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December, 2007

Minor coaches make major difference

Ever since the age range of the Jugheads reached 9th grade in the fall of 1998, formal assistants have been developed as a means to help Paul run our after school clubs. Distinct from "officers," who are student leaders, "volunteers," who give of their time with no direct tangible benefit, and "coaches" & "guest instructors" who are adults compensated for their work here, our team of student assistants earn tuition for another club day and earn an even more valuable commodity: work experience and the opportunity to immerse in a role of delegated authority in an environment in which they themselves have been direct beneficiaries. As you see fit, please encourage these assistants with specific examples of how they've developed your Jughead and helped the overall quality of the JH Co. Here are this year's club assistants, incl. grade, JH year, and current clubs in which they're members:

MONDAY REC.: Danielle: 8th Grader; 6th JH year; Girls' Elite. Scott S.: Freshman; 4th JH year; Ultimate Club & Wed. Adv. Joey: Freshman; 6th JH year; Boys' Elite & Wed. Adv. Officer David U.*: Junior; 7th JH year; Ultimate Club & Boys' Elite.
BOYS' ELITE: Nate*: Junior; 8th JH year; Ultimate Club; eight-time IJA medalist (four stage, four #'s).
WEDNESDAY REC.: Amanda*: Sophomore; 5th JH year; Ultimate Club (Officer); 2007 IJA Teams bronze.
THURSDAY REC.: Ricky*: Junior; 9th JH year; Ultimate Club & Wed. Adv. (Officer). Officer Colin R.: Junior; 6th JH year; Ultimate Club & Boys' Elite; 2007 IJA Numbers Bounce silver medalist.
GIRLS' ELITE: Brett*: Junior; 9th JH year; Ultimate Club & Boys' Elite; Specialty Acts Officer; three-time IJA Teams medalist. Stefan: Sophomore; 6th JH year; Ultimate Club; Creative Development Officer. Jonah: 6th Grade Assistant-in-Training. Brenden: Freshman sub.
*Earned letter in juggling through EHS and/or JH in 2006-2007.

Officer Voice: Colin R.
This is the 3rd in our student leader commentary series.

Passing is the communication of juggling. I have been in JH for six years now, and I have seen a lot of passing partners, each with their own unique way of passing. Their uniqueness comes from getting to know each other's abilities and their own characteristics. I have seen a group use martial arts in their passing patterns, another group pass people, and groups who used spoken comedy instead of music. Passing helps to get to know people. By passing six or seven clubs, balls, or rings with a person, you get an understanding about their weaknesses and strengths. Once you know those things, then you can become a great passing partner. Also, when I pass with a new person, I get to know them on a personal level. In Winston-Salem, I passed with Robert Mosher the 3rd (world record holder). I had never met the guy or seen the guy before. Now I know him on a personal level. Even though I only had one week, we were still good passing partners, because we understood each other's juggling habits. By understanding their weaknesses and strengths, and getting to know them on a personal level, is what makes an average passer into a phenomenal passer. Overall passing is how you get to know someone in the juggling world. Passing is the communication of juggling.

-Colin R.: Thursday Rec. Officer/Assistant, 6th JH year, EHS Junior

Club Balance
New Friday Advanced option

In the past two or three years, the number of Elite/Ultimate-level girls has dwindled, but our number of Recreational/Advanced girls and boys continues growing. Monday Rec. is now the most in-demand club, with 30 members and eight (8!) on the waiting list. By contrast, Girls' Elite is down to 12 members, only four of whom have all of the Elite standards. For these reasons, Fridays at JH are now open to both female and male Jugheads with the Advanced standards. This one club with two names will juggle side by side, but it remains to be seen whether they'll combine efforts for a Juggle Jam 10 routine or simply keep separate identities. Beginning in Fall 2008, the name Girls' Elite will be dropped altogether, and Boys' Elite will become simply Elite Club, open to both boys and girls with all of the Elite standards. As a way to better balance our JH roster, and to offer a mid-year opportunity to kids on the Monday Rec. waiting list, some JH families could consider switching around club days. We currently have two openings for (Boys') Elite Club, three for Thursday Rec., and up to 13 kids could form a new Friday Advanced Club. See enclosed form; contact Paul for more info.

Winter Tuition Due
Register now for Jan. 7-March 28

The JH club tuition payment plan correlates to seasons: Sept.-Dec.; Jan.-March; April-June. The cost of each club varies due to Edina's school release days. If you register by check by Saturday, Dec. 15, you may reduce your tuition by $20 per Jughead, per club. Also note that Jugheads may not attend their respective winter club(s) until they re-register and parents sign the annual waiver. You may sign up via the registration form (mail it to our home office or drop it off on Paul's desk in our gym office), or online. Make checks out to JUGHEADS, LLC.

IJA Fest in Kentucky
13th inter-state team of IJA Jugheads

THE 61st ANNUAL IJA FESTIVAL will take place July 14-20, 2008 in Lexington, KY. It's the 13th straight year that a contingent of Ultimate-level Jugheads will travel and participate as a group. Space permitting, JH Officers, Assistants, or other 7th-12th grade Jugheads who exhibit exemplary behavior and work ethic may be eligible to join us. A choice of two mandatory info. meetings will be held 1/31 and 2/5 at 6 p.m. in our club snack area for any Jughead considering traveling with us. The IJA Festival-- is a peak experience for many seriously committed Jugheads, representing both an achievement from years of effort and an opportunity for more success in and through juggling.

JH Calendar, Etc.

  • THE ALL-JUGHEADS HOLIDAY PARTY is on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 5-9 pm. Turn in your red form and $10 by 12/7.
  • Next Officer Meeting: 12/8/07, 9-Noon in The Loft.
  • Ultimate Club MadFest forms are due 12/20/07.
  • WINTER MEGA ALL-DAY CAMPS are from 9-5 pm on 1/21, 1/28, 2/15 and 2/18. Cost: $50 w/lunch. Mega camps also have a half-day option. Register online or at JH.
  • THE JUGHEADS ONLINE FORUM has been discontinued due to technical difficulties and lack of use. Special thanks to Kelvin (JH Class of '07) for his experimental efforts.
  • THE WINTER SHOWCASE (optional for polished JH acts of all levels) will be held in March. Date & venue TBA.
  • MONDO 2008 will be held April 11-13 at Concordia University in St. Paul. April's Officer Meeting is now 4/19/08.
  • JUGGLE JAM 10 (for all Jugheads): May 16-17 with all-cast dress rehearsals on Thursday, May 8 & Wed., May 14 from 6-9 p.m. at Richfield High School. Mark the dates!
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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