A Year of Milestones and Challenges

Whew–just thinking about some upcoming events of 2011 is a daunting challenge.  The 12 seniors make up the tied-for-largest graduating class.  JJ13 has the glitch of an earlier Saturday start time (4:30) due to Edina’s Prom.  The IJA Festival is only 100 miles away for the first time in its 64-year history, promising more Jughead attendees and competitors (e.g., Ultimate Club, Jack Levy).  Legendary Jughead and Coach Billy Watson graduates from college and heads off to law school, leaving a hole in the coaching staff (the filling of which is already being thoroughly explored).  Despite all of these challenges and milestones, things for the “average” Jughead will go on as usual—and hopefully keep improving.  Our sizable roster will still include kids for whom juggling is a huge priority in their lives, and others for whom juggling is a sideline hobby with less pressure than other areas in their lives and schedules.

As Director, I admit that sometimes I feel burdened with the feeling that I’m personally responsible for each person’s experience here. However, one ingredient to this company’s success hasn’t changed since Day One: Generally speaking, what a child (or adult) puts into JH is what he or she gets out of it.  By necessity, my direct role in facilitating and inspiring the average individual’s experience has diminished over the years due to the sheer size of our roster and coaching staff.  However, if I get my wish (prayer) for the new year, it’ll be that the company will grow qualitatively even through the challenges of 2011.  A new coach here; a new take on running our weekly clubs there; a new skit or trick or dance move for JJ13…all will hopefully contribute to furthering changed lives through juggling in a company with humble origins, grassroots perpetuation, and God’s grace that has brought us safe thus far.  Happy 2011!