well as your children's. A little bit about myself: I am a 2007 graduate of Minnetonka H.S. I am seeking God's will for my life as I go into work with Paul at JH, teaching juggling at other venues, private tutoring, gigs, acting and speaking, along with any other choices for a further education that I will be led to. I love music, movies, juggling (of course), learning, and most of all building relationships with family, friends and abroad. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of your kids' lives in helping them learn how to juggle, but foremost on developing their character and who they are as kids and young adults. I am very blessed in being able to work with my Coach, Boss, Mentor, Friend, and brother in Christ, Paul Arneberg, as he has been an extremely influential part of my life. I can say for both of us that we are very excited to work with you all this year as we hope for the best to happen here at JH!

-Director's Note: Scott is an Independent Contractor, and I'll be on-site with him daily except for when he may open/close a club or camp for me. For coaching questions or booking information, you may reach Scott at ultimajuggler@juno.com.

Winston-Salem: Smokin'!!!
Red-hot Jugheads ignite IJA Fest '07

Five adults and 16 Jugheads traveled as a group to Winston-Salem, NC for the 60th Annual International Jugglers' Association (IJA) Festival July 16-22. An additional 18 current and former Jugheads traveled on their own, so our company's presence was well known! Due to the Arnebergs' post-fest travels, they neglected to write a press release or email summary. Please accept this as your long-overdue highlight reel from another successful IJA trip:

  1. CHAPERONES: Katherine Carney, Diane Harr, and Darcy Wiklund made our trip possible. There is no way the Arnebergs would lead a trip such as this without the likes of these faithful moms! They mixed a lot of patience, occasional "tough love," and lots of laughter to make our 12th annual trip a success.
  2. JOGGLING MEDALS: Ricky, Broderick, Brett, Colin, Amanda, Danny, Ryan, Scott S., and Joey.
  3. YOUTH SHOWCASE ACTS: Broderick, Jonny, Jack, Colin R., Scott S., Joey, The Spy Boys (Danny & David), Jackson, and emcee schticks by Ben, Brett& Scott R.. These boys continued the JH tradition of entertaining and inspiring an international audience!
  4. JUNIORS: Stefan (Ultimate Club soph.) surprised everybody by making it to the Juniors Finals after just 12 days of prep! His unique act combined about 77 three-club tricks with spoken comedy, an in-and-out soundtrack, and five & six clubs. Ryan T.(Ultimate Club sr.) trained hard for more than a year and made it into the finals, with a solid act to boot! Some even had him as a medal contender. Nate (Ultimate Club jr.), coming off of the 2006 IJA Teams Silver with his partners in Swatch, wowed the crowd (and most of the judges) winning the Silver medal--a first-ever feat for any Jughead!
  5. TEAMS: Coming into Winston-Salem, a Jughead team had been in the Teams Finals six of the last seven years. This year, two more Jughead teams made the finals: Guava (Anna & Selby, making an historic 6th consecutive appearance in the Teams Finals), and Genetic Fallout (Scott & Amanda). Since only four teams made the finals, one of ours was guaranteed to medal, and the bronze went to Genetic Fallout. Amazingly, the gold medalists were brothers from Austria, and the silver went to brothers from Japan. The medalists were a sampling of siblings from three continents!
  6. NUMBERS: For the 4th straight year, Nate & Kelvin competed in the Teams Ball Passing Finals, having won gold in 2004-2006. Although they set a personal best of qualifying 13 ball passing in competition, they settled for the silver when another team had a longer run. In a surprising match up, competition novice Colin R. partnered with non-Jughead (recent world record breaker in solo 10-ball bounce) to capture the silver medal in Teams Ball Bounce Passing by qualifying 12 balls. Although their team qualified 13 in prelims, the gold medalists (and world record holders) passed 15 balls!
    7) COMBAT: Going out with a bang, 2007 JH graduate Kelvin captured both the Individual and Team Club Combat Championships! The latter was accomplished with fellow Ultimate Club veterans Brett and Ryan T., all three of whom have honed their combat skills over their combined 22 years' experience playing at our weekly JH clubs.
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