Make Your Time Count!

Another year is upon us, and by virtually every measurement, we’re riding on a wave of success and nostalgia seldom seen in our company’s history.  Juggle Jam 13 (and three seniors teaching juggling at gym classes in May) led to our most active summer camps ever, the biggest IJA trip ever, and now our biggest company ever.  While we’ll miss the large Class of ‘11 as well as the former coaches, we have a strong leadership team eager to continue reaching high and reaching out.  To the 115 “veterans” returning from JJ13, as well as to the 34 rookies exploring their various niches as Jugheads, I say: make your time here count! 

Whether you’re a Jughead for a single year or a decade, the time will prove to fly by when all is said and done.  Take advantage of every chance to be involved, from attending Jingle Jam to creating a routine for the Winter Showcase to going to camps & festivals as time (and money) allows.  Every club day, every season, every year, and every individual career offers such promise.  Learn to initiate your goals, ideas, involvement, progress, and friendships.  Don’t sit back and wait to be helped or to advance or to make friends; ask for help and start friendships.  If you dream to be a student leader or a Juggle Jam soloist or to graduate as a Jughead, let the coaches, assistants & volunteers help you.

I’ve heard it said, “The world belongs to those who show up.”  Kids, “show up” this year. Whether you stop juggling by the end of middle school or you juggle through senior year, end with your heads held high—with no regrets.

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  1. Rebecca Kresser

    I’m not going to sit back. I’m going to ask for help and make my dreams come true! 7/26/18

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