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Paul's Platform is a monthly feature of the JUGHEADS Journal in which he shares his heart and values underlying the JUGHEADS program.

Two Kids of Endurance [Summer 2010]
Right-Hand Men [April/May 2010]
"Planning for Success" [March 2010]
"Life Lessons from Groundhog Day" [February 2010]
"Relative Expectations" [January 2010]
"Friend or Authority" [December 2009]
"Winsome Humility" [November 2009]
"Boston? Bust: Character through Failure" [October 2009]
"The Company's Life of Its Own"
[September 2009]

"Defying Gravity & Weariness...with Wings" [Summer 2009]
"The Virtue of Finishing Strong" [April/May 2009]
"Built-in Mentorship...the Good Kind" [March 2009]
"Nobody Can Coach Desire" [February 2009]
"New year, renewed self" [January 2009]
"Balancing Rosters & Expectations" [December 2008]
"Grassroots vs. Bureacracy" [November 2008]
"Arneberg Austrian Adventure" [October 2008]
"Strength in Numbers: Leadership" [September 2008]

"The Range of our Membership" [May 2008]
"Doing Fewer Things Well" [March 2008]
“An Antidote to Life's Problems”
[February 2008]
"Conquering Mountains for Marriage" [January 2008]
"Celebrating Mediocrity: Margin part 2" [December 2007]
"Balance: The Key to Margin" [November 2007]
"Warm-ups: Focus, Unity, Progress" [October 2007]
"Reputation vs. Character" [Septermber 2007]

"Words of Affirmation" [Summer 2007]
"Hurry Up and Wait" [May 2007]
"Is Juggling the Point of JUGHEADS?" [March 2007]
"The Process of Perseverance" [February 2007]
"Tidal Wave of Trials" [January 2007]
"The Virtues of Giving and Receiving" [December 2006]
"Eagles, Letters, and Unsung Heroes" [November 2006]
"Treasures, Time, and Talents" [October 2006]
"The Joy of Leading JUGHEADS" [September 2006]

"Success Measurements" [April 2006]
"JUGHEADS Comes of Age" [March 2006]
"Compassion for Orphans and Jugheads" [February 2006]
"Ownership vs. Stewardship" [January 2006]
"Happy Old Year! Hopeful New Year!" [December 2005]
"Give Thanks in All Circumstances" [November 2005]
"Normalcy as a Means to Change" [October 2005]
"Pessimism Proven Wrong" [September 2005]

"The Show/Company Must Go On" [May 2005]
"A Rudy of a Show" [April 2005]
"Mission: Multiplex" [March 2005]
"Lessons from Groundhog Day" [February 2005]
"Lessons from my 1-time track coach" [January 2005]
"Busy-ness vs. Simplicity" [December 2004]
"Two-sided Coin of JH Membership" [November 2004]
"JUGHEADS Set to Run a New Course" [October 2004]
"Strength in Numbers" [September 2004]

"Hope and a Future" [May 2004]
"The Team Effort of the Year" [April 2004]
"Leadership Development"
[March 2004]
"Designed to Reach" [February 2
"Developing Juggling Through Youth" [January 2004]
"Year-round Character" [December 2003]
"Thanksgiving" [November 2003]
"Diverse Membership" [October 2003]
"Time and Eternity" [September 2003]

"24 Sets of Siblings; 135 bonded kids" [May 2003]
"The Miracle of Decision-Making" [April 2003]
"Tribute to "The Neighborhood" [March 2003]
"What (We) Did For Love" [February 2003]
"Reflections of an Uncle" [January 2003]
"Thank You" [January 2003]
"Tribute to Andre" [December 2002]
"The Blessings of the JH Age Range" [December 2002]
"Can’t Slow Down...?" [November 2002}
"Struggles and Goals" [October 2002]
"The Relativity of Victory" [September 2002]

"Summertime, and the livin’ is easy..." [Summer 2002]
"If you do not find a way..." [May/June 2002]
"Julian's Platform " [April 2002]
"Adult Decision"
[March 2002]
[February 2002]
"Even the smallest person..."
[January 2002]
"The Parable of the Talents"
[December 2001]
"Freedom is Not Free"
[October 2001]
"A Rudy of a Program" [September 2001]

"The State of the Company"
[Summer 2001]
"Time and Time Again" [May 2001]
"Second Wind" [April 2001]
"Structure or Spontaneity"
[March 2001]
"Peaks, Valleys and Normalcy" [February 2001]
"The Debt that Pays Dividends" [January 2001]
"We Are Family" [December 2000]
"Cyclical Thanks-Giving" [November 2000]
"Veterans and Beginners" [October 2000]
"The Heart Behind the Hype" [September 2000]

"Turn, Turn, Turn" [Summer 2000]
"The Show Must Go On" [May 2000]
"The Predictability of JUGHEADS" [April 2000]
“The Progress Process” [March 2000]
"The Discipline of Simplicity" [February 2000]
"Relationships in JUGHEADS" [January 2000]
"Independence Day in December"
[December 1999]
"The Heart of Thankfulness" [November 1999]
"An American Juggler in Africa" [October 1999]
"A Legendary Honor" [September 1999]

"The Inspiration of Youth" [May 1999]
"The Best of Times, the Worst of Times" [April 1999]
"Surprised by Thriving" [March 1999]

Paul passes with Ricky.