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November, 2007

Ultimate Club Banquet '07
4th annual dinner & awards ceremony

Our 4th annual Ultimate Club Awards Banquet was held at the redecorated Fireside Parlor in Colony Park Church on 10/27/07. The banquet featured a formal recognition of Ultimate Club members-in-waiting, members, and letter winners. Five of our six 2007 high school grads prepared speeches to read or be read as a "parting blessing" to the friends they left behind. Just before the juggling letters were ceremonially handed out, the banquet crowd was treated to video clips from all five acts of Jugheads that competed in the 2007 IJA Stage Championships in Winston-Salem, NC. After the videos, Paul & Wendy unveiled a surprise: two 9' x 3' banners celebrating our IJA stage competition history since 2000-10 Teams acts and 10 Juniors acts. These beautiful banners now adorn the east wall of our newly painted gym, adding a new touch of class and inspiration to our company headquarters. The JUGHEADS & Edina High School letter winners honored for 2006-2007 were: juniors Mat, Ricky, Ben, Brett, Nate, Danny, Hanna, David and Sarah; seniors Ryan T. and Asher; and graduates Sofia and Kelvin. Minnetonka graduate Scott and sophomore Amanda earned their third and first "JUGHEADS" letters, respectively, as non-EHS students.

A special and personal treat for all was the authentic Chinese cooking by the team of Lai & Danny Ying. Darcy Wiklund volunteered her entire day as well, with Paul & Wendy planning & hosting the overall evening. The event proved fun, filling, and honoring to the 27 families attending or being represented.

Club Make-Ups
Punchcards Policy for absent & part-time Jugheads

Excused absences from weekly clubs include health, family, church, sports, or school event conflicts. As our company matures, more high school-aged Jugheads continue as members despite schedule conflicts. For your family's flexibility, here is our new policy for JH club make-ups and club punchcard purchases:

  1. Any active Jughead may make up absences at any after school club. Parents (or the Jughead) should email Paul/Wendy to inform them of which club will be attended as a make-up.
  2. A handful of veteran Jugheads have requested to attend on a part-time basis. Punchcards are sold in increments of 1, 5, 10 & 20 days, based on our 2007 summer camp fees.
  3. Depending on each club's size, a quality control limit of 3-5 punchcard Jugheads may visit any given club day.
  4. Punchcard Jugheads, by the nature of their sporadic attendance, will not have Juggle Jam privileges (routines, slide show, program, T-shirt). However, they will still be considered a member of the overall company.
  5. From now on, with possible exceptions, anyone wishing to perform in Juggle Jam (or graduate as a Jughead) is expected to fully register for all three sessions (fall, winter, spring) and make up absences, rather than register late with prorated tuition.
    This policy is still being tweaked, but putting it in writing will hopefully make it fair across the board and give all Jugheads something to consider when their schedules get more busy. As always, direct any questions or suggestions to Paul or Wendy.

Officer Voice: Stefan

This is the 2nd in a serires of student leader commentaries. Hello, my name is Stefan. I have been in JH for five years and feel that the people in it are part of my very large family. Two summers ago at camps, I began helping out, or "assisting." Maybe this means assisting Paul, maybe it means assisting the kids, or maybe it means that we are assisting ourselves to become student leaders. Whatever this term means, it is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I found how much helping someone to succeed contributes to one's personal feeling of success. Through assisting, I discovered the wonders of teaching and how even though I had gotten a standard three years before, helping a family member get there was like finding the gratitude of that long gone success all over again. From helping my current passing partner Ben to get the Ultimate standard for 8 club passing years back to teaching a newcomer how to do devil sticks at the MEA camps last month, there is no feeling in the world like seeing someone succeed because of what you did. I will never ever forget the feeling I had when I qualified 7 clubs for my first time, but neither will I forget the joy of hearing that Natalie had gotten the Elite standard for 8 ball passing (we had fallen one agonizing catch short-three times-in the five minutes before I had to leave). In my mind, both of these accomplishments are equally important (though I am somewhat jealous that Scott got to get the standard with Natalie instead of me), and my pride in the accomplishment of those I've helped is in many cases greater than that which I find for myself. So if you if ever find yourself struggling with something, go find an "assistant." If it's me, I can promise you I'll be just as excited as you with our achievements! Hope to help you soon.

Powerhouse packs a talented punch

Boys' Elite often sets the tone for the rest of the company in terms of technical skills, focus, and creativity. Two-thirds of this year's roster is comprised of high school boys, and juggling-wise, the warms-ups, contests and games are all quite impressive to behold. Paul's leadership team packs a 1-2-3 punch with Coach Scott (2-time IJA stage medalist), Assistant Nate (4-time IJA stage medalist) and Officer Ben (training five days a week at a national class level). In addition, Brett K. (3-time IJA stage medalist) leads warm-ups; Ryan T. (IJA Teams bronze '04 and Juniors finalist '07) is our first-ever senior member; and several boys serve as JH Co. student leaders.


  • THE ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY is on Saturday, Dec. 8. See attached info. sheet; please RSVP by Dec. 7.
  • Next Officer Meeting: 11/10/07, 9-Noon in The Loft.
  • THE JUGHEADS ONLINE FORUM (www.jugheadsforum.com) is up and running for another school year. Designed by Kelvin Ying (JH class of '07), this forum is for Jugheads to share ideas for clubs, camps, special events, and Juggle Jam 10.
  • The IJA Stage Championships rules are being revised. Paul wrote 12 suggestions with consultants Scott Richter, Billy Watson, and Ultimate Club members. Email Paul for a list of their suggestions or to offer one or more of your own.
  • MONDO 2008 will be held April 11-13 at Concordia University in St. Paul. April's Officer Meeting is now 4/19/08.
  • THANK YOU to Ron Eicher, church maintenance man, for leading the gym painting project. His volunteers were Wendy Arneberg, Ron Lund, Clair Shaffer, and Jud Wheeler.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Will (Monday Rec. 3rd grader) for recently qualifying 3 balls! Will joins the rest of his Monday Rec. clubmates (all 30 of them!) in the goal to achieve seven year-end club standards by Monday, 6/2/08.
  • MANY RECORDS FELL at our MEA juggling camps! (E.g.: Nick qualified 5 balls and Elizabeth qualified 4 balls.) Upcoming camps: Nov. 19-21; Mega All-Day Camps (w/half-day option) are 1/21, 1/28, 2/15, and 2/18.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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