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March, 2008

Juggle Jam 10 (JJ10) Notes
Essential info. for 10-week countdown

  • SHOWS: Our shows are Friday and Saturday, May 16-17 in the Richfield HS Auditorium. Kids need to be there by 6 pm; doors for the audience open at 6:30; the show runs from 7-9:30.
  • CLUB REHEARSALS: Every (Edina) school day until Juggle Jam is a full rehearsal (except May 8 & 14; see below). We're completing club choreography in March; April & May will focus on our all-cast routines and running our club routines many times. Please try to stay at club rehearsals until at least 5:45 p.m. and inform Paul of ANY absenses or partial absences.
  • ALL-CAST EVENING DRESS REHEARSALS are May 8 and 14 from 6-9 pm. Wear club T-shirts on May 14 for our only all-company photo for '07-'08. Let Paul know of tardies and absences. NOTE: There will be NO REGULAR CLUBS on the days of our two all-cast dress rehearsals (May 8 & 14).
  • AUDITIONS: Any Jughead desiring to perform a solo or team routine for JJ10 needs to audition on Monday or Tuesday, April 14 or 15 in Colony Park's gym. Every prospective act must fill out an application and turn it in by Fri., 3/28. Talk to Paul or call Officer Brett Kissell (952-922-7843) for more info.
  • TICKETS PACKETS were distributed at clubs in February. Jugheads who sell 10 or more tickets will receive a choice of incentive prizes including Max Balls, spark plug jugglers, and Juggle Jammies. Relatives, friends, teachers, and fans come from all over the metro area and other states to see our annual show!
    SLIDE SHOW PHOTO WEEK: All group and individual photos will take place March 14-20; make-ups March 24-28.
  • COSTUMES: Club routines are embellished by character costumes: Mon. Rec. '60's; Boys' Weird Al Too parodies; Wed. Adv. Disney/Pixar; Thurs. Rec. Beatles; Girls' Elite Seussical. Distinction and effort trumps complexity and expense. Everyone also needs KHAKI shorts and JJ10 Tees for our all-cast routines.
  • T-SHIRTS: Jugheads will receive a JJ10 T-shirt for each club to which they belong (paid for through spring tuition); parents should indicate size on the Spring Tuition Form. If we do not receive this form, we will guess at your child's size but you will run the risk of the size being incorrect.
  • PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Juggle Jam is a huge production that is only possible with the MANY parents who volunteer their time. To make JJ10 possible, our hope is that a parent from each JH family will volunteer for one of the show nights. As a volunteer you do not need to purchase a ticket, but you should also expect to view a limited amount of the show. See the attached Parent Volunteer Sheet for how to volunteer!

Spring Club Tuition Due
Early registration deadline: March 15

Spring JH tuition covers April 7-June 6 and includes a JJ10 T-shirt (and costume accessories for Ultimate Club). Indicate T-shirt sizes and club codes on enclosed form. (If using PayPal, please email us your child's Tee sizes or send in the form anyway.)

Officer Voice: Ben H.
This is the 6th in a series of commentaries by JH Student Leaders.
I am currently training for the IJA Juniors competition (ages 17 and under) this summer in Lexington, KY under my coach, Billy Watson (JH Class of '07).

I have now been juggling for over five years, two with the idea in mind that I would someday be competing in an international competition. Well, that day is still months away, but even now I find myself getting nervous about it.

It may be hard to believe that there is, in fact, a very precise method for training for such a competition. It starts out with creating as many tricks as you can think of; they may be in your routine, they may not. The next step is to practice these tricks, a lot. The point of this is to get the tricks perfected before you even start creating the routine because when that comes a long it will be extremely frustrating to keep dropping and dropping while doing run-throughs of the act. This step is probably the longest, covering at least a few months. The third step is to create your routine. This can be very annoying at times but it can also be very fun to create cool sequences and time them to the music.

After creating the routine, it is a good idea to divide it into segments and sequences. Sequences are series of tricks that are similar or connected to one another. Segments are basically a bunch of sequences with the same props. For example, one segment could be your four ball section. A good way to practice the routine is to not only do run-through after run-through after run-through, but to also practice the sequences and segments separately (this is what I'm doing now). And the final step is to practice the routine as many times as you can. This should be done throughout the two months prior to the Performance. It is a very good idea to practice in front of people to get used to performing, even though I personally don't like to do this as Paul knows very well. Last, of course, is the performance, the point where all this hard work finally pays off.

-Ben H.: Boys' Elite Officer, 5th year Jughead

CLUB SPOTLIGHT: Girls' Elite/Friday Advanced
12-year tradition coming to an end

Paul Arneberg started this all-girls juggling club in 1996. Reaching peaks of 25 girls at various times, this club has enjoyed much success with friendships, juggling routines, and as a unique haven for girls. This year, it has become evident that that gender segregation in our JH Co. isn't effective anymore. Our current club of nine girls and one advanced boy will end on a fun note with a Dr. Seuss medley in JJ10, and the club will become "Friday Rec." next fall (possibly under the leadership of Scott Richter). These 10 kids may form a core of the new Friday Rec., try another day of the week, or decide it's time to move on. Thanks for the memories, girls!

JH Community News

  • EDINA UNPLUGGED (edinaunplugged.org) is Mon., 3/10. Monday Rec. will be held, but families may keep their children home to honor the event. Email us with absences / comments.
  • 3RD ANNUAL JH WINTER SHOWCASE: As of 2/28, 10 acts + five potentials will entertain folks like YOU on Tuesday, 3/11 at 7 p.m. at the Blake School in Hopkins. It's a great way to kick off our exciting spring juggling season. And it's FREE!
  • JUGHEADS TO MONDO ON APRIL 12: The reg. form to attend with our group will be emailed to you by request.
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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