Why juggling is awesome for kids

Juggling is good for the mind—Juggling helps to sharpen focus and concentration and helps to improve hand-eye coordination. Juggling connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain. A study from Oxford University has shown that the gray matter in one’s brain actually INCREASES while learning how to juggle! This applies to all ability levels, from total beginner to world class professional.

Juggling is good for the body—Juggling helps to improve athletic abilities; it increases the range of motion in one’s arms and shoulders; and it’s a great workout. Kids who play basketball, tennis, hockey, baseball, softball, golf, volleyball, football, lacrosse, table tennis, and more can all become better at their primary sport(s) by adding juggling to their skill set. Even NFL teams such as the Dallas Cowboys have taken juggling lessons to improve the peripheral vision and reaction time crucial to every position on both sides of the ball!

Juggling is a FUN and fantastic skill and hobby for many reasons

Juggling is good for building community and friendships—In addition to building self-confidence and self-discipline, juggling is a creative way to connect with friends and family while sharpening social skills. Pass juggling requires lots of teamwork, creativity and collaboration. Juggling is unique in that the sport does not divide boys and girls . . . they both can learn and develop at their own pace along side each other. We have MANY siblings in JUGHEADS, and many find an “extended family” here.

Juggling is portable—One can juggle anywhere, as long as there are objects to juggle. Just ask JUGHEADS Founder & Director Paul Arneberg, or one of the hundreds of kids who have been in the JUGHEADS company, many of whom have taken juggling with them when traveling around town or around the world.

Juggling is both a sport AND and art—It’s technical for the goal-oriented but also creative for the theatrically-minded. All kids ages 7-18 can find a niche and a place to grow and develop in JUGHEADS.

Juggling builds character—Many virtues are taught, modeled and reinforced by our Staff (Coaches and Specialists) and Student Leaders (Assistants and Volunteers) on a daily basis. They include goal-setting, focus, delayed gratification, persistence, endurance, work ethic, honesty, initiative, and commitment.

From humble roots, JUGHEADS has become a haven for youth jugglers

Paul Arneberg is the founder and director of JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company, an LLC based in Edina, MN.  He began teaching his collegiate hobby to 9-12 year olds in 1994, while he managed a year-round older childcare program. By 1999, the hobby turned into a full-time career as the small band of jugglers grew to 50 members and five distinct Clubs. Five years later, Wendy Arneberg left her corporate job in graphic design to help her husband run the company—by then 120 members strong and expanding to include all high school grades.

JUGHEADS has enjoyed success in numerous competitions, awards, long-term relationships, and changed lives.  Paul affectionately refers to his company as a “tentmaker youth ministry” as he juggles the roles of athletic coach, variety show director, youth pastor, and business owner, all toward fulfilling his motto of developing youth through juggling. The art and sport of juggling is the means to the end of multi-tiered mentorship, teamwork, leadership development, and personal growth in goal-setting, character, and virtues. Ranging from 90–130 members, JUGHEADS is the largest youth juggling organization in the world!

JH Letter

JUGHEADS School Year Clubs

School Year Clubs are the core of the company, offering an opportunity for youth to learn unique skills that combine both athleticism and artistry. Clubs encourage individual and group achievement with unlimited potential for growth in dexterity, confidence, and friendships. All JH Clubs and Camps are directed by Paul Arneberg with help from 2-4 members of the Student Leadership Team along with coaches and staff as needed. Since an average club size is 20-25 kids, this helps each Jughead receive more personal attention and instruction. Self direction is encouraged, as is juggling at home to make the most of juggling with many peers and instructors at once once a week!

JUGHEADS currently offers four levels of juggling clubs that meet from 3pm-6pm throughout the week: Thursday Rec. Club, Friday Rec. Club, Advanced Club (Wednesdays), Elite Club (Tuesdays). The varsity-level Ultimate Club meets on Thursdays evenings from 6pm-9pm.

Summer Juggling Camps

We have been offering summer juggling camps for almost 30 years! At JUGHEADS , our mission is to use the sport and art of juggling to mentor children and youth in rising grades 2-12 (plus the summer after high school graduation). A JUGHEADS summer juggling camp is the best way to introduce your child to juggling and our unique, supportive, and creative culture.

In a typical summer, we offer five weeks of half–day camps: the morning sessions (9 pm–Noon) are geared toward beginning/intermediate jugglers, while the afternoon sessions (1 pm–4 pm) prioritize advanced/expert jugglers (e.g., more self–directed and working on higher standards, club passing patterns, routines, etc.).


Each year, JUGHEADS produces an anual show called Juggle Jam, held on the third Friday and Saturday each May at 7pm at Hopkins High School Auditorium. Juggle Jam features all five clubs, specialty acts, skits, creative emcees, a slideshow, and a senior presentation. New audience members are often stunned by the creativity of the amazing juggling as well as by the way humor and inspiration are woven throughout the show. It is our pinnacle event of the year and is loved by so many our members that some jokingly say that “Juggle Jam” should be a national holiday.” 🙂

As a lead-up to Juggle Jam, JUGHEADS commissions the Student Leadership Team to direct the Winter Showcase. Through sponsorship from the Edina Youth Juggling Association, this  free show is held on usually the third Saturday of March at Hopkins High School Little Theater. The show offers both valuable performance opportunity for our members and an entertaining show for the audience. Any polished solo, ensemble or emcee from any club is invited to perform.

Trips & Special Events

In addition to our yearly staples of after school clubs, camps, and performances, JUGHEADS also has a rhythm of anual events and traditions that have created a tight-knit community for our members and their families. Check out the NEWS tab as well as our CALENDAR for upcoming events. Below is a list of many of our well-loved traditions we hold throughout the year:

  • Student Leadership Training and Retreat
  • MEA School Release Day Camps
  • Ultimate Club Banquet
  • Jingle Jam (our all-company holiday party)
  • MadFest (our advanced-level and above overnight weekend trip to Madison, WI, to a juggling festival)
  • IJA Festival Trip (our advanced-level and above, week-long adventure to a new city every year to attend the International Jugglers’ Association Festival