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Summer, 2007

JJ9: "A show that was so fine!"
Accolades include quality, flow, skits

From the Elvis opener to the final "Reach" bows...from two Monday Rec. kids on stage to 20 seasoned Ultimate Club members...from the goofy emcee skits to the majestic Senior Presentation...from "Rock This Town" to Cops & Robbers to Holidays to Weird Al to DDR to Elvises, Juggle Jam 9 rocked the house and brought more accolades than can be measured since the euphoria climaxed in the late evening of May 19, 2007.
With excellent pacing & comedic acting by our main emcee Brett, JJ9 had a flow and polish that surpassed, in many audience members' minds, all of the Juggle Jams that came before.

After a rejection from JJ8 auditions, Jack worked hard for another year and wowed the crowd with his technical solo. Bounce expert Colin R. showed his dance moves while reviving a mostly-neglected juggling prop. Les Filles had their swan song as a juggling trio after three Juggle Jams and four years as an act. The Scott and Amanda explored new territory in character and two-person patterns in their 4th duet as Genetic Fallout. Scott brought acting-juggling to a whole new level, preceding his spot-on Jack Sparrow act with a spoken skit, complete with a voice impression. The Spy Boys reaped the fruit of a duet two years in the making. Nate showed what a national class technical juggler looks like, with less than a handful of drops each night. And Guava ended their illustrious 9-year career as Jugheads with a single drop on closing night. A final observation on feedback received from JJ9: One of the biggest compliments we receive is that an audience member was "blown away." While we develop youth through juggling, we can give the audience a memorable entertainment experience. Excellence and deep meaning can coincide.

On a personal note, THANK YOU for the flowers and gift presented to us on closing night on May 19. We had no idea that was coming, and what an honor to have all six seniors on stage to greet us before "Reach." We have a mind to apply your gift to a special getaway for our 15th wedding anniversary next year. Love, Paul & Wendy

Summer Juggling Camps
The microwave of juggling progress

Yellow registration forms are available at JH or as a download from our web site for our five weeks of morning, afternoon and all-day juggling camps June 11-July 13. Campers of all levels see leaps and bounds in juggling ability in just a few days invested in a camp. NOTE: The first 50 current Jugheads to sign up may juggle with us in Edina's Independence Day Parade on July 4! Sign up via our web site; meet @ 9am north of ECC on 7/4/06.

New Club Standards
Wed. Adv., Mon. Rec., Girls'...Elite

One standout aspect of our fall registration enclosure is the whole area of club standards. Just like economics, if demand goes up, the cost (of being a member) goes up. This is most starkly shown in the new standards for the newly re-named Wednesday Advanced Club. 5th year Jughead and Elite-qualified Wed. Rec. member Chris Lovdal helped formulate the new "advanced" standards, which are more or less 20% of the standards of our Elite Clubs. Monday Rec. has seven standards toward which all 1st year Jugheads should shoot, and certainly 2nd year Jugheads should have those down by the end of two years in the company. Finally, we're looking for more girls to rise to the challenge of achieving all of the Elite standards outright, or we'll change the focus and name of that club in 2008. As a JH parent quipped a year ago regarding our initial standards for Wed. Rec., "Your standards are a carrot rather than a stick." That's our goal: give kids a reason to keep focusing on reachable guidelines for improvement. Since JH membership is a privilege and often has competition among many kids, it is the hope of the director and student leaders that the standards from Monday Rec. through Ultimate offer satisfying carrots to every Jughead.

2007-'08 JH Registration
First-Come, First-Served from Mailing

On May 24, Paul sent an e-mail overviewing the fall JH registration process. The registration form is enclosed; please read these 10 checkpoints before you register for next school year:

  1. Registration for incoming rookie Jugheads will be accepted beginning July 1. At that time, remaining spots in Monday Rec. and Thursday Rec. will be available to rookies waiting to join.
  2. New standards make Wednesday an advanced club.
  3. Wednesday Advanced will be the first to fill. Sign up immediately if you want to guarantee a spot in that maxed-out club.
  4. Current members of Wed. Rec. may sign up "in faith" that the new standards will be achieved by the end of August.
  5. Current members of Monday and Thursday are encouraged to remain in those clubs, as the quality of each Rec. Club is high enough to accommodate even expert Jugheads. As a matter of fact, both MR and TR have been known to surpass the other clubs in terms of focus and progress.
  6. Tuesday night's High School Club has been discontinued due to lack of interest. This club may be revived in a year or two if there are at least 8-10 students who'd like to commit to that club.
  7. Elite Clubs: Waiting list boys may sign up immediately; new girls-in-training must achieve the standards by summer's end.
  8. Ultimate Club: All seven boys on the waiting list are welcome to sign up for membership immediately. If any current or potential members waive their privilege to register as "Ultimates," please tell Paul as a courtesy to his planning.
  9. Former Jugheads re-joining after a hiatus may join a Rec. Club or an Elite Club after July 1, space-permitting.
  10. A late fee of $20 will be applied to each Jughead not registering by the first day of the fall session.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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