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January, 2008

Mission: Nutrition
Longtime habits yield to new resolves

For the past two years, the Officers have endorsed seasonal periods of limiting pop (soda) at JH. Despite such efforts, JH has traditionally erred on the lenient side of nutrition-that is, allowing "junk" options on a daily basis, reasoning that "JH is a weekly party atmosphere" and "the kids burn off the calories while juggling." However, I am embarrassed to say that our company has lagged behind trends in recent years which prohibit pop machines in schools and show a growing epidemic of overweight and obese Americans, especially in the past 10-20 years.

For these reasons, we are experimenting this winter (and probably long-term) at JH by eliminating all pop and "pure sugar" snacks while endeavoring to offer more healthful choices. While certain unhealthful foods such as chips and chocolate will still be offered, only one "unhealthy" food item will be allowed per day, leaving two "healthy" items per Jughead per day, plus unlimited Chippewa Spring Water. The bottom line in this policy is that I don't to be responsible, personally or corporately, for any further encouragment of unhealthful nutritional habits. Our company is really athletic-based more than party-based, and athletes need to fuel their bodies appropriately. Granted, we will not prohibit all forms of sugar and junk food here (especially for special occasions and as reward incentives), but this will be a major change.

Please contact Wendy or me with positive nutritional choices we could offer our Jugheads within sanitary, serving, shopping, and storage confines. (Note: The financial and ethical challenge in purchasing "whole foods" is getting the kids to choose them over convenient packaged foods before perishables expire.) Thanks for talking to your kids about this, and forgive me for my delay in implementing this new policy. Nutrition Therapy is something in which I increasingly believe, and now I'm going to put (most of) our snack menu more in line with my own values. In short, I'll be modeling what I'm mandating. And that's coming from a life-long pop drinker!

-Coach Paul Arneberg

Officer Voice: Ryan T.
This is the 4th in our student leader commentary series.

JH has taught me a lot over the years, from dedication and hard work to how to persevere. The most influential thing that I will carry on with me after JH is the work ethic and competitive drive that's always present. I have been a member of Ultimate Club since our competition routine in Buffalo, NY, taking home 3rd place. After seeing members come and go, I'm so glad to see that the drive to be the best that one can be through practice and hard work has not lagged behind, but rather has been impressed upon younger Jugheads. A friendly yet competitive edge can be just what is needed in practice to help better further one's skills.

I remember back in my days as a Thursday Rec. Jughead when I was training for Boys' Elite (Boys IJA at the time), there was a friend of mine who wanted to join as well. Neither of us had the standards yet, the club was full, and I knew that the higher spot on the waiting list would get priority. I ended up edging out my friend by mere hours in completing all the standards, yet became a member of the Boys IJA Club months before him. This friendly competition really helped me strive to meet my goals. Later, when training for the Ultimate Club, I once again had a friend who was trying to achieve all of the standards at the same time. What was impressed upon me is how well we focused on our goals.

Looking around now at the current rosters for Boys' Elite and Ultimate Club, it is clear that the same spirit will still thrive next year after I have left. Being able to work together not only as a team, but through competition amongst my peers, has influenced my juggling habits and schedule immensely. I'm excited to see present-day Jugheads enriched in the very same events.

JH Winter Showcase 3!
March 11, 7 pm @ The Blake School

Mark your calendars: Our 3rd annual JH Winter Juggling Showcase is Tuesday, March 11 at 7 pm, this year held at The Blake School in Hopkins. The event will be led by student Brett Kissell and the rest of our JH Officers & Assistants. Any polished solo or ensemble act from any JH club may perform, gaining valuable performance experience/ confidence. This is a "bare bones" production (no club routines, Slide Show, or tickets), but it is a quality show nonetheless. The only requirement to perform in our Showcase is to sign up with Brett, Coach Paul or Coach Scott and preview the routine for them by Friday, Feb. 29.

Most diverse club continues success

Due to years of tradition, a wide age range, and an encouraging co-ed atmosphere, Wed. Advanced remains one of the most popular JH clubs. The longevity of its average member bumped this club from "Rec." to "Advanced" in title this year, making it in effect "the new Elite" club in terms of kids working hard just to gain admittance. (See Towey's "Voice" this month.) Well-known to Juggle Jam audiences for their creative medley routines, this year's theme is already being choreographed: a tribute to Disney/Pixar.

JH Community News

  • THE HOLIDAY PARTY on Dec. 8 was a blast! Colony Park Church was gracious to repeat hosting this annual event. THANK YOU to the many parents who cooked, set up, cleaned, and directly supervised the 100+ attending Jugheads.
  • WELCOME BACK TO ANDREW S., EHS junior, as a volunteer for Thursday Rec. for the winter months between his sports seasons. Andrew was a Jughead from 2000-2005 and was a member of our 2003 IJA bronze medal team.
  • CLUB REMINDERS: 1) There IS Monday Rec. on 1/28 despite Edina Public Schools' 6th-12th release day; 2) there IS Girls' Elite/Fri. Adv. on 2/29 despite EPS' K-5th release day.
  • MEGA ALL-DAY CAMPS are Jan. 21 & 28 and Feb. 15 & 18, 9-5 p.m. Cost: $50 w/lunch. $25 for half day w/o lunch.
  • JUGGLE JAM 10: May 16-17 with dress rehearsals on Thurs., 5/8 & Wed., 5/14 from 6:00-9 p.m. at Richfield HS.
    o MONDO Jugglefest 2008 is April 11-13 at Concordia U. in St. Paul. Look for more info. in March; all Jugheads welcome.
  • THE IJA FESTIVAL is July 14-20, 2008 in Lexington, KY. Up to 20 Ultimate-level Jugheads may attend with our group; exceptions can be made (space-permitting) for active Officers, Assistants, or other Jugheads who exhibit exemplary behavior and work ethic. A choice of two mandatory info. meetings will be held 1/31 and 2/5 at 6 pm in our JH snack area for any Jughead considering traveling with our group.
  • New IJA Stage Championships rules: Any act must submit a video audition as early as 6/1/08. This departs from traditional live auditions or audition videos submitted at the festival. Jugheads hoping to compete in KY: plan accordingly.
  • Next Officer Meetings: 1/12 & 2/9, 9-Noon in The Loft.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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