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The past can’t be changed; the future’s unknown; 
The present’s a gift for much good to be sown.
While passed things are fixed beyond true alteration,
There’s wisdom to study historification.

At JUGHEADS, our clubs were not born in a day; 
Three decades went into all now on display.
Though juggling is fun, recreational play,
The impact goes deeper–or no one would stay!

For starters, this art form is also a sport
So many kids join for these skills to transport.
Others are not so inclined to be jocks
But find that the thrill of performing just rocks!
Still others have heard that the juggler’s brain
Grows bigger and causes one’s school-grades to gain!
Most pert’nent of all: JUGHEADS grows all the students
Through goals, deep connections, and virtuous prudence.

When founding this comp’ny at age twenty-five, 
I had no conception how much we would thrive.
In those days, I felt like a big older brother—
Through childcare, immersed in time with one another.
As standards improved and our comp’ny increased
Our fullest potential was finally released.
A full-time coach by the age twenty-nine years,
My uncle-like love for them cast out my fears.

Despite being down for my own lack of offspring,
Our recognized efforts brought manifold bling!
“Outstanding Service” in May Ninety-Seven
Gave nod to our formative MnSACA leaven.
The IJA gave formal honors reflecting
Excellent education and directing.
Our many Teams medals began to unfold
And one peak in Oh-Nine was when we won gold!
Back home in Edina, we saw commendation:
“Connecting With Kids” for impactful relation.

Above all this boasting, a milestone stands clear: 
The Jugheads who choose to stay through senior year.
It took till Oh-Six for three youth to surpass
The end of twelfth grade as our first senior class.
The pioneer ladies of that year were thrice:
Kelsey H., Jill K., and Lauren A. Rice.
Since then, one-oh-six grads have gone the full length,
Plus se’en more this year who now add to our strength.

My own role has changed with the company’s age,
From front-line cheerleader to fatherly sage.
And soon, I admit, my role will entail
Grand-fatherly privileges as I prevail.
E’en with less connection, I hope to impart
Support, love and guidance just like at the start.
The future depends on our coaches and youth
To keep us still jugglin’ and growing in truth.

There’s wisdom to study historification
To see how our past led to much dedication.
Behind every stat, accolade, and big show
Are names of changed lives who were challenged to grow.

Regardless of ups and downs of Present Day,
A look at the Big Pic reminds us to pray
For hard times to pass and for fruit to display
A youth that’s developed in every way:
The body and soul and brain matter of gray
And vital connections above all the fray.
As long as the Present is still called “Today”
Remember the past for the future’s bright way.


“Paul’s Poetic Platform” Series Note

This 10-part poetic series covers a wide variety of general and personal topics with acrostic, one-word rhyming titles from A through J. April/May touches on the history of this company and its development, distinctions, accolades, and endurance.