Turnover, Adjustment, and Optimism

For some reason, this year we faced unprecedented mid-year roster turnover from fall to winter.  However, a surprising number of kids filled some of those vacancies in Monday Rec., while Advanced Club was simply reduced to a more “intimate” roster of 28 rather than 36.  Similarly, this year’s senior class of 12 Jugheads matches our largest class from two years ago.  The gaps left by the class of ‘09 are sure to be repeated by the departure of the class of ‘11, not to mention the gaps that will be left by forthcoming changes in my coaching staff.  However, just as our clubs have adjusted since the mid-year turnover, and the company adjusted two years ago, I’m optimistic for future adjustments. 

Meanwhile, let’s relish JJ13 and the end of this school year (and era, for many), knowing that the company will be left in the good hands of new upperclassmen, new (or returning!) coaches, and new ways for us to continue developing youth through juggling as has been done—in ways that I can neither count nor take glory for—since 1994.