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Summer 2008

JJ10: "...and it moves us all..."
New and repeat audience members RAVE

When a parent approached Paul after Juggle Jam 2000 and declared the show better than the original, Paul was surprised. "How could the success of JJ1 (1999) be surpassed?" Similarly, when many people declare JJ10 to be the "the best," it's humbling. Of course, all such opinions are subjective, and this director honestly cannot choose one show over another in terms of overall quality (yet improvement trends are evident). However, the raves from the crowds & kids alike have indicated that however our 10 shows compare, JJ10 at least met expectations from past years and was built on the success of Juggle Jams 1-9.

The transitional skits (led by Brett and Coach Scott Richter) went a step further in creating a thoroughly entertaining show, not skipping a beat just because the juggling stopped every few minutes. (Thanks to nephew Ben for reprising his "Aladdin" act from Chippewa H.S.!) 6th year Jughead Joey was a debut JJ specialty act whose energy kept up the pace after "Rock This Town." Amanda flew solo after four years as Genetic Fallout, proving her juggling and performing versatility. Jack continues a line of highly technical soloists who raises the bar on difficulty. Ladies' Choice turned basic three-ball skills into a rousing, crowd-pleasing routine. Stefan combined a solo storyline with costume changes and top-notch technical skills. Jonny introduced "contact juggling" along with highly choreographed tricks with balls and clubs. Colin had great audience connection on his glow-ball routine. Ben anchored our solo line-up with few drops during an international-quality act.

The club routines were some of the best ever, from the Sixties to Weird Al to Seussical to Beatlemania to Disney/Pixar to Ultimate Club, "when the audience wouldn't stop applauding!" The Slide Show, Senior Presentation & Reach capped off the fun & mayhem with "the heart behind the hype."

Thank you, Jugheads & parents, for giving of yourselves for this special weekend. In addition, THANK YOU, JUGHEADS families, for the flowers and gift presented to us by Towey & Asher on closing night. We plan to apply your gift to our 15th anniversary adventure this summer.
Love, Paul & Wendy

2008-2009 JH Registration
First-Come, First-Served as of May 23

On May 22, Paul sent an e-mail overviewing the fall JH registration process. The registration form is enclosed; please read these eight checkpoints before you register for next school year:

  • Choose Your Club(s) Wisely. While being with friends is a key reason kids stay with a certain club, standards still apply. Rec. Clubs have more relaxed standards, but Wed. Adv., Elite, and Ultimate have increasingly stringent expectations for good membership.
  • Incoming Rookie Jugheads' registration will open June 9. Remaining spots in Monday, Thursday, and Friday Clubs will then be available to "outside" rookies.
  • Elite Club: This club is now co-ed. Anyone with the Elite standards may sign up immediately; current members of Boys' Elite may lose their spots if they delay registration.
  • Wednesday Advanced and/or Elite are likely to fill first. Sign up immediately if you want to guarantee a spot in those maxed-out clubs. Some current Advanced or Elite Jugheads may opt to try a more relaxed Rec. Club with fewer expectations.
  • Current members of Monday & Thursday Rec. are encouraged to remain in those clubs. The quality is high enough to accommodate even expert Jugheads.
  • Friday Club: Our new "experimental" club starts with a clean slate. With no standards of ability, gender, or age, this open enrollment club will be what the members make of it.
  • Ultimate Club: If any current "Ultimates" waive their privilege to return, please tell Paul as a courtesy to planning.

Return of the Counselor
Paul to be speaker at California camp

As part of their quest to conquer Half Dome in Yosemite National Park last summer, Paul & Wendy visited Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp (YSSC) in Bass Lake, CA to greet the new owner and tour the grounds where Paul got his start in youth work as a camp counselor in 1989. Bearing gifts of Juggle Jam DVDs, programs, mugs, and juggling balls, Paul made it evident that the lessons he learned as a 20-year-old college student became the foundation for JUGHEADS' success. This summer, as an answer to prayer for supplementary speaking opportunities, Paul will return to YSSC as the guest speaker for a week! Fittingly, the camp theme this year is "Circus," so Paul will naturally incorporate juggling demos & lessons in addition to his speaking sessions and leadership of devotions with the 20 counselors. 150 youth ages 8-16 is a very familiar demographic, and Paul & Wendy are excited for the challenges and blessings of being part of his "home" camp once again.


  • SUMMER JUGGLING CAMPS: Registration forms are available at JH and on our web site for our five weeks of juggling camps June 9-July 11. Campers of all levels see leaps in juggling ability in just a few days invested in camps. Coaches Paul & Scott along with student Assistants will lead the camps, with Scott fully in charge June 30-July 3 while Paul is in CA.
  • FINAL OFFICER MEETING: Sat., May 31 from 9-Noon.
  • JJ10 PARENT PLANNING TEAM RECAP MEETING: Sat., May 31, from 9-11 am at the Arneberg home.
  • NEW POLICY FOR STUDENT LEADERS: 1) All potential Officers are required to be Club Assistants. 2) All Assistants are required to have Summer Camp Asst. experience. See Paul for a Summer Asst. application or with questions regarding student leadership for the '08-'09 school year.
  • ULTIMATE CLUB DRIVE-IN: Sat., 6/7. Look for email.
  • IJA-LEXINGTON TEAM: Keep posted for a send-off meeting between July 7-10; final payment due June 13.
  • PARADE: Edina's 13th annual Independence Day Parade is 7/4. Scott Richter will lead up to 50 Jugheads; sign up online.
  • COACH SCOTT RICHTER was accepted into Crown College as a freshman for Fall '08! Scott plans to focus on Youth Ministry. Good news for JH: Scott will to continue his coaching schedule even as he goes to school. Congrats, Scott!
  • E-MAIL LIST: E-mail--wendyarneberg@comcast.net-- to be added to our group e-mail list or to change your e-mail address.

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