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JUGHEADS Juggling Equipment Recommendations:

Leather Juggling Balls

SportCo Bags
Sizes: XS (2 3/8″), S (2.5″), M (2 5/8″), L (2 3/4″), XXL (3″)

Notes: 2 5/8″ (M) is the most popular among our jugglers
for this brand.

Silicone Bounce Balls

The JH Store currently has silicone bounce balls available.

Juggling Clubs

Beard Circus Juggling Clubs
(Length: 53cm)
This club is made in the UK and is a favorite amoung many Jugheads. We stock a variety of colors in the JH Store.

Renegade Juggling Clubs
Recommended Size: 85mm (Alt: 75mm)
Recommended Length: 20″ (Alt: 19″)
Notes: 85mm is the standard size we use in all of our clubs except Ultimate Club. Some younger/smaller jugglers like the 75mm clubs.

20″ is the standard length we use. Kids wanting a faster flip will go with 19″, but that’s the exception. Coach Stefan Brancel first learned 7 club juggling with 19″, 85mm clubs. That slightly shorter length may help numbers juggling and beginning club jugglers.

Henrys Delphin Long Clubs
52cm Handle

Notes: The Delphin Long Club is the the club that is currently being used by Ultimate Club.

Juggling Rings

Absolute Circus Rings, the JH recommended ring for numbers juggling, are in stock in the JH Store.

Renegade Juggling Rings (fat/hollow core)
Recommended Size: 14″ Diameter X 1/2″ Thickness
Notes: Many kids like these hollow core rings as they are easy on the hands and great for passing and learning. If learning more than 4 rings (numbers juggling), you’ll want to get thin rings.

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