School Year Clubs

Semester System:
2022–2023 School Year

1st Semester:
Tues., Sept. 6, 2021–Thurs., Jan. 19, 2023

2nd Semester:
Mon., Jan. 23–Thurs., June 1, 2023.
Both semesters have roughly equal tuition rates.*
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  Included fees: Jingle Jam (~12/4), JJ25 (e.g., T-shirt + digital download) and UC varsity apparel. 1st Sem. early-bird discounts through 8/8/2022. 

We assume that all 1st Sem. Jugheads will return for the 2nd Sem. so that they can experience Juggle Jam 25 (our annual spring production: May 19-20, 2023). Please inform Paul if your child: 1) plans to discontinue after the 1st Sem., or 2) wants to switch/add clubs from 1st to 2nd Sem.

See the JUGHEADS calendar for an overview of the year.


All after school clubs for 2020 1st Semester will meet at Emmaus Lutheran Church (8443 2nd Ave. S., Bloomington, MN).33

Incoming Rookie Jugheads:

All families new to JUGHEADS (JH) should consult with Director Paul Arneberg before registering. Incoming rookie Jugheads should: 1) choose Tuesday or Thurs. Rec.; 2) ideally have JH camp experience or hire a JH grad/SLT tutor; and 3) persist in learning, especially if a rising 2nd or 3rd grader!

Student Leadership Team (SLT) positions:

Assistant, Volunteer, Captain, Officer, Winter Showcase Student Director, W.S. Asst. Student Director.

SLT minimum prerequisites: 10th grade and all Elite standards. Those with interest in serving/leading should consult with Head Coach Erica Liddle


Members of a Rec. Club are encouraged to achieve the Rec. Standards by the end of their first school year.

Advanced Standards must be achieved before joining Advanced Club.

Elite Standards must be met before joining Elite Club and admittance is contingent on space and director permission.

Admittance to Ultimate Club is contingent on an invitation from the director and a minimum of all the Ultimate Club Standards  passing standards.

Ultimate Club Members also have the opportunity to earn an internal Letter in Juggling by completing all the JUGHEADS Lettering Standards.

JUGHEADS School Year Clubs

Tuesday Rec. Club

Grades 2*-12
Tuesdays, 3:00–6:30 pm

 Tuesday Rec. is designed for jugglers in elementary and middle school. This has been our main entry-level club since 2018, with many eager to learn and assimilate in the company.

*Rising 2nd graders may join Thurs. w/ special permission. Those with camp experience/older Jughead siblings acclimate the best.

Thursday Rec. Club

Grades 2*–12
Thursdays, 3:00–6:30 pm

 Thursday Rec. is a hybrid between Rec. Club and Advanced with eclectic friendships, many multi-year members, and the widest age range of any in our line-up of weekly juggling clubs.

*Rising 2nd graders may join Thurs. w/ special permission. Those with camp experience/older Jughead siblings acclimate the best.

Advanced Club

Grades 6*–12
Mondays, 3:00–6:30 pm

 Advanced is a favorite club in our company’s history, and many Rec. Jugheads work hard to achieve the standards. Along with high expectations for continued progress, Advanced comes with the promise of creativity, new and deeper friendships, and a challenging JJ25 routine.

*Rising 5th graders may join Adv. with special permission plus extensive experience and/or higher standards.

Advanced Standards must be achieved before joining.

Monday Night Club

Grades 5–12
Mondays, 6:15–9:30 pm

Monday Night Club (MNC) revives Saturday Club from the ‘90’s and High School Club from the 2000’s. Focused exclusively on standards (technical work) and specialty acts (solos & ensembles), this summer camp-like club is for members of another club but will accept punchcard Jugheads in increments of 5, 10 or 20 punches. 

No Juggle Jam routine, so maximum time to juggle & create!

*All the Rec. Standards  are prerequisites for MNC.

Elite Club

Grades 8–12
Tuesdays, 6:15–9:30 pm

This club represents a significant milestone achievement for many Jugheads with higher goals. Snack-time chats, warm-ups, structure, workshops, years-long friendships and rousing contests & games define this weekly haven for teens. Once standards are met, admittance is contingent on space and Director & Head Coach permission. Our traditional club focus: 1st Sem.—skills; 2nd Sem.—Juggle Jam routine (and elective specialty acts for the Showcase).

*Rising 7th graders may join Elite with special permision and one year of Advanced Club experience.

Once Elite Standards are met, admittance is contingent on space and director permission. The 1st Semester focus is on skills and the 2nd Semester focus is on developing the Juggle Jam routine*

Ultimate Club

Grades 9–12
Thursdays, 6:00-9:30 pm

Ultimate Club offers a varsity-level experience with the opportunity to earn letters in juggling! Each week features intense warm-ups, passing patterns, and creative choreography toward the year-long goal of a complex and rewarding Juggle Jam routine. Admittance is contingent on consultation with (and invitation from) both Head Coach Erica Liddle and Director Paul Arneberg. Ultimates are required to join Elite Club for a 2nd day (Adv. is the back-up; MNC is elective). 

Admittance is contingent on an invitation from the Director and Ultimate Club Standards met. Ultimates are required to join a 2nd club (almost always Elite; back-up: Advanced) and make up absences. Current members with the UC Standards should push for the SUPER Ultimate Standards  (at least 11 of them by the end of two U.C. years).15